God is also a She! It seems like 99.999% of references to God portray Her as Him, but holy moly! Is the feminine not also divine? Duh! How do I know? Well, this may sound crazy, but She has communicated this to me, among other things. AMA!

At 23 I'm the sole Video Producer at a Media startup, have survived thyroid cancer and various mental illnesses, and have the cutest wolfdog. And I'm happy to talk about it all. Ask me anything!

Mar 21, 2018

I am a certified weight loss coach and mompreneur with over 10 years in the health and wellness industry. Ask me anything in weight loss, sports nutrition, healthy living and digestive disorders.

Mar 19, 2018

AMA: What do you feel currently disables you from living a mindful, fulfilled life driven by happiness and health?

Hi! I’m Valerie Bullock, owner of Fearless Fitness and Nutrition, and author of Women’s Weight Loss Recipes. I have been working in the fitness industry since 2004. I got into the fitness industry to help myself learn how to look, feel, and perform my best, and now I help others do the same. I have a passion for helping people lose weight. I currently work as a personal trainer and virtual nutrition coach. Ask me anything.

World's 1st and only diabetic-friendly (low glycemic) Vegan donut online company finally expanded to nationwide US mail order (in February)! ask me anything about raphael's donuts' nationwide mail order service!!!

PCOS, Birth Control and Weight Gain. AMA On How I Plan to Fight The Bulge.

Mar 16, 2018

It’s been 5 years since I’ve graduated college, and I’ve worked in the hospitality industry as a hostess, waitress, and bartender. I’ve also worked in traditional PR, social media, content marketing and now, conversion rate optimization. AMA related to the job hunting process (e.g. cover letters, resumes, interviews)

AMA Event: What are the signs of mental health as caregivers in your family and how can you spot them?

I've written books about magazines, triple-negative breast cancer, and a forest fire fueled by climate change. I like to change the subject a lot, so Ask Me Anything.

ASK ME ANYTHING: AUTHOR Paigham Mustafa has been researching and studying the Quran since 1988 and spent over 2 years writing his exposition producing a well annotated text that genuinely makes it a practical book of reference. With added clarity and accuracy of an improved translation, it is far easier to understand. This is an authoritative and accessible exposition in a way that others are not.

I’m Sandina: a singer/songwriter and a visionary painter crowdfunding for a music album. Ask Me Anything about Music, Songwriting, Crowdfunding, Visionary art, Independent artist nowadays, Following your own style in arts - even Spiritual journey and Anxiety! Let’s have some fun!

Overcome Your Fears by Learning To Know Yourself - ask me anything.

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