I am Dr. Bradley Poppie, a serial entrepreneur and founder of a dress apparel line for the modern muscular athlete - I want to bring fitness and fashion together by providing classic apparel for the fit body. - #AMA

Dr. Brad Poppie: An ill-fitting garment can make or break how you feel about yourself.  If you don't feel as though you look good, then you dont - period.  When you feel good about how you look, you shine.  That is one of the driving forces behind Bradley Allen.  I w…

AMA -Jeannette Paxia, children's book author, health coach/motivational speaker, focuses on building children's self-confidence with the goal of eliminating bullying/school violence.

Jeannette Paxia: Hello I always carry around the books in my head, so its a book that I have been thinking about for years.  Working with kids comes naturally to me, I sort of think like a child, so no challenges with focusing with them as your target demographic.  T…

Self-confessed travel addict and author of Where to Next? Ask Me Anything about travelling, living abroad, writing, self-publishing, and more...!

Solène Anglaret: Mmmmm this is a very good question and sadly I don't feel like I'm in a position to answer it. The art form of travel writing is and has always been so vast and diverse that it would seem unfair for me to make general evolution statements. What do yo…
Jun 20, 2018

Ever heard of Music Therapy? Art Therapy? Expressive Art Therapy? I am recovering from alcohol addiction and building a new life for myself in part because of these practices. I believe these forms of therapy and the creative process can activate the autonomous healer within. This catalyzes a more successful healing process and provides lifelong coping skills... not to mention, a more fun existence! Ask me anything

Courtney Rose: This is a cool question. So I have been writing poetry since I was 10 years old. It seems to be the most organic medium for me. I was writing about ethical dilemmas and existential questions right off the bat. I have been a deep thinker my whole life…
Jun 22, 2018

Hi everyone, I’m Julia, a professional travel consultant, highly specialized in hotels and the hospitality industry. I work for Nustay.com - one of the fastest growing and most disruptive online travel agencies the world has ever seen. Nustay offers you personalized hotel discounts and it is cheaper 9 times out of 10 than any other OTA. Sounds too good to be true? Try it: nustay.com :)!AMA

Julia.Nustay: Hi Joseph, Yes, I do travel a lot as well. If I travel for work, it usually is in the main business cities and my favorites are London, Dubai, Singapore, Paris, New York. When I go on vacation, I prefer to places where nature prevails and some of the…

Overcome Your Fears by Learning To Know Yourself - ask me anything.

KaeLene Scow: The past era was an Information Age where people were just learning new ways to heal other than traditional western medicine.  The new age now is called the transformation age where people are actually trying holistic medicine as an alternative to me…

AMA about Suicide and Spirituality: What you know may be the difference between life and death.

Tracee Dunblazier, GC-C: Very good question, Paintmeblue86. Everything is always an opportunity for growth. There is no actual retribution for past activity, there are the effects of actions taken and the process of reconciling them. Think of it this way: The life I am livin…
Jun 18, 2018

Esther Avant - Weight Loss Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach, Recreational Exerciser, Avid Reader & Podcast Listener AMA.

Esther Avant: With my clientele, main concerns are regarding how to lose weight and keep it off. On this front, I advise a calorie deficit with ample protein, consistent strength training, modest amounts of conditioning, and an emphasis on sleep and stress managem…
Jun 18, 2018

AMA Brand New Women Founded Tech Startup For Post-delivery Health and Wellness

Laura Arndt: I am not a mental health expert but here are some great resources you can look at with information on postpartum health disorders. www.postpartumprogress.com www.postpartum.net 

Nurse turned author battles writing addiction. AMA about my habit.

Sharon Fisher: Honestly, the extent of work to promote it.  I didn't think it would be easy but I could literally work on PR 24-7.  I totally get why people hire publicists.  I think also, in the inital weeks after it was published, was the emotional shift.  We had…

We're VitalFit - Trying to create the next wave of plant-based supplements focused on recovery - if you're interested in the health and wellness consumer space or working to build your own brand....ask us anything!

aschofield@vitalfitnutrition.com: Hey Tatiana,  I think one of the biggest things with a business partner is to develop a level of trust.  This is really the key to any good business relationship.  Luckily, Cam and I were friends before the company and learned the best ways to intera…

Curious to know more about how AI stands to improve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges (or, just want to know more about building a successful health tech startup)? Ask me anything!

Suvas Vajracharya: Even though Lightning Bolt does not contain any sensitive data such as patient records, our system does have many measures to protect client data. For example, data is encrypted during transmission over the network and uses secure data centers that a…

AMA about low-level laser (cold) laser therapy for addiction.

Ruth Phypers: Depression always has a reason behind it and i believe that if you don't deal with the reason it won't get better. Medication can be useful in lifting the patient above the depressed feelings for long enough to resolve the underling issues but I pers…

Hello AMA! How to stay creative in a depressing world? Conceptual photography and art tips for beginners, advanced and pros. Ask Me Anything!

Marta Wapiennik: Hi  Funny question because I do not "pick" the medium. I take a Picture when I want to document what I See and have it in a digital form.  And I paint when I want to create a painting that I have in my mind. I love especially oils because of their so…

Prematurity is the leading cause of death in children. I am a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and my goal is to raise prematurity awareness. Do you have questions about prematurity or preterm birth? Ask me anything!

Ask Me Anything on Quicksilver USA Scientific.

Jun 23, 2018

Hi, I am Celi. Social entrepreneur, I run a travel company with a focus on wellness retreats and volunteer work trips. My company is called Soul Trips. Want to go travel with a purpose? Ask me anything!

Celi Baker: Hi! We are still having challenges, i think they change, they evolve, they get weaker or stronger, but there will always be challenges. Every Startup has them. We just try to do our best with teh resources we have becuase we believe in what we do and…
Jun 24, 2018

Ask me anything about Yummy Dishes, plant-based meals, and nutrition.

Yummydishes: Yes we are shipping within Canada and USA.

How clean is clean? Pay attention to the signs your body tells you, read more here in AMA.

Andrea Colunga: Converting your home into a healthier lifestyle and then researching and getting your information about the wellness products you need. I can help you with that by sending you a referral email.
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