Fascinated by nutrition? Curious about a career in dietetics? I'm Becky Kerkenbush, MS, RD-AP, CSG, CD, Media Representative for the Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (WAND). Let me assist you and answer your questions! #Nutrition #Dietetics #RegisteredDietitian #AMA #AskMeAnything

WAND Media Representative: Hello, I recommend aiming for a balanced, varied diet. Include all of the food groups, and aim for a variety of choices within each food group. Fruits and vegetables provide, fiber, water and antioxidants--so strive for at least 5 servings per day. M…
Jul 11, 2018

My startup wants to revolutionize healthcare by giving patients autonomy over their data to control who buys it and be the main beneficiary of its revenue, AMA!

Austin Jones: Our vision and goals are to achieve a user rate of atleast 85% of the U.S population. Scale our payout for patients up to 85%. Create a more cost friendly space for patients in healthcare. Give patients more of a platform to raise their voice in heal…
Jul 14, 2018

Ask Me Anything About Finding Safe, Effective Pain Relief

Cindy Perlin: We have a central nervous system, consisting of the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system which consists of nerve pathways going throughout the body. When the body is injured, the peripheral nerves send pain signals up the spinal c…

With 11 years of treating muscle and skeletal injuries, I have seen a lot of patients. From sports injuries to chronic back issues. Ask me about your injuries, here on AMA!

Alice Holland: We first take a thorough subjective history from the patient about theirpast injuries, their training regime, their complaints/pain and goals. Then we measure their strength, flexibility and observe gobally how they run. We then pop them on a treadmi…

Overcome Your Fears by Learning To Know Yourself - ask me anything.

KaeLene Scow: Balance. Balance is key. Happiness can not be achieved unless all areas of life are balanced.  This does not mean every area in life has to be perfect, it means every area is harmonizing together. It is like spikes on a wheel. If one spoke is missing…

I'm a copywriter at PACIFIC Digital Agency in San Diego, ask me anything! (Well, almost anything)

Matthew Potter: Hi everyone, I'll be live for an hour if you have any last minute questions. 

Hi, I’m Richard Gradner, bestselling author of mythical fiction, marketer, yoga, practicing immortal, husband & father of 2 boys. AMA 😁

Richard Gradner: Yes. Unfortunately, the road to get there is long and arduous.

As CEO of STD Test Express, I want to help people understand the importance of getting tested regularly. AMA about sexual health and or STD Test Express and I'll answer!

Kevin Weinstein: Yes, it is necessary for a patient to sign an informed consent. This is needed to explain the process as well as what happens afterward and advice on possible positive test results. You can read more info on our consent page here. Thanks for your que…

Liz Zasa ~ Certified Professional Life and Wellness Coach Are you living your dream life now? Ask Me Anything!

Liz Zasa CPLC: Hello Naveen   As a Life and Wellness Coach I teach people how to show up for themselves in all the Big 5 Areas of Life:  Health, Career, Relationship, Financial and That Which Is Greater - Spiritual.  A lot of people do not realize that if one of th…

My Beautiful Trauma-Ask me anything about chronic illness.

MyBeautifultrauma: Accept what you have, make the changes you need that will help, also if you have the drive to not allow the illness define you. Listen to your body If you feel tired and sore take a rest. Process with loved ones
Jul 15, 2018

Ask Me Anything about Balancing your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

Lucia John: Transcendental Meditation is a simple, natural and effortless mental technique that allows the mind to settle down to more and more abstract levels of thought, till you experience pure silence, pure consciousness, samadhi, or the source of thought. A…

Ask me anything about the benefits of Infrared Sauna!

Caitlin Caitlin: Hi Mary Shiena B. Delos Santos, Using an infrared sauna will increase your heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate which leads to a calorie burn of up to 700kcal in just one session. In order to achieve the results you desire, it is important t…
Jul 16, 2018

How I helped 100s of people deal with their anxiety using jewellery. Ask me anything

Liz Bailey: By far my favourite is the indicator mind monkey pendant as it was designed to help my own depression.
Jul 16, 2018

AMA Advocare Health and Wellness.

Ask me anything about addiction - how does the addict affect the family?

Alan S Charles: There are specific steps to go through in order to have a strong intervention.  Being prepared to put up boundaries and immediate consequences are a way to get action and have someone go to a rehab.    For instance - if it is a child that is 18  or o…
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