Sculpt a toned, lifted, younger-looking face naturally with facial exercise AMA

Apr 24, 2018

22 year old Psychology & International Relations student, blogger & vlogger from Istanbul. Shoot me your questions (AMA)!

Hope for Healing: I’m Rachel, a psychotherapist facilitating healing for those who have had painful or scary experiences. Ask me anything about trauma, recovery, or finding the right therapist for you!

Apr 24, 2018

My passion is WELL BEING, Becoming EMPOWERED, walking in your POWER and living life to the absolute FULL with laughter and enjoyment. Feel free to Ask Me Anything!

AMA I wrote a fashion/lifestyle blog for over 5 years, taking a break now to pursue a career of copywriting for others as well as other creative hobbies.

I'm Trent and I lead a destructive behavior recovery ministry, Pressing Forward, and host the podcast, Fight: Heart, Body, and Soul, which teaches Jesus followers to fight for their health, heart, body, and soul. Ask me anything!

Hi, Its Dr Syed Mansoor Rashid, You can ask me anything related to the field of medical and science.

Apr 22, 2018

I am a Generalist, Course Creator, Video Editor, Beauty Advisor, & Health Activist Making a Movement To Say You Don't Have To Be in "One Lane" to have a "Successful" Career. Ask Me Anything :)

Hi! - I'm Bioquark Inc. CEO Ira S. Pastor - I'm here to talk about future possibilities for human regeneration, disease reversion, and age rejuvenation, as well as what it takes to build a transformational start-up in an extremely monolithic industry such as big pharma - Ask Me Anything!

Ask Without Shame about Sexual Reproductive Health in this AMA

Are you a Virgin On The Mat? Most of my advanced practitioners want to have a virgin mind! I’m a certified yoga, pilates and holistic nutrition instructor and am available for your questions. Ask Me Anything!

Hydra realizing Dr. Google - how do you cope with on-line health information? This quest on AMA is directed to both patients and health care providers.

CBD Hemp oil - all the health benefits without the high. Ask Me Anything!

Apr 19, 2018

Don't Cook Your Balls: Ask Me Anything about male reproductive health with Trak Fertility Head Coach Sara Naab

Apr 19, 2018

Union of Mind and Body- heal with Yoga, Meditation, natural herbs and Massage-AMA!

In blogging about IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia, I became fabulous. Ask me anything in regards to fashion, fitness, nutrition, etc! Open book!

Ask Me Anything about ways to step away from the stress and exhaustion in your life

April is Stress Awareness Month! Ask Me Anything about simple, effective ways to deal with stress!

Defeat Jet Lag with Science! Ask Me Anything!

Apr 18, 2018

Interested in meditation? Want to explore how meditation might help you live a more vibrant and connected life? - AMA

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