A journey of self-transformation: From clumsy, fat-slob to lean and attractive model. Ask Me Anything!

George MK
May 19, 2017

My name is George. 

I used to weigh more than 260 lbs, back in middle-school.

Naturally, I've experienced my fair share of bullying, rejection and considerable adversity growing up. It is mind-boggling to me today how I let myself fall so far down the rabbit hole.

I could blame my parents and upbringing, for not instilling me with healthy habits and routines. I could blame others, for not being sensitive to a young kid's struggle for acceptance. I could blame society, for having cheap, unhealthy food readily available at my disposal.

I could, but I would be lame and untruthful. Honestly, my biggest enemy was myself. And I argue this is the case for nearly anyone having weight issues. 

Right now, I am about 178 pounds, lean and muscular. I've done photoshoots as a model, and I've actually trained others in the gym for no pay, for the fun of it. 

Funnily, nowadays people always tell me how I'm blessed with an impressive metabolism and excellent fat-oxidation genetics. Oh god, if they only knew! Haha

Ask me anything. How I felt growing up, how I struggled and how I managed to push forward. How hopeless it felt at first, and how I managed to make progress. Ask me about diet and exercise. Ask me about developing discipline.

Ask me about how you can shape your will to cut through any obstacle.

Ask me anything. :)


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Has the attitude of people changed towards you now? Thanks

May 26, 9:58AM EDT0

What should a person do to emulate your success with weight loss?

May 25, 3:00PM EDT0

Be consistent about his goals. There is no magic pill, nor any easy solutions. You have to put in the work. :)

May 26, 1:25AM EDT0

Hey - What was your trigger that helped you get serious about losing weight?TIA

May 25, 10:11AM EDT0

Vanity, I suppose, at first. 

May 26, 1:24AM EDT0

What was that one thing which helped you continue with your goal? tia

May 25, 2:55AM EDT0

Ambition. :)

May 25, 7:59AM EDT0

Do you feel vindicated now that you achieved what you dreamt of?

May 25, 12:53AM EDT0

Nope. Onward to the next goal.

May 25, 7:59AM EDT0

Do you still have insecurities?

May 24, 10:37AM EDT0

It might sound difficult to believe, but most people working out heavily do. You always feel like you could improve, that you could be bigger or more cut or whatever.

I recognise my insecurities are silly though. 

May 24, 10:45PM EDT0

Do you have a regular job outside home?

May 23, 11:18AM EDT0

Yes. I already answered this, below. :)

May 24, 12:47AM EDT0

What should a person do to have a strong willpower?

May 23, 10:48AM EDT0

Build discipline! :)

May 24, 1:05AM EDT0

Did you ever feel like giving up and going back to your old habits? Great AMA

May 23, 10:08AM EDT0

I still do, when I'm stressed or tired or exhausted. It's natural. 

But I fight those feelings back. 

May 24, 12:46AM EDT0

Does diet vary from person to person depending on their body and other parameters?

May 23, 5:08AM EDT0

It does. The human body is really complex. 

I'm not qualified to give you a lengthy, proper answer to this as I am no doctor, but I know people have intolerances to certain stuff. 

Humans are more alike than different though. Considering how we humans are 96% similar to the great ape species, I'd say you can't go wrong following the general rules. What applies to most would 99% apply to you as well.


May 24, 12:45AM EDT0

Are there any specific foods that one should avoid to lose weight?

May 22, 6:17PM EDT0

If you want to lose weight you should avoid high calories. :)

May 23, 9:40AM EDT0

Just wondering, how many hours do you exercise these days?

May 22, 6:49AM EDT0

A tiny bit more than one hour. :)

May 22, 11:05AM EDT0

Did you have any surgery to remove the skin?

May 22, 3:53AM EDT0

Nope. But I have an almost negligible amount. I do have stretch marks, though.

May 22, 11:05AM EDT0

How much exercise do you do on a daily basis to keep fit?

May 22, 1:03AM EDT0

I dont exercise daily. :)

May 22, 11:03AM EDT0

I want to gain weight, and know I need to eat more and healthier, as well as exercise more, but I am fairly busy and have trouble finding the motivation. Do you have any recommendations for balancing everything and finding motivation?

May 21, 10:42PM EDT0

Drink a portion of your calories. It is much easier than eating them.

Train like a minimalist. Minimize fluff, do compounds.

May 22, 11:03AM EDT0

Thank you!

May 22, 12:01PM EDT0

How much time did it take for you to reach your ideal weight? Thanks in advance!

May 21, 8:57PM EDT0

"Ideal" is subjective. I have, by many definitions, an "ideal" body weight right now or close enough that it makes no matter, and yet I think I have a lot of things I could improve on.

So, in short, I still haven't. Haha

No problem. Thanks for reading my AMA. :)

May 21, 9:44PM EDT0

Do you have a gym close by where you live?

May 21, 8:36PM EDT0

I have lots of gyms close to where I live. :P

May 21, 9:41PM EDT0

Do you consume sweets now that you have reached your goal?

May 21, 5:00PM EDT0

Occasionally, yeah. I never had a "sweet tooth" though. 

May 21, 9:41PM EDT0

What inspired you to shed weight?

May 21, 12:41PM EDT0

Vanity, probably. Insecurity also.

May 21, 9:40PM EDT0

How much weight did you lose during the first three months?

May 21, 3:50AM EDT0

Probably about 8 pounds per month or so. I don't remember exactly, sorry. 

May 21, 8:07AM EDT0
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