AMA: Adults Dealing with Low Self-Esteem Issues

Jeanne Prinzivalli
Feb 8, 2018

My name is Jeanne Prinzivalli.  I am a Licensed Psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA.  I am passionate about helping adults struggling with low self-esteem issues and the symptoms of depression and/or anxiety that can go along with it.  

Ask Me Anything about low self-esteem, such as recognizing signs of low self-esteem or becoming more self-aware of your internal process.  It is possible to trust yourself  by building a supportive and healthy relationship with your self.  The most important relationhip you will ever have it that with yourself.  You might as well enjoy it. 

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Have you always been based in Los Angeles? Have you worked in other cities or countries before?

Feb 13, 1:04PM EST0

If you aren't doing psychotherapy, what would you be doing for a career instead?

Feb 12, 8:28PM EST0

Have you personally experienced issues with low esteem, anxiety and depression? How did you deal with them?

Feb 11, 4:07PM EST0

Do you think meditation plays a role in mental health wellbeing or are you of the school of thought that people with severe mental health issues should not meditate?

Feb 11, 7:22AM EST0

How can you tell if someone is having depression or is just having a bad day?

Feb 10, 9:30PM EST0

What is the process of becoming a psychotherapist? What do you have to study at school and how long does it take?

Feb 10, 12:10PM EST0

How long have you been working as a psychotherapist?

Feb 10, 6:36AM EST0

Is there a database of all available psychotherapists within an area, for example is there a website where I can look for the psychotherapist closest to me?

Feb 9, 2:00PM EST0

How did you get interested in psychotherapy - what inspired you to become a psychotherapist?

Feb 9, 12:43PM EST0

Do you get emotionally attached to your clients? Is it a bad thing to be emotionally involved or does it help with empathy?

Feb 9, 12:26PM EST0

Do you have any success stories about patients that you can share with us?

Feb 9, 8:56AM EST0

Have you experienced becoming emotional or being moved to tears during psychotherapy sessions?

Feb 9, 5:53AM EST0

How do you manage your own emotions during therapy? What techniques do you use to stay detached and objective?

Feb 9, 3:34AM EST1

Do you have any advice for managing anxiety attacks?

Feb 8, 8:21PM EST0

Okay, thanks again for participating in this ama feed.  I hope it has been valuable and offered you some insight for yourself or someone else that you can pass along.  Lets work together to help people struggle less uncomfortably and learn to enjoy themselves more.   I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Feb 8, 12:47PM EST0

So hopefully this has made some sense and you can apply it to yourself and life.  Hopefully you can make some adjustments in your internal dialgoue and start trusting yourself instead of doubting yourself.  You do have all the answers you need within you.  And those you dont, you are completely capable of getting them.   You just have to start listening and paying attention in order to know what changes you need to make. and dont beat yourself up for not being "perfect".  perfect isnt possible in any way or any form anywyay. nor would it make like as easy or interesting as people think. 

Feb 8, 12:44PM EST0

And this process is ongoing.  Because you have most likel been spending 10, 20, 30, 40 years getting really good at being your own worst enemy or critic, so its going to take some time to start reconginzing the patters, how it makes you feel, debating it and changing it.  So please be patient.  The process is just as important, but technically more important then the outcome.  But you will get there to the outcome of being kinder, gentler and more supportive of yourself instead of beating yourself when you are already down.  

Feb 8, 12:42PM EST0

So, a good way to start getting to know your inner process better, is by looking at when you feel bad about yourself, when you feel uncomfortable, when you get triggered or when you get super self conscious, or when you go from completely ok to really feeling bad.  And try to assess what was happening, what you were talking about and who to, what you were thinking about the situation, the other person and yourself.  You can usually pinpoint where your thoughts went negative and turned on you.  

At that point you get to question yourself.  How did it feel to think that about yourself? why did you say/think that about yourself? what was the value of that?  was is protective, was it just to be hard on yourself?  Do you really belive what you said/thought?  is it at all possible that its not true or not completely true?  is there a nicer kinder way to say the same thing to yourself, or something completely different that wouldnt make you feel so bad?

Feb 8, 12:40PM EST0

So, can you now see the value of recognizing your low self-esteem issues, and learning to reframe and adjust your internal views and beliefs about you and the world?  

It doesn't mean that all of your views are wrong or bad, it just means they are usually intertwined with ones ttat dont serve you. 

Feb 8, 12:35PM EST0

So unless we worked through our childhood induced low self-esteem issues, which some do, we end up as an adult with low self-esteem issues.  And as an adult we have many more responsibilites and pressures.  All while still trying to enjoy our lives and hold onto elements of childhood that made us happy so we can try to be as happy as possibe. 

But when we are struggling with regular life issues that can get you down, and you already don't feel so great about yourself.. you can only imagine the negative impact and outcome this can have.  And many people are already walking around lonely, feeling isolated and somewhat lost in the big world.  

Feb 8, 12:29PM EST0
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