AMA Balance Logic and Intuition

Catherine Dixon
Mar 12, 2018

How do you balance logic with intuition?

What is intuition?

What happens when we override or don't listen to intuition when making important life decisions?

Ask me about making choices with intuition AND logic and ways to increase our intuitive intelligence.  I have been working with all sorts of people from business, creative and professional fields for many years 

Catherine Dixon

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What is the saddest thing about modern life that most people just accept as normal?
Mar 17, 8:36PM EDT0
What do you need help with most often and why?
Mar 15, 6:57PM EDT0
What are the values that are most important to you?
Mar 14, 10:17AM EDT0
Which profession, do you believe, doesn’t get enough credit or respect and what do you think causes people to think of it that way?
Mar 14, 9:33AM EDT0

What methods and life skills do you supply a client with in order to prevent recurring issues, and what about these methods help a person maintain the health of their mental state?

Mar 13, 1:45AM EDT0
What is your general philosophy and approach when conducting your therapy and coaching sessions and why do you believe this approach will yield the best results?
Mar 12, 2:19PM EDT0

I have an approach which is person-centered,  based on the  Rogerian conditions of "unconditional positive regard." 

My approach is respectful, supportive, compassionate and non-judgemental and most of all I believe that my client is capable of making all the changes they wish to make.

I do not relate to people as being broken, needing to be fixed. My work is not about patching people up.

I am interested in helping people transform their lives, reach their goals, overcome whatever they think is preventing them from achieving their wellness and life goals. When we are well we have a good platform to have healthy relationships and fulfilling lives and careers.

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Mar 12, 5:24PM EDT0
What has been a serious religious issue you have encountered during a therapy session and how did you handle the situation?
Mar 12, 11:45AM EDT0

I can't honestly cite an example as my work is not about politics or religious beliefs. I will always respect whatever faith system of religion my client has.

Mar 12, 5:26PM EDT0
What are some of the methods you use to retain boundaries with clients during therapy sessions, and why is it important to set these boundaries before treatment commences?
Mar 12, 7:06AM EDT0

 Professional codes of conducts, written terms of conditions and ways of working and a question and answer form. It is important because it protects the client, manage expectations and makes sure that I work within the scope of my professional practice. 

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Mar 12, 5:29PM EDT0
How should a person determine as to whether there is a particular type of therapy that would be best suited for them?
Mar 12, 6:55AM EDT0

I would recommend doing due diligence, researching the therapy and the therapist. Like anything, evaluate your experiences and results.

You need to feel confident in the therapy and the therapist.

Rapport with the therapist is also very important.

Mar 12, 5:34PM EDT0
Are there any alternative treatments that you would recommend which will complement a client’s recovery program?
Mar 12, 5:18AM EDT0

I need to know a little more, which recovery programme you are referring to? 

Mar 12, 5:35PM EDT0
In what ways can a person’s family or friends assist them in achieving and maintaining a sense of balance and mental health?
Mar 12, 3:28AM EDT0
What are some of the lifestyle changes a person should make in order to begin their mental and spiritual health journey and in what ways do these changes assist a person to achieve a more balanced life?
Mar 11, 11:09PM EDT0

 We begin with honest evaluation and self-awareness. 

You need to understand what you truly value (and what you don't), what brings your joy and serenity (and what doesn't), how you value yourself (or don't) your attitude to learning, your attitude to "failure," your attitude to success. 

 In mental wellness self-worth, self-compassion and self-care are critical to sustaining long-term balance. This is about becoming truly authentic and aligned with the real you, not the projected you. It is more about a sense of being than a sense of doing or a fragile self-worth that is based on external achievements and/or the approval of others.

Spiritual health involves your sense of life purpose, the meaning of life, your quest as a human being and your place in this world. 

So an honest inventory of your mental and spiritual well-being comes first.  

I would highly recommend some meditation and mindfulness practice. 

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Mar 12, 5:53PM EDT0
What are some of the best experiences you have had in your career as a Wellness Coach and what about these experiences had this affect on you?
Mar 11, 12:25PM EDT0

I am pleased to say that I have had the privilege to be part of many amazing wellness experiences. Seeing people succeed in their wellness goals brings me a lot of joy and professional satisfaction.

I treated a woman who had completely come to a full stop in her life and could not put a finger on it. We worked through a process and she began to understand that, although she had a great job and a supportive partner, she was yearning for a complete life change and career. We worked consistently through it all. It took a lot of courage on her behalf and having to say no to somethings and yes to others. She is now living a life in a different country with her family and doing a creative job which fulfills her.

There was another client who said she needed to shed "thirty years of emotional baggage" that was keeping her back from living life as she wanted. We worked through of it all with a lot of tears. She said she only regrets waiting so long to get help.

I love working with themes of inner hope, emotional healing, peace growth-mindset, perseverance, the joy that comes from inner freedom and knowing that you are doing the most healing thing for your own self-evolution.

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Mar 11, 12:41PM EDT0
Is intuition a manifestation of rationality operating subconsciously, and what are the reasons for your answer?
Mar 11, 10:08AM EDT0

That could be the case, and certainly, I would say that intuition involves an unconscious competence where you just "know". Rationality generally follows a methodical process.

Mar 11, 12:56PM EDT0
Who could benefit from Wellness Coaching?
Mar 11, 6:30AM EDT0

People who are invested in their personal development and see wellness as a long-term investment. We don't need to be ill to see a wellness coach.

People who want to upgrade some aspect of their health: physical, emotional, mental and even existential.

I work with a lot of busy professionals who need to look after themselves and have habits that support them so they can support others. 

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Mar 11, 11:14AM EDT0
What are some of the things you have done to improve your knowledge in the last year?
Mar 11, 5:02AM EDT0

Over the last year, I have invested in three separate training courses and attended two conferences.

Currently, I am putting my portfolio together to qualify as a supervisor in my field. This is a year-long commitment.

I am very committed to my own personal development. I also am a voracious seeker and reader of this kind of knowledge.

Thanks for the question.

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Mar 11, 11:16AM EDT0
What are the ways in which one can improve one’s rational thought?
Mar 11, 1:59AM EST0
  • Check out assumptions and how we arrive at conclusions.
  • Ensure that we are looking objectively at our biases, both conscious and unconscious. 
  • Invest in any kind of critical thinking exercises.
  • Ensure that we don't make important choices when we are angry, tired or upset.
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Mar 11, 11:18AM EDT0
What have been some of the major problems and challenges you have faced and how did you handle them?
Mar 10, 4:49PM EST0

Like anyone who has lived for a few decades, I have had my fair of problems.

I analyse to understand at what level is the problem impacting me, other people?

Who is involved?

What are the consequence long term and short term or the problem?

I look also at where it began.

I am a big fan of writing things down. 

I then ask myself, what would good look like? If this was no longer a problem for me, how would life be? What would I be thinking, feeling, doing? So I future pace sometimes and then think, now what is the first thing I need to do?

I believe in meditating on the issue as well.  Finding space to process the information.

Thanks for your question.

Mar 11, 11:28AM EDT0
What are some features of Wellness Coaching?
Mar 10, 2:41PM EST0

In my practice:

I like to know about my client's current state of overall wellness (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and send out a questionnaire which we discuss together. From this a picture emerges from what the client would like to work on.

It is very important to understand not only what the client wants but also what they do not want with regards to their own wellness. The obstacles that they see in their way.  There can be remarkable changes in a few weeks.

Mostly the transformation happens outside the coaching session. I believe in incremental gains over time, observing what is working for you and if it works, do more of the same. We also set experiments, what would happen if...

Thanks for your question!

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Mar 11, 11:34AM EDT0
What is one emotional instance in your career as either, a Wellness Coach or therapist, that you had to compel yourself to act logically instead of instinctively and what was the outcome?
Mar 10, 12:01PM EST0

IN instances where boundaries need to be adhered to and also where risk and care of duty may be involved. 

Mar 11, 11:36AM EDT0
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