#AMA Kicking & punching your way towards who you want to be !

Paul Weeden MBACP
Feb 7, 2018

As a therapist & coach I've found developing a personal weekly practice routine around activities like martial arts, music & dance essential for my self development.

For example- working with a partner; call to mind a personal challenge with a friend or coleague you are  currrently struggling with.  Work with a partner to gently but firmly push against your shoulders to reveal your typical fight or flight response when you're feeling under pressure. Then through relaxation and breath awareness look for other possible options in how you move into or away from the challenge in a more helpful way. Consider how this could be applied to your work or personal dilemma.


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Is it possible to separate consciousness from body-awareness?

Feb 9, 7:07AM EST1

How can one person be a more positive person despite some major setbacks they have had in my life?

Feb 9, 5:56AM EST0

How do you advice someone with a short/bad temper not to lost it while fighting/training? 

Feb 8, 8:46AM EST0

I would help them to learn to stay relaxed under pressure and consider all the points of view and options available

Feb 8, 10:08AM EST0

I am able to offer a skype or facetime trial session in embodiment coaching for $25 or equivalent, followed by 3 sessions for $150

Please PM me -contact@yourspacecoaching.co.uk

Feb 7, 2:28PM EST0

Are there any specific skills required for one to become a therapist? What are they?

Feb 7, 10:43AM EST0

IN the UK you need to get a professional diploma/ degree in order to be certified and have professional insurance

Feb 7, 2:02PM EST0

ps. to develop good listening, empathy and the ability to consider different points of view

Feb 8, 4:10AM EST0

When was the first time you discovered the cons of this method?

Feb 7, 10:24AM EST0

No method works for every individusal situaiton but I haven't found any cons to working on my self development through physical  activities

Feb 7, 2:03PM EST0

What effective method you have used to determine realistic rehabilitation goals for patients?

Feb 7, 10:21AM EST0

personal growth is ongoing, whether you are diagnised with a disorder or just someone who wishes to get better at being who you are. It comes down to developing becing more self aware and remain calm and relaxed when faced with what ever challnes you face. The evidence is when I or others can say that they feel well and happy when they think about doing or actively doing whatever helps them to grow

Feb 7, 2:13PM EST0


Feb 8, 4:13AM EST0

Does any particular type of patient interest you more than others?

Feb 7, 10:07AM EST0

Some therapists specialise in specifics like addiction for example. I find most clients facinating and enjoy working with most of them, the symntoms are just expressions of the inbalance in their lives. I tend to prefer people who are commited to the process as much as they can be, rather than stopping and starting all the time.

Feb 7, 2:16PM EST0

How are you able to handle pressure in the coaching environment?

Feb 7, 8:35AM EST0

having a good personal self care routine, and as much fun as possible

Feb 7, 2:17PM EST1

What kind of management style suits your personality and your work style?

Feb 7, 6:20AM EST0

being earthy grounded and as consistent, reliable & disciplined with myself as much as possible

Feb 7, 2:18PM EST0

What is your favorite genre of music?

Feb 7, 3:07AM EST0

I love must genres of music, but particularly hard rock, prog rock funk & electronic such as trip hop & house

Feb 7, 2:20PM EST0

Would you say this is a various process method or it could be taken from various perspectives and later applied?

Feb 6, 2:56PM EST0

I think both quite possibly

Feb 6, 5:43PM EST0

What are the perks of breath awareness? How can that help anyone’s life?

Feb 6, 2:53PM EST0

breathing consciously slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth deeply into your belly helps to maintain relaxation. Where the breath goes te body and movement follow.


Feb 6, 5:41PM EST0


Feb 6, 5:44PM EST0

Would you say that an individual’s mindset can be changed from this kind of methods? Does it require a certain age for it to be more impactful?

Feb 6, 1:19PM EST0

Mindset can change when we are ready to change, maturity is a factor. Consistency reliability and empathy with self and others is essential

Feb 6, 4:16PM EST0

Has there been any effective health promotion program you developed and/or participated in?

Feb 6, 12:31PM EST0

I recently finished the 'embodied facilitator course' with Integration Training which was inspired  from the work of people such as Paul Linden & Wendy Palmer

Feb 6, 4:15PM EST0

Have you been a therapist and coach your whole life?

Feb 6, 11:32AM EST0

I've been involved with the profession for about 10 years, but I've been interested in self development for much longer

Feb 6, 4:13PM EST0

Working as a therapist, have you ever had any challenging cases? Which one was the most difficult to deal with?

Feb 6, 11:13AM EST0

people who say they want help and want to chage, then reject everything on offer or suggested is pretty testing

Feb 6, 4:13PM EST0

For how long have you been practicing the martial arts? What is your favorite kick and punch?

Feb 6, 9:35AM EST0

I've been training in different dicipilines over about 20 years

Feb 6, 4:12PM EST0

I enjoy practicing many multiple kick and punch combinations, systema is great for inprovising combinations, rather than just learning by rote as with many outer appraoches

Feb 6, 5:46PM EST0

Does your family support you? Has it always been like that?

Feb 6, 9:07AM EST0

in some ways yes in some ways no, sorry for that's a bit vague

not always how I would like them to it that helps

Feb 6, 4:19PM EST0

Do you consider anything besides martial arts, music and dance as helpful as the aforementioned?

Feb 6, 7:50AM EST0

looking at your personality traits can help us to decide what interest would best suit you to develop under developed sides to your personality. Do you need something firery and assertive or cool and relaxing, or consistent and earthy, as example 

Feb 6, 4:11PM EST0

Have you ever worked in any other niche? If not, would you like to?

Feb 6, 1:13AM EST0

yes as a musician and in the hair & beauty industry

Feb 6, 4:34AM EST0

What would you say is the biggest issue people have on mind when talking about body awareness?

Feb 6, 12:29AM EST0

comparing themselves to cultural bias and expectations about what a good body should look like.  The media put out some very damaging messages to young people in particular.

Feb 6, 4:35AM EST0

Thank you all fo your comments & questions, I will answer more fully soon.

For here is  link to my therapy blog that might help to answer some of your questions.


Feb 5, 6:00PM EST0

How has this method improved your personal life?

Feb 5, 5:35PM EST0

regular training and working towards specific goals with my peers has helped me to stay more relaxed under pressure, as well as build confidence, and consistency.

Feb 6, 4:37AM EST0

What do you expect to achieve in the future with your personal routine?

Feb 5, 1:46PM EST0

I'm working towards a black belt and  I want to develop more training exercises for workshops that can be useful in peoples work and personal lives

Feb 6, 4:38AM EST0
What are your personal goals in life?
Feb 5, 11:02AM EST0

to continue to grow and develop  myself in evrry way possible

Feb 6, 4:39AM EST0
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