AMA Medical exercise specialist answers Your Exercise and Wellness Questions.

Denise Lee
Jul 6, 2018

Denise Lee will answer any questions you may have regarding exercise and wellness. She is a medical exercise specialist that specializes in post-rehab (after injuries or surgeries) and chronic illnesses (e.g. cancer, diabetes).  Potential questions include: when to start or stop exercising, safety precautions and recommended exercises based on physical ability. 





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Would you recommend someone starting out as a medic exercise coach to liaise with hospitals for support?
Jul 13, 4:36PM EDT0

Absolutely! The transition to independent exercise starts while in the midst of recovery. 

Jul 15, 2:56PM EDT0
What marketing tools would a wellness and exercise coach use to gain clients?
Jul 13, 2:49PM EDT0
How do you avoid feeling sorry for patients with chronic diseases who are sometimes unable to progress with the exercises needed? Do you find yourself giving in to their request to stop?
Jul 13, 2:00PM EDT0

I am always remind clients (and myself) that I am in the business of helping people get well. Sometimes that progress is uncomfortable, but is always needed to get a positive change. 

Jul 15, 2:57PM EDT0
Do you have cousellors at hand to help clients understand the need for exercise especially when it comes to patients suffering from post traumatic disorders?
Jul 13, 12:10PM EDT0
Do you keep in touch with your clients' doctors to ascertain how much exercise is too much or do you determine how far a client should go?
Jul 13, 10:48AM EDT0
How do you determine which are your reach, target, and safety schools?
Jul 11, 4:39PM EDT0
Who should one ask for a letter of recommendation to have better chances? Teacher, counselor or coach?
Jul 11, 3:46PM EDT0

What do you think about chronic illness treatments? Do you believe preventative measures are better than treatments? What is your stance on holistic healthcare?

Jul 10, 10:25PM EDT0

I don’t know which treatments you are specifically want to address but I will say that wellness it’s all inclusive and should involve mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Jul 12, 10:08PM EDT0

What would be the best exercise for a person with a gout.

Jul 10, 1:50PM EDT0
Can you share a good nutritional diet for a regular day? What all needs to be included?
Jul 9, 1:07PM EDT0

I am not a RD or weight loss specialist and can not provide that information.

Jul 12, 10:09PM EDT0
What would be your advice for skinny people? How can they get fit without having to overdo things?
Jul 9, 5:19AM EDT1
What's the best way to motivate oneself to start exercising? Why do you feel it's that important?
Jul 9, 3:19AM EDT0
Why people with diabetes have a harder time losing weight?
Jul 9, 3:10AM EDT0

I am not a weight loss specialist but will say that Hormone fluctuation due to insulin therapy affect blood sugar levels which directly impact energy and metabolism rates. Ultimately, a diet is crucial when trying to lose weight, regardless of any pre existing condition.

Jul 12, 10:06PM EDT0
What are some simple things that people can do, in their day to day routine, besides working out, to see results faster?
Jul 8, 9:52PM EDT0

Having a positive mental outlook,

Jul 12, 10:03PM EDT0

Having a positive mental outlook.

Jul 12, 10:06PM EDT0
You help post-rehab clients with the improvement of Mobility, Strength, and Flexibility. How long does the process of recovery take place and what methods do you use to make them ready mentally?
Jul 8, 7:59PM EDT0

It all depends on the client and their current health, but most, of not all see the most drastic improvements after 20 sessions. A positive attitude is all is needed to begin.

Jul 12, 10:03PM EDT0
What are your thoughts on having e a "cheat day" where people can eat whatever they want once a week? Why is this a good or bad idea?
Jul 8, 6:50PM EDT0

I am not a weight lost specialist but will say that moderation is key for any weight loss program.

Jul 12, 10:01PM EDT0
If someone needs to quickly lose a few pounds for a special occasion, what's the best way they can do this?
Jul 8, 12:10PM EDT0

I am not a weight loss specialist and unable to answer this question. 

Jul 8, 4:47PM EDT0
Why is not a good idea to do the same exercises during each workout session?
Jul 7, 9:10PM EDT0

I do not understand the question. Please rephrase.

Jul 8, 4:49PM EDT0
What are the best types of exercises for getting the fastest results in the shortest period of time?
Jul 7, 6:56PM EDT0

There is no such thing as fast results. Each body responds differently to exercise. I will say that in general that it helps to do the same type of exercises consistently to see the best result. 

Jul 8, 4:48PM EDT0
Why some people naturally lose weight faster than others?
Jul 7, 6:18PM EDT0

I am not a weight loss specialist but I will say that the following factors play a part:

1. Gender, on balance men have a faster metabolism and can lose weight faster than woman.

2. Age. There are signficiant drops in metabolism as we age. Most common metabolism changes to people at around ages 25 (end of puberty) 55(+) meopause and other age related issues.

3. Lifestyle. It is far harder for those who have a stressful lifestyle to lose weight easier than those who can manage stress. Diet and relationship with food also contribute to lifestyle decisions. For example, some choose to "worship" food or use it as a form of comfort rather than for sustenance. Other lifestyle issues include sleep quality and mental health. 

4. Genetics. Some people naturally keep on weight more than others. 

But in my experience it is helping people redefine their relationship with food is what helps people maintain an healthy weight. 

Jul 7, 6:29PM EDT0
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