AMA: Spiritual Health - Ask the Questions You Always Wanted to Know that No One Could Ever Answer.

Hally Rhiannon-Nammu
Jun 13, 2018

As a practicing Shaman, there is not much I have not seen, experienced or know about the world of all things Spiritual, Metaphysical, Paranormal and Energetic.

Ask the hard questions, the ones Google can't provide answers for and the ones that will help you gain insight, clarity, and understanding.

From Gifts to Past Lives, from Spirit Guides to Curses - what did you always want to know but never thought you could ask - now you can! Ask Me Anything...


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How does spirituality help you in your daily work?
Jun 20, 5:52PM EDT0
Do you offer online consultations? Or is it necessary to meet in person? How does the consult work best?
Jun 16, 10:15AM EDT0

I offer a variety of ways to consult. Online/Skype/Phone and in Person. It isn't necessary to be in person to help you.

Depending on what is going on for you, I suggest some form of catch-up - phone/skype/online/person to gauge what is going on for you and how I can best help you. Then we establish a plan on moving forward for you to gain the best results. 

Would you like to make a time for a catch-up?

Jun 17, 12:10AM EDT0
What is the purpose of the Psychic Protection Program? How long does it take to complete the program and what results will the client see after concluding it?
Jun 15, 1:30AM EDT0

The Psychic Protection Program is designed specific to you and what is happening in your life. There are many versions on being psychically attacked and there is no point teaching you about curses if this isn't going to help you.

Once an assessment has been made of what you are looking for, what is going on, what you would like to ultimately gain, then the program is designed based on this. It can run for 1 to 3 months depending on the extent of information and details that need to be covered. Additionally, there are exercises to be done to provide the practical aspect of the program.

At the end, you will gain insight, knowledge and understanding in this area, practical tools that you can use for the rest of your life and often I find that existing barriers that may have made you susceptible are removed during the process. 

At the end you have the option on adding on other areas which will then take you into another program i.e. working with spirit guides, understanding sexual energy, etc. 

Please let me know if you would like further details on the above or if you would like to chat about this further. 

Jun 17, 12:24AM EDT0
Has science caught up with shamanism and metaphysical spirtual worlds? Is there proof that these practices are real?
Jun 14, 11:01PM EDT0

No, science has not caught up and nor will it for some time. However, efforts are being made.

There are some sciences, like neuroscience, quantum physics, astronomy, behavioural science and even parapsychology that have proven the existence of energy but lack the understanding (i.e. link) to metaphysics directly. 

Descartes theory - often understood as the mind and body are separate - in one translation actually stated that the soul and body are separate. At the time soul was intepreted as mind. Consequently, there have been many arguments over the brain and body being separate which is contradictory given the brain is physical as is the body. 

Simply energy is real. Frequency is real. These two are fundamental to metaphysics. Frequency is relative to the millions of dimensions (not that dissimilar to radio stations) commonly associated with the paranormal, though it goes much further than this. 

Then energy is in everything - literally. Latent energy imprints have been proven, energy of plants communicating has been proven, frequency waves from animals has been proven and there are many more. However, they simply have not been collectively placed under the obvious - metaphysics. 

In order for science to prove this the thought must be that it exists. Thousands of years ago metaphysics, shamanic practices, herbal medicine and so forth were a way of living. Over the centuries this has been separated because it was believed to be based on faith, not fact. Yet, all medicines are derived from herbs which again contradicts this theory.

In short, there is proof however, not in one neat box. The consequence of this being real is still too much to fathom and so doubt is placed on something that has always existed.

I hope that answers your question. Please let me know if you would like to know anything further.

Jun 17, 12:36AM EDT0
Have you ever performed an exorcism? What were the circumstances if yes?
Jun 14, 10:16PM EDT0

Yes, many, many times. Most think of exorcisms in the religious context. The problem with this is that a lot of possessions (negative spirits that have inhabited the person) are not religious so it has little to no impact and intensifies the pain for the person/host. 

Possessions are a lot more complex than something being in your head. Some are dormant for years and years and only become active later in life. Whereas others are constantly manipulating the person, directing them to behave or believe certain things, and always to their detriment.

The problem with possession is that the person/host will receive energy from the possession which works like a euphoric drug and some can become addicted to this and won't let the possession be removed, despite losing anything of value in their life. The complexity is that the possession cannot be simply ripped from the person and that's it. This can harm the person twice as much, if not kill them, and equally does not guarantee that the possession can't return.

My process is less dramatic than TV however, it works, it is permanent and the person can return back to a normal life. Often it may present as a particular type of illness, with specific symptoms. This will indicate a possession over just being sick. There will other contributing factors such as a lot of bad luck, nothing working out, deep bouts of depression. It is never just one thing, but what this is when it is all put together. Then, in a conversation it is easy to tell through the disposition, energy and behaviour of the person. 

One thing that has become apparent is the link between possession and certain mental illnesses - the voices in the head, for example. I have spoken to many demonologists that agree with my theory and it is surprising how many aren't mental ill, they simply are being hosted. However, standard therapies do not recognise metaphysics as a viable option to a person's condition. 

Let me know if you would like to know anymore on this topic. 

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Jun 14, 10:40PM EDT0
Have you ever met/see/felt a paranormal entity? How was that experience like? Are they friendly?
Jun 14, 12:04PM EDT0

Yes, every time I have cleared a place, moved into a place, visited places - more often than not they're easy to detect. Some will appear visually, but not all. Some are by sound, smell, feel, etc. This is based on their choice of how they want to appear. Equally they can choose to do all versions as well. Communicating with them is often like a normal conversation however, depending on how they appear will determine their modality of communication - words, feelings, etc. 

Friendlies - what I call harmless ghosts that simply reside - are actually friendly. They will help save money on the power bill, keep the place cool in summer and can also help improve internet/phone. With this said, sometimes they try too hard and the reverse happens. 

Each version has a different sensory reaction. Nasty entities are heavy in energy, usually smell, can be extremely cold or hot in temperature, can become physical and are usually ugly in appearance. 

The law of the spiritual world is respect. They know this which is why they can become aggressive when they hear I am turning up. However, they always go because they have breached this one law. This of course works both ways. It is universal for all. 

Now, what is interesting is visiting historical sites as there is a lot more than ghosts or entities there. There will be remnants of the emotion, blood that may have been spilled, events being replayed on top of the ghosts - which completely intensifies the whole place. 

One thing is for sure - it is never dull. 

Let me know if you would like any further details. 

Jun 14, 10:25PM EDT0
What kind of training did you go through to become a shaman?
Jun 14, 9:43AM EDT0

There are many beliefs on what is required for this. For me - it was different.

I trained astrally predominantly, and over a number of years. It came into my conscious awareness after my 20's where my final training was done. Consider training as a way of reconnecting, reigniting, realigning to what you have always known but didn't know that you knew and then knowing how to put all of this together. Then coming back to what I call being human and implementing this for others specific to their paths and purposes.

There isn't a literal course of techniques or methods. It's bigger than that. The abilities are simply part of it. It is understanding how everything works and why; it is communicating, learning, engaging with things that defy logic but can share wisdom for the greater good. It is seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing things clearly and having answers where others haven't even asked the questions. 

All of this is necessary for me to be able to do what I do. To me, I am the connection between worlds to help in this one. Does that make sense?

Jun 14, 10:09AM EDT0
As a shaman, how can you explain the phenomenon of haunted houses?
Jun 14, 8:34AM EDT0

Haunted houses are about energy and dimensions - in no better terms.

Consider that as a human we leave an energy imprint on everything we touch, every room we enter, everything we do. This in itself can create heavy energy when uncleaned for a long duration due to excess layers of imprints. This in turn can cause negativity, lead to arguments and illnesses. And that's just energy left behind.

The history of a property or a house, covers much more than when it was built. It can stem back hundreds and at times thousands of years. Something may have occurred for the ghost/spirit to want to remain, or aside a long list of other reasons, simply does not want to leave. It only becomes a problem when the balance of dimensions has been breached i.e. the spirit becomes aggressive, distruptive or detrimental to the safety of those living there.

Given we are all energy in some form hauntings are so common I would say at least 1 in 2 houses have some form of a spirit. Most are pleasant or keep to themselves or only come out at night. So rarely noticed. 

There are millions of dimensions where many other worlds exist so finding a bridge between the ghosts and the human isn't such a surprise. 

Let me know if you would like me to elaborate further. 

Jun 14, 9:56AM EDT0
There are different kinds of shamanism, peruvian, Reiki and modern. What are the differences between them and which one do you practice?
Jun 14, 5:58AM EDT0

Over the years shamanism has become popular and used generically, which isn't always correct. Shamanism in Peruvian, Native American Indian, etc is based on the tribe that it relates to, their practices and their beliefs. Their initiations will vary as will what their shaman does.

Reiki is a Japanese healing practice but not shamanic. It works well in shamanic practices because of the use of energy, but these are two separate things.

The purpose of a shaman is to provide balance and harmony to a specific community, such as a tribe. It is about working with all universal energies to gain insight, information to assist in providing/maintaining balance and harmony for that community and the greater good. This can include healings, mediumship, traveling, communicating with all life forces and it is not limited to space, time or dimension. 

Not all shamans can heal, not all shamans are mediums. It depends on their purpose, their soul's age and what their community needs. 

I am not a tribal shaman. My birth right originates much further back to ancient times as this is where a lot my work takes me - to a time long forgotten but very present in today's world. As such, I need to cover many areas to fulfill my purpose and help those that I do. 

Not everyone can be a shaman and it is not a path for the feint of heart because it can be very difficult at times. It comes with great honour, responsibility and with this comes abilities.

Let me know if you would like any more information.

Jun 14, 9:45AM EDT0
hat are some problems that exist in the influencer marketing space?
Jun 14, 3:57AM EDT0

Can you elaborate on what you mean by this? 

Jun 14, 5:05AM EDT0
When did you become a fully fledged shaman and what was the journey that lead you to your gift?
Jun 13, 10:34PM EDT0

Initially I was in denial about being a Shaman. My spirit guides had been telling me for months that I was however, what most talk about was not the same for me, so it took a little to acknowledge that this was in fact my birth right. So, using the lable/title was just over 10 years ago. But being one was from birth. (and before).

My teaching was not on the physical plane; it was everywhere but on the physical. What I do isn't the Native Americian Indian version. It is different. Shamans have existed since the beginning of time, though have had various names. Always to provide balance and harmony & never to harm.

Then there are the energy shifts, the transitions and the awakenings - which were not gentle. From downloading all of my past lives, connecting to my akashic records and then the evolution of the gifts (all of the clairs). The interesting part is that the path doesn't stop evolving. There is always more to learn, to experience, to discover, even within my own abilities. 

The spiritual world is extremely complex, layered and often misunderstood. I get the front row seat at helping others learn and understand it specific to them. I think that is really cool. 

In terms of other shamans - like spiritual paths in general - there are many versions and all for different reasons. They are not supposed to be all the same, because each purpose is unique and contributes to an overall. 

Let me know if you have any other questions. 

Jun 13, 11:28PM EDT0
How does Creative Balance Healing personalize each of the products purchased from it?
Jun 13, 9:20PM EDT0

I read the person energetically, emotionally and physically, assess information they have provided on questions I have asked and design something that will provide them what will be best for them.

In this process I believe it is important to be honest about what I receive and I won't make something if I feel it won't work for them. Energy must be pure and it is then that it can do incredible things.

Let me know if you would like any further information or if there is something that you would like.

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Jun 13, 11:06PM EDT0
Why has Creative Balance Healing‘s Divine Teaching Peogram been a favorite amongst its clients?
Jun 13, 4:47PM EDT0

Simply - because I personalise.

When I started teaching abilities and all things spiritual I attempted groups and workshops but everyone was at a different place and I found I couldn't provide them as much.

So, I took the program to the individual so I could literally design it to them, what they wanted to learn, teach them how to use it practically and be there for them when were going through shifts. 

Gifts/abilities work and evolve at different rates, how far a person wants to take this varies, curiosity or synergy to certain areas varies however, all of it is important. It is all to help that person connect, align and become themselves. I have found this works the best and all have been able to achieve twice as much as thought possible. This to me is very rewarding to see. 

Let me know if you would like any further details or if I can assist you directly.

Last edited @ Jun 13, 11:31PM EDT.
Jun 13, 11:03PM EDT0
What is Shamanic Soul Work and what does the process to use it involve?
Jun 13, 8:39AM EDT0

In short it is gaining insight, information and clarity to then heal, remove a situation/trauma or restore a soul.

The process for me varies based on the person. This is because everyone reacts differently and what they need, what they believe and what they are open to also varies. For some it is taking them to the places they need to go, other times it is seeming present however, using the brain's programming to access the soul's information.

The tricky part in this work is to ensure working cleanly, safely and always bringing the client back to present. Soul work uses time in a flexible manner and can have ramifications if not done properly. It is working with multiple times not just a past life where it is commonly linear. Soul work can be parallel or dimensional, specific to what is going on for that person.

Let me know if you would like any further details or discuss what is going on for you.

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Jun 13, 10:59PM EDT0
What are the areas of the paranormal that Creative Balance Healing mostly deal with?
Jun 13, 3:44AM EDT0

Probably all of it. However, it fluctuates depending on what is going on globally. Sometimes there are a number of possessions and exorcisms; or a lot of misbehaving ghosts/hauntings be it starting fires or becoming physical. Then other times there are a lot of curses and illnesses relating that come through. 

Additionally, paranormal also includes portals, gateways and situations that can include more than one or two ghosts. This can be within a person or house or even object. This may be linked to one of the above or maybe isolated i.e. a house that cannot sell. 

There is a direct correlation between possession and mental illness. And the extent of the possession I have noticed has become more complex over the years and not as dormant as they once were. This means that it is tied into the actual person rather than just a voice that is taking over. 

And as mentioned, I find that there is a link to energies and what is happening in the world overall that influences the extent and intensity of these cases.

The paranormal field is rather layered and if there is a specific area you would like to know more about, please let me know.

Jun 13, 10:52PM EDT0
What techniques do you use to diagnose the spiritual or psychological reasons behind an illness?
Jun 13, 12:30AM EDT0

In short - knowledge and abilities do most of the work. So it is starting with all of the symptoms, physical first. Then I assess where it connects in the body. Then assessing the emotional and mental state i.e. stress, depression, etc. Combine the two and then I will have an answer. 

The deeper the issue(s) the longer that the problems have existed. Commonly, most cannot be found by normal means or end up linking to some other form of illness, so it can be difficult to detect if you don't know what to look for. Also, whether there are external influences - spiritual or physical. This can add a whole other layer to what is going on. This is typical with mental health. 

There is a reason for everything. There is always a "why". Once this is known all the pieces fall into place. 

Let me know if you would like any further details or any assistance with what is going on for you.

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Jun 13, 10:43PM EDT0
What are a few of the unique and exclusive products available for purchase from Creative Balance Healing?
Jun 12, 5:57PM EDT0

There are a range of options. Each is exclusive to Creative Balance Healing.

Such as books, scrubs, oil blends, meditations and I also offer personalised products that are designed and aligned specific to the person. So, I have done personalised meditations, scubs, blends and packs for individuals specific to their situation and/or needs.

Most are listed here:

Please let me know if you have any further questions or if I can assist you directly.

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Jun 13, 10:37PM EDT0
What measures do you take if your methods are not working for a clients particular problem?
Jun 12, 4:08PM EDT0

Many years ago, when I first started on this journey, it was purely about techniques and what felt right. But now, thousands of hours later, there is a knowing the comes from reading the person, feeling what will be right for them and adjusting accordingly. I don't believe there is a one fits all method. As such, I took a lot of what I technically learned and changed it to fit each client specifically. I trust in this and it has never led me wrong.

With this said, the only time this would not work is when the person doesn't want help. I don't get such clients anymore, however, in this situation it is providing them with a little of what will help them on their path, no matter what they decide. For example, a touch of clarity or slight removal of confusion.

Please let me know if you would like any further information on this or any other area.

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Jun 13, 10:33PM EDT0
In what ways does the awareness of one’s past lives affect one’s present state of being?
Jun 12, 4:42AM EDT0

There are certain beliefs that we have, that are absolute and steadfast - these come from our past lives. It maybe a belief about justice or particular social issues, for example. They are also aligned with our core values in who we are.

The relationship between past and present lives can relate to unfinished business or part of a life's purpose. While this can be ignored, when it isn't it can provide greater awareness about the person, tools in how to live more fully and equally an understanding on who the person is and why. 

When having dreams that don't make sense or feelings that come out of nowhere, understanding this may have to do with a past life takes away the confusion and provides options on how to proceed in that situation.

Let me know if you would like any further details or if I can assist you directly.

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Jun 13, 10:26PM EDT0
What are the methods one can use to protect one’s self against psychic attacks and negativity?
Jun 12, 2:53AM EDT0

There are many versions of psychic attacks. Some are to create harm, some are to get back at someone and others are to drain energy.

While some believe this is invited, it isn't. The fact of "free-will" determines this. However, that doesn't mean you have to put up with it.

This generally can impact you because of being open energetically, holes in the auric layers, connection to that person or even a low immune. When cleansing include the auric layers, not just the chakras, When being open - be open to you but not the external. 

In terms of options - some easy ones:

Grounding - Salt bath; literal soil; eating carbs; hugging a tree or plant; and a favourite of mine is to place a hand on each side of a salt lamp and take 3 slow breaths. 

Cleansing - salt bath (this cleans the auric layers and closes you), white light anti-clockwise x 3 around the whole body, chakra meditation going through each chakra to ensure vibrance and good speed, incense - frankincense, sage, myrrh, depending on what feels right and of course crystals - clear quartz in each palm and 3 slow breaths.

Psychic attacks are common however, keeping yourself connected to you and following some of the above will deflect, remove and keep you safe.

Let me know if you would like any further details or if there is a situation that has you concerned.

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Jun 13, 10:21PM EDT0
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