Ask me anything about Human nutrition and diet.

Shahzad Ahmad
Dec 5, 2017

I can describe healthy diet for people of different periods of life 

For example.

In infants , adolescence , preschoolers , adulthood , pregnancy etc

Nutrition during lactation 


Post conception

Special diet plans for weight loss

And nutrition for easy weight gain.

Nutrition during different acute and chronic diseases.

I can also tell u the importance of different food groups ( carbs,lipids.protein, vitamin,minerals) in daily life and the risks associated with deficiency of these food groups.

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Any diet suggestion to slim down faster?

Dec 8, 8:30PM EST0

Yes off course.

If u are interested ucan mail me or inbox me.

I will make a diet plan for u.


Last edited @ Dec 10, 12:47PM EST.
Dec 10, 12:25PM EST0

Should my husband also change his diet to make sure that we have more chances of conceiving?

Dec 7, 5:35PM EST0

Yes off course.

Both partners must have healthy diet .

For example

In males obesity reduced the sex hormone binding Globulin(SHBG)

And reduce sperm count.

Similarly different diseases may also effect the fertility.

Dec 10, 12:24PM EST0

What supplement would you recommend if I want to lose weight really fast?

Dec 7, 10:58AM EST0

Supplements are recommended when your diet is deficit in certain nutrients.

If u want to reduce weight really fast u need to follow healthy diet plan with some exercises.

If u are interested u can inbox or email me

Dec 10, 12:17PM EST0

I’ve heard of the lemon water diet - does this really work?

Dec 7, 7:14AM EST0


According to some researchers Lemon water has also effects.

Dec 10, 12:06PM EST0

What are the best types of food you would recommend to breastfeeding moms?

Dec 6, 12:52PM EST0

Breastfeeding mothers have to take special care of their diet because milk is produced by mother.if mother's diet is healthy and nutritious then milk will also be nutritious.

Mothers must drink low fat milk, whole grain foods, meat (chicken , lamb,fish) ,sea foods and must avoid alcohol , fast food, soda drinks etc.

Dec 6, 3:14PM EST0

How can I be sure that the supplements I’m taking daily are not harmful to my kidneys?

Dec 5, 6:54PM EST0

Usually supplements are described for persons when they are not acquiring a appropriate amount of nutrients from diet.

There is a limit for every nutrient in the body.when we cross that limit it will definetly effect kidneys.

You must figure out the amount of nutrient need for your body and the amount you are consuming.if these are balanced then there will be no any harm to kidney.

Dec 6, 3:03PM EST0

Do you think my diet has something to do with me having difficulty in conceiving?

Dec 5, 3:23AM EST0

Yes of course diet have a role in conception.

If u are not taking proper diet and undernourished in some nutrients it can effect your capacity to conceive

Preconception nutrition is very important. Unhealthy eating habits and body heath status also effect the conception.

Dec 6, 2:56PM EST0

Are there any phone apps that you can recommend that will help me monitor my diet?

Dec 5, 2:42AM EST0

Yes there are some apps which can help u to monitor your diet.

Nutrafit is good one.

But u must not  completely relay on apps .

U should consult with some dietitians.

Dec 6, 2:52PM EST0

Most diets I know are expensive - is there any low-cost diet for people who want to lose weight?

Dec 5, 2:21AM EST0

No I don't think so that weight loss diets are expensive.

There are a lot of diet plans through which u can loose weight by using common available and low cost foods.

Dec 6, 2:46PM EST0

What do you think about breastmilk sharing? I’m unable to produce enough breastmilk for my child and our local hospital recommended getting some from their breastmilk bank.

Dec 5, 1:59AM EST0

It is good thing and better than formula milks if it is healthy.

There are different conditions in which lactating mothers either produce too much milk which is more than infant's need.so they can extract it by breast pumps and store it for later use.

It is available in hospitals and markets and a good option.

Dec 6, 2:43PM EST0

They say that we have to drink a lot of water even when we’re not thirsty - is there such thing as over-drinking?

Dec 5, 1:04AM EST0

Overdrinking is definetly not good for health.

But it is true when u are drinking too much water.

If u are drinking 1.5 to 2 litres a day it is enough.

Values may vary according to the atmospheric temp.

Drinking water before sleeping and after waking is beneficial even if u are not feeling thirst.

Dec 6, 2:39PM EST0

I’ve been overweight all my life and have tried all sorts of diets but nothing seems to work; what should I do?

Dec 5, 12:21AM EST0

There may be some genetic cause or some hormonal imbalance behind this situation.

But it is difficult to beleive that u had tried some diet plan properly and u had no any benefit.

If u follow some good diet plan properly u will definetly get results.

Dec 6, 2:32PM EST0

I drink an average of 5 cups of coffee in a day - some people say this is ok, but some don’t. What do you think?

Dec 5, 12:20AM EST0

According to my point of view drinking coffee 5 cups a day is not good for health.

As the main ingredient is caffeine which is bad for health.

It can cause different health problems like stomach , kidney and nervous disorders.

According to FDA more than 500 mg caffeine can cause heart muscle, stomach, kidney problems.

So try to reduce the intake.

Dec 6, 2:26PM EST0

My weight is below what’s acceptable for my height and I’m eating as much as any normal person my age. What can you recommend as a weight gain diet?

Dec 5, 12:08AM EST0

How much weight .

I need more information .

If u are interested u can mail me.

Dec 10, 12:31PM EST0

The South Beach Diet became popular years ago and it’s not too hard to do - do you think this will still work today?

Dec 5, 12:04AM EST0

South beach diet can be used to reduce weight by minimizing the carbs and healthy fats.

Yes it can still work and helps to live healthy life.

Dec 5, 3:18PM EST0

I don’t like exercising. I’m not overweight. I just want to stay healthy since I’m already at my late 30’s. What’s a healthy diet you would recommend for people like me?

Dec 4, 11:13PM EST0

I suggest to eat your meal with following measures.

Reduce theAmount of Oils, fats cream etc if u are using but don't quit.

Quit soda drinks (soft drinks).

Try to minimze processed food and eat natural food.

If u don't like exercise then its OK.

Simple walk is enough when u are taking healthy foods.

Dec 5, 3:09PM EST0

I’m not much of a vegetable eater. If I should force myself to eat one or two kinds of vegetables, what should it be? I want it to be worth it.

Dec 4, 10:10PM EST0

In a broad spectrum I will suggest to eat seasonal available vegetables.

And try to eat variety of vegetables not just one or two kinds.

I will not specify any kind because there is no any kind with every nutrient present in it.

Nutrient contents vary with each kind.

Dec 5, 3:01PM EST0

Some people successfully lost weight by crash dieting - would you recommend this?

Dec 4, 6:14PM EST0

No doubt people can lose weight by crash diet but it is not good option.

I will not suggest these kind of diet plans.

As crash diet plans are short terms and have side effects too.

There are more chances to regain weight in crash programs.

Slowly and steadily following proper diet is more beneficial.

Dec 5, 2:51PM EST0

I tried switching from coffee with cream to black coffee so I can start losing weight but I hate every bit of it - do you have suggestions for cream alternatives?

Dec 4, 1:40PM EST0

It is  good to know that you are concerning about your health.

For weight lose best option is that you drink coffee without cream or any alternative.

But of course its taste will not much better.

U can use almond milk , soy milk,coconut milk which are healthier than cream.

Although it is better to drink coffee without cream but I will recommend to limit coffee consumption.

Coffee contains caffeine that is not good for health.

U can use green tea which will increase metabolism, contains antioxidants and helpful in reducing weight.

Good luck.

Dec 4, 3:06PM EST0

With all the diet schemes available, what’s that one diet you actually believe in and practice yourself?

Dec 4, 1:48AM EST0

As there are different diet schemes and plans are available which are greatly influced by the traditions,social and religious values and health status.

As far as my concern I am not a vegetarian and not following ketogenic diet.

Currently I am following a diet plan to reduce some weight .

Dec 4, 3:33PM EST0

Do you have any diet suggestions for pregnant moms who are long overdue and want to induce labor?

Dec 4, 12:15AM EST0

For overdue pregnant women I will suggest to eat 

Pineapples,banana,apple slices and date fruit.

Red rasbery leaf tea is also helpful in inducing labour.

It is believed that date fruit has oxytocin like effect which stimulate labour.

Pineapple contains bromelain which soften cervix and Induce labour.

It is also said that spices may prove helpful in inducing labour but there is no any scientific evidence behind it.

Dec 4, 4:10PM EST0

what is ketogenic diet and how does it works?

Dec 3, 12:04AM EST0

Ketogenic diet is a kind of diet in which we lowers the consumption of carbohydrates and ketones (produced by liver ) use as energy source.

It may also called low carb diet, LCHF( low carb high fat diet).

As there is present starch ,glycogen, glucose etc in carbs so it can increase the blood sugar level and use as a source of energy.

But when there are no carbs available then ketons produced by the liver from fat , use as the energy source.

Dec 4, 3:25PM EST0
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