Bio-One: Animal Hoarding And Its Dangers. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Aug 27, 2018

Complex Animal Hoarding has become the majority of Hoarding cleanouts for Bio-One and is a serious issue! Not only is the Hoarding a dangerous situation for the Hoarder, but for the animals involved as well. Bio-One is doing all we can to help the Hoarder get their lives back on track! Ask Me Anything on the issues, cleanups, or concerns you may have about Animal Hoarding. 

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If a person suspects that someone is an animal hoarder like in the "rescue" cases you mentioned, what signs should that person look for?
Aug 29, 6:56PM EDT0
What are the essential safety equipment and measures that your cleaning team prioritize?
Aug 29, 1:43PM EDT0
How does Bio-One work with the hoarders who tend to be sensitive with people cleaning out their homes? How do you handle these situations?
Aug 28, 9:46PM EDT0

I can imagine how hard It may be to become a hoarder whithout consciousness of It and being found by any institution which comes to help. 

How would you say they feel when the institution detects the problem and starts the action? Does the hoarder get any help in that moment?

Aug 28, 9:07AM EDT0

An institution as in the police? Or landlord? I guess it depends on who discovers the situation and how they would like to go about helping the individual. Not everyone looks at hoarding as a mental illness and are quick to judge and press charges. This does nothing for the hoarder in the long run. So, in that sense, the hoarder may feel anxious about getting help. This is why there are companies like Bio-One and licensed therapeutic professionals who specialize in hoarding.  

Aug 28, 7:02PM EDT1
What kind of service does Bio One offer to help cases of animal hoarding?
Aug 28, 7:25AM EDT0

Bio-One does the clean out, sorting, and cleaning of the home and property. After we have cleaned the home, we provide them with a full list of local resources, support groups, therapists, etc who can help continue down the path of recovery. 

Aug 28, 7:05PM EDT0
What other help does your company have with you when cleaning up these animal hoarding situations?
Aug 28, 6:00AM EDT0

Could you elaborate on this?

Aug 28, 7:08PM EDT0
What are the strongest sanitizing chemicals that you use for deep cleaning of infested spaces?
Aug 28, 1:00AM EDT0

Bio-One has its own chemicals, not sold on the traditional market, that we use to clean out a home. It cleans, disinfects, and sanitizes the home. 

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Aug 28, 7:11PM EDT0
What are some of the hilarious things you have heard animal hoarders say when you are cleaning out the clutter?
Aug 27, 11:55PM EDT0

Oh boy! LOL. I've had hoarders tell me all sorts of things to justify their way of living or reasons for wanting to keep something. One home we cleaned, I picked up and threw out a credit card holder (the kind you wear around your neck when traveling), that was covered in urine, poop, sticky, and soaking wet. The lady insisted she had to keep it since she traveled ALL the time. I just pictured her walking around the airport with it hanging on her neck as is. It makes you want to be shocked and at times angry, but you have to remind yourself this is the disease talking. That was one of the most bizarre I've ever experienced. 

Aug 28, 7:18PM EDT0
How are these situations of animal hoarding usually reported or found?
Aug 27, 9:40PM EDT0

Most cases we have dealt with, it is usually a family member who finds them living this way or a property owner who has rented their home out and discovered the hoard. 

Aug 28, 7:19PM EDT0
Many hoarders are beginning to set themselves up as rescue shelters. What are the signs that a rescue group or shelter may involve a hoarder?
Aug 27, 5:49PM EDT0

Something to look out for is whether or not the "shelter" is licensed properly to house animals in a shelter like environment. People wanting to open their home or property up as a rescue group is welcomed, it is when it gets out of control that is can be a problem. Overcrowding, animal sitting in their own waste, visible signs of illness or distress are all signs to look out for of a good cause turned south.

Aug 27, 7:48PM EDT0
Why does Bio-One find it not only important to help clean out hoarding situations but help with animal hoarding as well?
Aug 27, 12:14PM EDT0

Hoarding isn't just the act of cluttering up a space. If it were that simple, we could go in and clean and it will be set straight. This is a mental illness that needs counseling and therapy to sort through their disorder and to learn to make rational decisions. This is why it is important to give the client different resources to explore for treatment.

Aug 27, 7:52PM EDT0
For those who are not very well-informed on the subject, could you explain what animal hoarding is?
Aug 27, 11:08AM EDT0

Animal Hoarding is the act of having a collection of animals and not being able to provide the animals with a safe environment. Some people have many dogs, yet there is adequate living spaces, food/water, and a clean environment. And also have a clean bill of health. When you continue bringing more animals into your space and start lacking in any of those areas, yet not understand or realize this, this is where it can turn into a hoarding situation. If you or the animal can not function in safe and healthy environment, it may be time to seek help.

Aug 27, 7:57PM EDT2
How can people help friends or family who suffer from animal hoarding?
Aug 27, 6:53AM EDT0

Seeking professional help from a therapist is a good start! They need to realize their behavior is not reasonable and that the animals living within the home are not in a safe environment. Even though, the hoarder may not see any issue with how the animals are living. The therapist will know the best way to reach your loved one on a mental level. Bio-One is happy to help with the cleanup and getting their home back on track. 

Aug 27, 8:01PM EDT0
What are the health concerns behind animal hoarding?
Aug 27, 2:28AM EDT0

There are many ailments that can come from animal hoarding. With the build-up of feces, urine, dander, hair, etc around the home could lead to serious allergies and respiratory issues. Along with this, the homes are not exactly clean, so this invites all sorts of other pests to take up residence within the home such as rodents, roaches, flies, spiders, etc. This is why it is important to seek help early on before the situation gets too out of control.

Aug 27, 8:05PM EDT0
In your experience, is hoarding and particularly animal hoarding a problem more common amongst the elderly?
Aug 27, 12:28AM EDT1

Interesting question! In many cases, it is the elderly seeking our help. Now, this is not to say that the older generation is the majority of hoarders, but maybe they are more inclined to seek help or be found out. Maybe their grown children have come to visit after they have taken ill, or the police perform a wellness check and find their home in its state. I don't have real statistics, but we have had our fair share of elderly hoarders. 

Aug 27, 8:07PM EDT1
What are the major public safety concerns raised by animal hoarding?
Aug 26, 11:32PM EDT0

Disease. With all those animals together, most of the time, they are not getting the regular medical treatment they need. Along with other types of pest being drawn to the home i.e. neighborhood due to the hoarding environment. It's something that can affect that entire community in one way or another. 

Aug 27, 8:09PM EDT0
When animals are rescued from these hoarding situations what happens to them? How would you describe their typical behavior?
Aug 26, 9:42PM EDT1

The animals we have seen are often skittish and very distrusting of people. After they are taken in by the local shelter, they are treated and put up for adoption. And on the sad side of it, if they are too far gone health wise due to disease, infection, or malnourishment they are ultimately out down. Sometimes the outcome is heartbreaking. 

Aug 27, 8:13PM EDT0
What are the most common types of animals who are victims of hoarders?
Aug 26, 2:46PM EDT0

Cats and dogs seem to be the most common type of animals we have seen. This may be since dogs and animals are so easy to come by. Shelters and locals are constantly looking for homes for displaced animals. So access is quite easy for someone looking for more animals. 

Aug 27, 8:16PM EDT0
Why do people hoard animals? Can these people be considered animal lovers?
Aug 26, 12:55PM EDT0

Many reasons. They want to care for something, they are lonely, they feel like it is their duty to save the animal, etc. They do love animals but in their own way. But, unfortunately, most of the time it is in a way that is not healthy. 

Aug 27, 9:03PM EDT0
Have you experienced cases of relapse? How long did it take for the hoarder to accumulate excessive amounts of animals again?
Aug 26, 10:29AM EDT0

We have not experienced that in our region, so I'm not sure if I could really answer your question. :/

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Aug 27, 9:04PM EDT0
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