Discover New Horizons in Pre and Perinatal Healing Through This Professional’s AMA Event

Maria L.
Feb 3, 2018

Prenatal and Perinatal Trauma Healing are known to offer tons of satisfying results in preventing and managing a child’s early conditions which may present a permanent effect in the long run. Just as its benefits, this somatic healing has been sureounded by rejected practices before, keeping people from seeking help through the method. 20-year healing professional Kate White is happy to see these beliefs clarified and finally accepted today, opening more methods of healing to conduct and in her AMA Event, she gives us a glimpse of her career, most specifically on it’s life-saving aspect:

QUESTION: As a practitioner, what did you learn from your own early experience? Did you find out anything unusual or traumatic in your case?

Yes, I found I was a breech baby with a lot of shock in my system from the birth, and then lack of good connection with my mother.  I have come to love being born breech.  I tell a story about discovering this in my work.  I was working with someone who had a birth like mine, and I could feel the pattern.  It was strange and led me study prenatal and perinatal healing.

QUESTION: If one goes thru this counseling method, how many sessions would you advise and how long does each session lasts?

I am not sure I can say.  It is unique for everyone.  I prefer to work with people 1 hour and 15 min or longer, but I can do a session in 1 hour.  I also offer small group gatherings that last 3.5 days

QUESTION: It is mentioned that a mother's condition three months before conception will determine which egg is selected for conception. What does it mean? What preparations should she take if she plans to get pregnant?

The conditions in a woman's body will help decide what kind of human needs to be made for the world.  Her body interacts with the environment, so be careful of your environment, your stress level and what you eat and drink. We also recommend doing some reflection on what kind of parent she wants to be, how she was parented, and making sense of her life (coherent story).

QUESTION: Why would you say that understanding early trauma is the key, key to what? How important is this to a person?

Understanding early patterns can be the key  to unlocking patterns in the present time.  Implicit memories are held in the body and may affect your perceptions in the present.  Understand your story, expand your consciousness around patterns that seem to repeat and decrease their potency over time.

QUESTION: There are a lot of suicidal depression cases, can PPN help? Can this be guaranteed a healing?

Well, noting is a guarantee.  Yes, understanding early patterns can help with this, especially the feeling of not being wanted or not feeling like you belong.  These can be early imprints.  Once they can be named and worked on, and reorient to ways you feel wanted in the now, that can be pivotal.

Be fully informed about Pre and Perinatal Healing as you visut Kate’s complete AMA event here.

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