Escape into Excellence - an Ask Me Anything about healthcare, awareness, thinking, and suffering and how to deal with it with Dr. Diana Rangaves

Dr. Diana Rangaves
Mar 28, 2018

Escape into Excellence! Do you think about your thinking? Do you know why you make the choices you make?  Use practical tool kits and critical thinking learning activities to make your own personal best choices. We think about our thinking,” Diana says, by being aware and understanding Neurotransmitter Ticklers, STAR template for problem-solving, Habits of Thinking, and the Q Intelligence we all have within.

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Are there certain issues where the STAR template won't work for?
Apr 24, 8:28PM EDT0
You have also written a children book, what were the inspirations behind writing a children’s series?
Apr 24, 2:54AM EDT0

The real Rosy Posy!

I am a foster mom for Pap Haven Rescue and Rosy Posy came up for adoption. About one month after she arrived, she escaped into my field. I found her safe visiting with the pony, ram, and goats!

Rosy Posy is strong, curious, and has courage. 

We need a tool to teach each half generation of children values in a compelling, fun, and bright way. So, the inspiration of the twelve values series was born.

There is a Rosy Posy Club website where children can follow a treasure hunt and earn a Rosy Posy Bookmark.

100% of authors’ royalties benefit the charity Pap Haven Rescue.

Buy the book here:

Thank you!



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

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Apr 24, 10:47AM EDT0
What is your interesting writing quirk? How long does it take you to write a book?
Apr 23, 11:31PM EDT0

The mornings are for thinking and reflecting on key words and ideas. The afternoon and sometimes at 1 AM are for writing!

Whenever inspiration hits! Words poured through my fingertips, as if someone else was writing. I love that feeling when you are in spirit!



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 24, 10:48AM EDT0
What would be the one thing routine or recommendation you would make for people who want to improve their overall health?
Apr 23, 4:53PM EDT0


“Words can never adequately convey the incredible impact of our attitudes toward life. The longer I live the more convinced I become that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we respond to it. Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.” ~ Charles R. Swindoll




Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 5:55PM EDT0
Can you share some success stories on how your approach changed lives?
Apr 23, 11:50AM EDT0

Hi Yannyrey,

Please educate me. I am asking for clarification as to what this question means.

Thank you.



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 3:01PM EDT0
What are some tips to give your life meaning and a purpose when suffering with depression?
Apr 23, 9:52AM EDT0

The ancients believed that the beginning of depression is a sign that we are not in alignment with our Soul purpose.

William Barclay wrote, “There are two great days in a person’s life, the day we are born and the day we discover why.”

Some tips for consideration:

Get a check-up to determine that all is in order

Get up and get outside of ourselves, engage in community, volunteer, interact with people, animals or nature

Getting started takes effort, energy, and work. Do it anyway. It is essential to persist layer by layer.

Make all the perceived little things count; everyday live for relationships, helping others, loving people, and enjoying little stuff like food or conversation or crying.

 It feels good..... now…..



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 3:00PM EDT0
What is your opinion on getting these nutrients from food versus supplements?
Apr 23, 8:07AM EDT0

The first step is asking the question! Great job!

The next step is to self-educate and work on our nutrition before moving to supplements.

A variety of fresh foods are necessary for health.

Supplements serve a purpose; however, too much can cause problems.

 Further reading:



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 2:58PM EDT0
In your experience, why do people overthink and stress about fictional situations when there is nothing they can do about it?
Apr 23, 5:48AM EDT0

The first detail to look at is to ‘get clear that this is yours’.

Many times we spin about things that do not belong to us. Does the following phrase apply ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’?



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 2:57PM EDT0
Can a person reach his/her maximum potential while living in a toxic environment? If yes, how?
Apr 23, 5:21AM EDT0

Self-reflection is essential when placed in a toxic environment.

Ask yourself:

Do you feel physically ill, demoralized, or troubled when entering any atmosphere?

Toxic environments and people, drain our energy, creative spirit, and eventually love.

Protect yourself: If you feel unsafe, leave.

Document everything: keeping a diary or journaling is one way of documenting and healing at the same time. All that negative emotion spills out on the pages.

Know When to Fold ‘em: Start building and planning your exit strategies. There is only so much nudging of a system you can do to implement change. At this point you will need to decide to accept or continue pressing for change, or leave.

"As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others." - Marianne Williamson



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 2:56PM EDT0
From the diet perspective, what can people do to keep our brains healthy?
Apr 23, 4:49AM EDT0

Hello Jihane,

It is ALL OF life! Adopting positive, healthful lifestyle choices can maintain your health.

This includes physical health and exercise, diet and nutrition, cognitive activity, and social engagement.

Use it or lose it: Keep active in what you enjoy, volunteer, and be around people who enhance your life.

Choices: stay away from drugs of abuse, alcohol, cigarettes and other toxins.

Be active: walking, exercise keeps blood flowing, reduces the risk of obesity, and helps us feel better.




Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 2:55PM EDT0

Why is it so hard to get good healthcare, when we work so hard for the coverage 

Apr 22, 10:01AM EDT0

Hello Carolyn,

Insurance is a hedge against risk and a protection from or to minimize loss.

We have an obligation to mitigate damages or the loss. This means to make it less unpleasant or painful.

In the context of health and healthcare, healthcare insurance eases the financial risks, lessens high medical costs, offers deductibles, preventive care, etc.

No one plan covers everything.

While no one wishes to get hurt, sick, or have a catastrophe event at some point we must plan for a storm.

It is up to each individual to mitigate our own health and lifestyle choices.



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 23, 2:54PM EDT0
What are the main principles for more effective and intelligent Q&A exchanges?
Apr 20, 4:02AM EDT0

I think there are few that open a dialog.

Self-awareness: Know your intention  

Choice: Think about the outcome you wish to achieve, and move towards it

No-fault: Blame game blocks and spins the system, only no-fault communication works. All stakeholders need to be included in the solution for a win/win.

Ready: Willing to learn something about ourselves, the other person and the system; surrender, listen, and learn.

‘Hello’: Bridge any distance for closing the distance builds trust. Always be the first to say ‘Hello’! 

Further readings:



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 20, 11:34AM EDT0
Other than usual workings of the brain required for life, why can't humans stop thinking? Do people stop thinking when we are asleep? Is it possible for the brain to stop thinking ever?
Apr 19, 5:50PM EDT0

My opinion is that we are never meant to stop thinking. Thinking is like a river sometimes the flow is smooth, placid, soothing other times turbulent rapids.

We are conscious beings. This never stops even as we sleep; we are processing information in the unawareness of slumber.

Yes, I think our brain stops thinking when we have died.



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 20, 11:32AM EDT0
Is intelligence hereditary or environmental? Why are some people smarter than others?
Apr 19, 2:56PM EDT0

A system set up by humans’ claims to measure intelligence.

Intelligence is a concept.

We are all good at something; our job is to discover what that is!

It is an expression of our essence, a combination of all things that brought us to this moment.



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 20, 11:31AM EDT0
How can people develop their critical thinking abilities?
Apr 19, 3:30AM EDT0

Critical thinking involves asking questions!

STAR template looks at Situation/Task/Analysis/Result. It is one tool to define the Situation/Task, Analyze evidence, emotions, assumptions/biases, perceptions/perspectives and standing in silence while processing uncertainty. (Wade 1995)

There are many to choose from so select what you enjoy!

  • Ask the question, ‘what would happen if?’
  • Be open to perspectives in the ‘theory meet theory game’
  • Support observations and predictions with the ‘Habits of Thinking’
  • Seek out ‘Holding Court: Plaintiffs and Defenders’
  • Adept with intuitive leaps of connect the dots with the ‘Q Intelligences’ within us

Other activities are numerous: “What Do You See?”, Spotlights,  Neurotransmitter Ticklers, STAR template, Quando Quandries, Holding Court, and Think-pair-share.

Escape into Excellence: Building a Foundation for Honest Decision-Making offers a self-education, self-growth workbook to achieve these skills. It is offered through Cognella Academic Publishing.

One hundred percent of the author’s royalties benefit passing education forward through the Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation.


Just keep SEEKING and ASK the questions!



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 19, 1:38PM EDT0
With the invention of the internet and the advent of big data and crowd sourcing, it’s finally possible for citizens to govern themselves directly. Is it a good idea for the masses to directly govern themselves or is governance something better left to professional politicians and what do you base your answer on?
Apr 16, 3:45PM EDT0

Hi Sv9zist,

These are huge questions.

Please educate me....."With the invention of the internet and the advent of big data and crowd sourcing, it’s finally possible for citizens to govern themselves directly."

How does one relate to the other? How does the internet, big data, and crowd sourcing provide direct governance?

Thank you.



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

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Apr 17, 6:44AM EDT0
What are the most important factors in maintaining a well functioning society and what does it mean for a society to function well?
Apr 16, 8:51AM EDT0

I think society is like any other system.

All systems whether is it a cell, aggregate of cells, a body organ, a household, a job, school, club, corporation, charitable organization, government, or solar system, are multi-dimensional constructs.

Well-being is based on relationships.

Flourishing in isolation is impossible.

The design of building lasting friendships, meaningful relationships from surface acquaintances to intimate, we are made to share, as well as to give and receive.

During all life stages, we need to feel connected. The essential component is self-management.

  • Keep Learning – knowledge, language, information; are tools to adapt and communicate effectively
  • Engage with others - interact with diverse groups and participate in society
  • Contribute to valued outcomes for societies and individuals
  • Help other individuals meet important demands in a wide variety of contexts
  • Take responsibility for managing our own lives
  • Dedicate time and effort to develop and cultivate

When people are satisfied, interested, and engaged in their lives, we experience a feeling of accomplishment that maximizes our physical, mental, and social functioning,

In the context of a society, individuals judge the quality of their life as going well.

Further readings can be found at the Foundation Health Measures and



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 17, 6:15AM EDT0
Is what one perceives reality or just a construct of our minds and is it possible for one's mind to correctly interpret reality, why or why not?
Apr 14, 1:48PM EDT0

I think that reality is a perception of experiences.  

The atoms, particles, and space of our brain communication substances, neurotransmitters, intercede and imprint. 

If we take a perception as a toy boat, we can test it to see if it floats. If the perception flounders based on observations, predictions, and connecting the dots, we pull in out of the water and start again. We build a different boat with what we have learned. We have the opportunity to self-edit, self-correct, and revise our perception upon the new information. 

If the boat floats for a long time, maybe it has a few leaks; however, it serves well and is supported by solid observations, testing, repetition, patterns, which are dependable enough in matching observations that it proceeds to be a reality.  

Perception is all we have. A good perception accurately describes a large class of observations. It must make definite predictions about the results of future observations. It provides a platform to make intuitive leaps of imagination that are not at odds with things already observed.  By suggesting what to expect from future observations it calls on individuals to test it.  

Evaluations and assessments involve;  

  • Putting things into context
  • Investigating all perceptions
  • Observing for skewed perceptions
  • Detecting perceptual illusions
  • Witnessing character, reputation, of challenging versions
  • Readiness to self-correct perceptions, ‘I Stand Corrected.’


Drawing by Roger N.Shepherd, Mindsights, W.H. Freeman and Co., 1990

What do you see?



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

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Apr 14, 3:25PM EDT0
What is the best way to explore human nature: psychology, philosophy, or biology and why do you believe so?
Apr 14, 8:29AM EDT0

“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

 ~ William Shakespeare

This dialog is from ‘As You Like It.’

The context compares our life to a play. Each of us passes through seven phases or behavior patterns: infant, child, lover, warrior, judge, the Pantalone of money/greed/status, and death (emotional, occupational, spiritual, and physical).  They are running themes, overlapping our lives in multiple and repeating order.

Answering this question is not as straightforward as it might appear, as each seeker chooses whether or not to locate their unique ‘Yellow Brick Road.’

I think is starts with observing our own behaviors, our thoughts, and feeling our body by cultivating our Q Intelligences of moral intelligence (MQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), body intelligence (BQ), and intelligence quotient (IQ).

We can do this by accepting our vulnerability and use all the disciplines that resonate with us: psychology, philosophy, biology, economics, academics, literature, archeology, anthropology, music, art, sciences, religious studies, etc.

Be open to the awareness that nothing fits perfectly in a box or category as there are many paths that an individual can take that is their best, and respect that one size does not fit all.



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 14, 1:40PM EDT0
Do you feel that there is a crisis between what people seek and what they actually find in terms of happiness?
Apr 13, 8:51AM EDT0

Aristotle wrote, ‘Happiness depends on ourselves.”

I feel we are as happy as we make up our minds to be.

We cannot chase happiness, it comes from within. Working to meet our safety needs, being useful, and finding the ‘Middle Path, the balance between excesses, all these are defined differently by the individual.

According to Nicomachean Ethics, 1097a30-34, “Everywhere we see people seeking pleasure, wealth, and a good reputation; but while each of these has some value, none of them can occupy the place of the chief good for which humanity should aim.”

Only humans are capable of acting according to principles, and in so doing taking responsibility for their choices.

Excellence and happiness then turns out to be an activity of the Soul.



Author with Cognella Publishing and Radion Media

Apr 13, 5:42PM EDT0
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