Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a busy working mom to two pre-teen kids. I never sacrifice healthy, home cooked dinners around the table. I have easy fail-proof tips on how you, too, can take back the table. Ask me anything!

Apr 8, 2017

Hi, I'm Hannah. I'm a busy working mom to two pre-teen kids. One things I've never sacrificed is our eating a healthy, home cooked dinner around the table. It's proven that families who eat together are healthier plus this is valuable time to talk to and reconnect with my kids. I admit, for me, cooking is a form of therapy and I know others are not so inclined but I have easy fail-proof tips on how you, too, can take back the table. Ask me anything!

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Family meals are one life greatest joys.

I'll be answering questions **LIVE** on here for one hour at 11am today and periodically checking back in throughout the week to answer more. See you in 30 minutes! xo, h

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Ok, guys! I've had such fun answering all of your questions. I'll be keeping this AMA feed for the remainder of the week so please feel free to keep asking questions and I'll check in every now and then to answer new ones. Also, please let me know if you'd like to have more AMAs on this topic of family eating/ home cooking, as it's near and dear to my heart. Enjoy your weekends! xo, h

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TY for doing AMA, what's your thoughts on dinner with kids and TV on?

Apr 8, 4:24PM EDT1

Again... Everything in moderation. There have been nights that I am exhausted, sick, or don't feel like eating much and as a treat, the kids are allowed a TV dinner. It's cute, they still "set the table" on the coffee table and I make them these funny TV dinner trays.

Apr 9, 10:39AM EDT1

Love all the picutres you're sharing, thank you!

Apr 9, 12:05PM EDT0

What do you do when they don't like what you made for dinner?

Apr 8, 3:30PM EDT1

They eat what they do like and have a "no thank you portion" of the food they don't.

Still hungry? Make yourself a bowl of cereal or a PB&J.

Apr 9, 10:33AM EDT1

Are your kids in good shape?

Apr 8, 3:24PM EDT1


Apr 9, 10:32AM EDT1

Do you do pizza nights?

Apr 8, 2:27PM EDT1

Of COURSE!!!! I'm a true believer of "everything in moderation." Sometimes we make our own with store-bought dough from our local supermarket chain, Publix (fellow Southerners, ask at the bakery. They have fresh pie crust, too!)... Other times, we take out from a local coal-fired place, Anthony's... And then, there are those times, when a delivered pie is what is called for!

Apr 9, 10:31AM EDT1

Do you pay attention to nutrients in each meal?

Apr 8, 12:55PM EDT0

Yes. But not neurotically so. (See above)

Apr 8, 1:05PM EDT1

What do you consider a well-rounded, healthy dinner?

Apr 8, 12:55PM EDT1

A carb, a protein and tons of veggies. :)

Apr 8, 1:04PM EDT1
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Can you give me some examples of the meals you serve?

Apr 8, 12:35PM EDT0

Hi Richard! I gave tons of examples and recipes above. Anything specific you're looking for?

Apr 8, 1:04PM EDT0
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Hi Hannah. People may have different reasons so asking this question -- Why should we eat dinner together?

Apr 8, 12:09PM EDT0

Hi @SFreemen... I answered this in the very first question. :)

Apr 8, 12:11PM EDT1
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Do you let your kids choose what they want to eat?

Apr 8, 12:00PM EDT0

Yes, I typically ask them if they have any requests for the week.

My son's go-to faves are steak, hamburgers

My daughter's are spag bol and shepherd's pie (I make two versions--one beef and potato, the other turkey with mashed cauli)

Apr 8, 12:10PM EDT0

How did you get into cooking?

Apr 8, 11:58AM EDT1

Good question! I just love it. It comes naturally to me and I love food and flavors and seem to have a natural ability to combine them. But, trust me, I've had some EPIC fails! 

Also, my mom is an excellent cook and we always ate together every night. We used to laugh when guests would ask "do you always eat like this?" now my kids do the same when we're asked the very same question!

Apr 8, 12:07PM EDT1

What kind of ingredients do you use?

Apr 8, 11:48AM EDT0

I'm not sure I understand your question... I cook with a variety of fresh and pantry.

Apr 8, 11:56AM EDT0
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What’s the magic to family dinners?

Apr 8, 11:46AM EDT1

Reconnection after being apart all day.

Apr 8, 11:47AM EDT1

What happens on days you work overtime? Does your hubby help out?

Apr 8, 11:40AM EDT0

I'm divorced... So, no! My boyfriend does though, sometimes. Fortunately, I haven't hit that road block too many times but when I have I make it easy for myself... breakfast for dinner! Or, I order a pizza or make a pot of pasta. If I know in advance that I might be cutting it fine, I will prepare dinner in the crockpot before I go to work. When I was newly divorced and working full-time I used to get up at 5:30am to prepare dinner and set the timer so the kids and I would walk into the apartment and be able to eat a home-cooked supper. 

Apr 8, 11:46AM EDT1

Are any of you vegan, vegetarian, raw food? other special diets?

Apr 8, 11:39AM EDT0

Afraid not. Although I try to eat low carb...

Apr 8, 11:44AM EDT0

I made these a couple of weeks ago and am OBSESSED. goop.com/recipes/chicken-and-cabbage-dim-sum/ 

Apr 8, 12:05PM EDT1

How do you make the experience fun and exciting for everyone? Do you have a routine or spice it up every now and then?

Apr 8, 11:27AM EDT0

It's not meant to be funa nd exciting but p art of our daily routine. The kids know that they're expected to be home from playing outside by 6pm when they take a shower and dinner is served at 6.30/ 7pm. It's just part of our day-to-day life.

I guess it gets spiced up when we have friends and/ or family join us, which is, admittedly, also a regular occurence inour home. So much so, that when my daughter was little she once cried when I told her no one was joining us for dinner!

Speaking of family dinners, here's a fantastic recipe for entertaining.


Apr 8, 11:43AM EDT0
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Since many don't do family dinners anymore, when friends come over, do they find the whole family dinner idea refreshing?

Apr 8, 11:12AM EDT0

They ask a lot of the questions you guys do but mostly enjoy it and say they want to do more eating together in their own homes. I think that's GREAT!

Apr 8, 11:40AM EDT1

What's for lunch?

Apr 8, 11:08AM EDT0

Today? It's brunch. The kids only just woke up while I was here answering your questions.

English muffins, canadian bacon, poached eggs.

Avocado and sliced tomato.

(PS - That's all we have in the fridge!)

Apr 8, 11:39AM EDT0

Apr 8, 11:59AM EDT0

Would you say that family dinners are important? If so, why?

Apr 8, 11:08AM EDT0

YES! See my answer to the first question. :)

Apr 8, 11:38AM EDT0

How old are your kids?

Apr 8, 10:49AM EDT0

11 and almost 9

Apr 8, 11:38AM EDT1

Do your kids help with meal preparation and do they like it?

Apr 8, 10:39AM EDT1

I wish they did more...

My son used to LOVE helping me when he was little... My daughter sometimes does now. The one who really loves to cook with me is my nephew. But my daughter does enjoy making a salad and guac!

Apr 8, 11:37AM EDT1
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