I am a Unique Resource of all kinds of information from Health and Fitness to Emergency Preparedness to Homeschooling to Energy Work to being a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Yes I am a Mormon! But there are so many other things, I can't list here. Ask me Anything

Angel O Fidler
Mar 8, 2018

I am a Daughter of God, a military wife, a home school mom, a US Army Veteran, a Community Volunteer and so much more. I have learned to live well with health challenges after military service subclinical hypothyroid, vitamin deficiency, bone deficiency, multiple chemical sensitivities, Gluten intolerance, Corn intolerance and other food allergies, and chronic fatigue. On my journey to wellness I earned my Education (BS/MS) in Exercise and health promotion, Certifications in Personal Training, Performance Enhancement, corrective exercise, Habit based Nutrition coaching, The Emotion Code and Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, along with self-study in many other compliementary modalities to assist the body in the self-healing process, and those are just few. I understand that not everyone follows the same healing path or even way of healing from trauma that another might from abuse. My own path is a journey I am still on.  I am well versed in the topics of emergency preparedness and homeschooling. I understand both sides of the Miltary, as a soldier and as a family member, and the unique concerns dealt with. Over the years I have blogged on different platforms about these and other topics. I am a practicing member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am a Mormon.  

facebook.com/AngelsHeavenlyBodies; freedomlifelibertyandthepursuitoftime.blogspot.com

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What according to you are the advantages of Homeschooling and why is it better than standard schooling system?
Mar 13, 2:57PM EDT0
What have been the biggest blessings of your life?
Mar 13, 12:24PM EDT0
For the people unfamiliar with Mormonism–what would you say your core beliefs are?
Mar 13, 6:41AM EDT0
Where do you want to see yourself in next 5 years?
Mar 13, 5:23AM EDT0
How were you diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism? How did you cope with it?
Mar 10, 8:44AM EST0

What kind of diet do you currently follow for yourself? How do you manage with the different food intolerances and allergies?

Mar 9, 4:50PM EST0
Why did you choose to homeschool your kids? What are the advantages compared to normal schooling?
Mar 9, 10:03AM EST0
What measures do you take to manage your chronic fatigue syndrome?
Mar 9, 9:00AM EST0
What are some of the key elements in emergency preparedness?
Mar 9, 3:39AM EST0
As a Mormon, would you follow a doctrine that contradicts the bible, and why?
Mar 7, 9:45PM EST0

From my own experience, I have not encountered that situation where a doctrine contridicts the bible. If anything, the doctrine helps me understand the scriptures better. Doctrines and principles do not change. Application is always individual.

Mar 7, 10:25PM EST0
What are some of the ways the average person can establish which exercise program would be best for them?
Mar 7, 8:53PM EST0

If you have not been active, then start very simply. Park a little further away from the store. Think culmulative versus a long period. Pace for 5 minutes out of every hour your are awake, average would be 12 hours give or take a couple. That would be 60 minutes of mild to moderate exercise. It could be choosing going up the stairs instead of using the elevator and using the elevator to come down as a method of alternation.

Choose an activity you like, if not walking, riding a bike. Use the same principle add a little bit of time to each ride each day. 5-10 minutes Day one then add 1-2 minutes, the next day your ride. Moderation is key. Slow and steady, building form there.

As a precaution check with your chosen health care professional, if you have a health condition, to make sure it is ok if start exercisinga nd ask for the best way to proceed.

Mar 8, 2:32PM EST0
How long should people rest in between workouts and why is this amount of rest important?
Mar 7, 7:55PM EST0

Rest depends on various factors like: your fitness level, your goals, phase of training, etc. 

For example if your goal is muscular size versus strength, theya re different goals. Strength goals can train more often whereas size would train less often. Example: Strength 3 times/week, Size -body part specific once/week. Your muscles actually break in both kinds of sessions, you need to allow them to rebuild and recover with nutrition and rest. General recommendations are 24-48 hours depending on the workouts.

Mar 7, 10:31PM EST0
What was one funny experience you have had that could have only happened in the military?
Mar 7, 7:28PM EST0

Scary but funny. I was in Saudi Arabia. I got turned around between the base and the housing I was staying in. I ended up downtown Dharhan. I was in uniform. The police there just pointed out the direction I needed to head. I did and ended back safe and sound on the base. I could see in the mirror they were laughing, but you know I truly did not want to get in trouble for being in the wrong place.

Mar 8, 2:38PM EST0
What rank are you most proud to have earned in the military, and why?
Mar 7, 5:12PM EST0

Sargeant (SGT) because I worked for it. It was not handed to me. I earned it through hard work. Proving myself as being a valuable member of my section in serving our customers, other service members. Every army runs on paper work and that is what I worked with. I was a minority in my section, that is I did not have a specific ethnic background. I really dod enjoy learning about others customs and cultures, I still do. Our uniqueness is what makes us special and valuable to the world. 

Mar 8, 2:42PM EST0
Should a person eat protein or carbohydrates after a workout, and why?
Mar 7, 10:29AM EST0

YES, Both are good to eat post workout. Protein to rebuild muscle and carbohydrate to refuel and replenish muscle glycogen. You do need both to perform those functions. Sources for those are a huge debate. Choose wisely.

Mar 7, 10:20PM EST0
In what ways does exercising help a person with mental stress and fatigue?
Mar 7, 6:04AM EST0

Exercise help us to flush the fight or flight hormone cortisol from our system. This intern helps to relieve stress and leave us less jittery. By building our stamina with exercise over time we will experience less fatigue.

Mar 7, 10:19PM EST0
What are some of the healthy foods that obstruct weight loss and what is the science behind this?
Mar 6, 10:25PM EST0

Eating too much of even a good food can obstruct the body composition change. Taking in way more calories than the body can use as energy.

Body chemistry can affect the way a food that is healthy is processed in one person versus another. Oxalates in a person with kidney issues this can be a problem, because they cannot process them very well. This means Spinach for example needs to be cooked very well and the water tossed (where it has a host of other vitamins and minerals), because the oxalates affect dysfunctioning kidneys. 

Last edited @ Mar 8, 2:49PM EST.
Mar 8, 2:47PM EST0
What was the best and worst 'military' food you were served, and why?
Mar 6, 5:37PM EST0

MRE's had both. Best Chicken Lo Mein tasted just like the stuff from the can. Worst Pork Patty it was a salty, hard hokey puck literally. Our youngest, loves MREs he would probably differ in opinion from me. I no longer am blessed to eat those meals because they contain allergens for me.

Mar 8, 3:14PM EST0
Why do Mormons memorialize the fall by using fig leaf aprons in the secret temple ceremonies?
Mar 6, 3:38PM EST0

We worship the living Christ, that is Jesus Christ who was crucified, then placed in the tomb and three days later was resurrected. He is the Key to Eternal Life and He lives. Now I am going to suggest you actually look at lds.org and see what it says there. For me the Temple is a sacred place. There is a lot of symbolism both in and out of the temple reading the scriptures, the KJV Holy Bible included helps me understand that. As far as specifics, I refer you any Open House at an LDS Temple (close to you), ask for the Temple President and ask him your question. I feel he would give you the most appropriate answer. I wish you luck in discovering the truth you wish to find.

Last edited @ Mar 7, 10:00PM EST.
Mar 6, 9:11PM EST0
What were the events that lead to the book of Mormon being translated into Elizabethan English?
Mar 6, 12:27PM EST0

A young boy the of 14, at the time, named Joseph Smith took in James 1: 6-8 literally after reading this passage and went to a grove of trees and prayed asking which of the current churches of the time were true. During the time period there was great religious fevor and revival, many sects vying for members.  If you go to LDS.org, Scriptures and Study, Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith History-you will have the account in Joseph's own words. If someone does not speak english as their native language, you can change from English to their native language, if available.  


I personally am in my 20th reading, of the Book of Mormon. The first time I read it through was when I was 12. I know it is true and translated correctly. It teaches correct principles. You can read and judge for yourself.

Mar 8, 3:10PM EST0
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