My name is Lynn. I am an avid fitness enthusiast, trainer, and blogger. I teach women how to live healthier, be stronger, and look and feel their best. Ask Me Anything.

Emma and Rose
Feb 12, 2018


I founded Emma and Rose, a resource for women who want to live healthier, be stronger, and look and feel their best. For tools, tips, and resources, head over to

Topics include Workout Plans, healthy recipes, Whole Food eating, CrossFit for beginners, guides for fitness fanatics, and more.

In this AMA, I'd love to hear your fitness, food, and healthy lifestyle questions. The most voted question may appear on Emma and Rose.

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What were you doing before starting Emma and Rose?

Feb 13, 10:32AM EST0 Reply

How did you choose the colour scheme for your site?

Feb 12, 8:19PM EST0 Reply

What is your favourite workout?

Feb 12, 6:34PM EST0 Reply

How much of a time commitment is it, the whole process of getting fit?

Feb 12, 11:00AM EST0 Reply

Did you design the website on your own?

Feb 12, 10:07AM EST0 Reply

Do you have any role models that you look up to?

Feb 12, 1:29AM EST0 Reply

Why the name Emma and Rose?

Feb 12, 12:13AM EST0 Reply

Have you always been into fitness and health? When did you first get into it?

Feb 11, 9:43PM EST0 Reply

What is the most popular section on your website?

Feb 11, 6:09PM EST0 Reply

What are the benefits of being fit?

Feb 11, 4:57PM EST0 Reply

What is the most challenging part of getting fit?

Feb 11, 4:33PM EST0 Reply

Are you for or against juices and smoothies?

Feb 11, 12:32PM EST0 Reply

Which do you think is better, the gym or working out outside?

Feb 10, 6:58PM EST0 Reply

Did you face any difficulties when starting your website? Hod did you cope?

Feb 10, 6:10PM EST0 Reply

What is your number one weight loss tip?

Feb 10, 4:54PM EST0 Reply

Do you have any fitness related books to recommend?

Feb 10, 2:09PM EST0 Reply

Which is more important, diet or exercise?

Feb 10, 12:22PM EST0 Reply

Do you have a smartphone fitness app?

Feb 10, 10:08AM EST0 Reply

Would you recommend using daily calorie trackers?

Feb 10, 8:51AM EST0 Reply

What is your favourite recipe on the site?

Feb 10, 7:26AM EST0 Reply

When going out wth friends to eat out at restaurants, any advice for still eating healthy?

Feb 10, 6:34AM EST0 Reply

What inspired you to start Emma and Rose?

Feb 10, 6:23AM EST0 Reply

Where are you based? What is the local fitness scene like where you are at?

Feb 10, 6:10AM EST0 Reply

What do you think about vitamin supplements, are they beneficial?

Feb 10, 4:59AM EST0 Reply
What is a typical daily diet for you like? What would you eat in a day?
Feb 10, 4:21AM EST0 Reply
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