My name is Monica Vaklinova. I suffered from anxiety and depression and I know how you can ease them. Ask Me Anything.

May 19, 2017

I first had anxiety and after that I developed depression. It all started 6 years ago. I used so many techniques - some of them worked, some not. I hope I can help you somehow with my story and my ways to deal with this conditions. So Ask Me Anything.

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MonicaVaklinova says:

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How would you rate your life with this issue and over coming the issue?

May 26, 12:55AM EDT0

Might this be genetics as well?

May 23, 8:26PM EDT0

Do you know anyone with similar issues?

May 20, 11:14AM EDT0

It's all about brain chemistry, do you agree?

May 19, 12:19PM EDT0

Yes, I found depression came, because I had a deficiency of omega 3 acids and magnezium.

May 19, 12:21PM EDT0

You mentioned that you did guided meditation in some of your other answers. What meditations worked the best for you?

May 19, 12:04PM EDT0

I was using some from Youtube. I love these which my mind is taken to a full relaxation, to a place I dream about.

May 19, 12:06PM EDT0

Were you ever addicted to drugs, and do you think this did or would have made it worse?

May 19, 8:57AM EDT1

I'm only smoking ciggaretes, never did drugs, not even weed. I don't think cigaretes are my problem, but serious drugs could be a premise. It surely affect the person and it would make things worse.

May 19, 9:33AM EDT3

Definitely, and make the life of everyone around worse too.

May 19, 12:16PM EDT0

What were your symptoms for anxiety?

May 19, 1:31AM EDT0

I had several panic attacks and after that started chest pains, insomnia, high heart rate and it was like many symptoms at once, so I went to a few doctors and they diagnosed me with anxiety.

May 19, 5:21AM EDT0
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Did you play sports as a child?

May 18, 5:53PM EDT1

Yes, I played a several sports. Then I stopped and now I'm doing exercises every day, it helps a lot.

May 18, 6:07PM EDT1
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Are you married?

May 18, 11:05AM EDT1

No, I have a serious relationship from six years and I'm living with my boyfriend, but we are not married yet. 

May 18, 3:51PM EDT1

Thanks for your answer.

May 19, 12:15PM EDT0

What is the single most useful thought you've had about this subject?

May 18, 8:24AM EDT0

The onw thing I was thinking over and over again was that I have to change, to start doing something for myself, to learn to love myself.

May 18, 9:20AM EDT0

Do you have children? If so do they also suffer from this?

May 17, 11:56PM EDT0

No, I don't have children. But my mother had it when she was in my age and my father developed it a few yesrs ago too.

May 18, 1:39AM EDT0

How did you know as a child what you were experiencing?

May 17, 11:13PM EDT0

I wasn't a child when anxiety came. I was 21 years old. I had several panic attacks and many symptomes came after that, so I went to several doctors and they gave me the diagnose. 

May 18, 1:37AM EDT1
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Do your solutions involve diet and exercise?

May 17, 9:31PM EDT0

Yes, changes in the diet and exercise helped me a lot. Food can definitely be a medicine. Movement too. I move a lot - exercises, walking, hiking, dancing, yoga.

May 18, 1:36AM EDT1
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Are you more depressed at certain times of the year?

May 17, 6:12PM EDT1

Before I had these periods in the fall. Now I don't have any sighns of depression and anxiety. 

May 18, 1:31AM EDT1
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What was the hardest day ever during your bad period?

May 17, 4:41PM EDT0

Hmm there were many bad days, but maybe when I had the depression, because I was slowly losing my mind, I had suicidal thoughts and that was the scariest thing.

May 18, 1:30AM EDT1
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How did you know you had anxiety? Some children can just be  little worriers. When  did it cross over that line for you?

May 17, 3:24PM EDT0

I had several panic attacks and after them chest pains started and I went to several doctors and they diagnosed me with anxiety.

May 17, 3:29PM EDT0

What do you think is the main cause of these problems?

May 17, 2:41PM EDT0

My fear of losing people and the fear of change. I got so overwhelmed at certain point, so I had to make a big change.

May 17, 2:53PM EDT1
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Have others in your family suffered from depression or anxiety?

May 17, 1:51PM EDT1

Yes, my mother had too, when she was in my years and my father developed it a few years ago.

May 17, 2:17PM EDT2
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Do you take medicine for your anxiety and depression? If so what kind

May 17, 12:47PM EDT0

No hard medicine for a long time. Only magnezium and omega 3 acids, which I take from time to time. 

May 17, 1:15PM EDT0

Do you feel that anxiety and depression are two symptoms of the same illness?

May 17, 12:33PM EDT0

Yes, although I know people who have only the one condition. I have deficiency of magnezium and omega 3 acids. This deficiensy is a purpose for both conditions. 

May 17, 1:14PM EDT0
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