My passion is coaching BUSY MOMS! Together we discover how to overcome life's constant challenges, reach new goals and feel badass in their bodies! Ask me anything!

Christy Van Vliet
Mar 11, 2018

As a fitness and nutrition coach, I help busy moms transform their energy levels, manage the overwhelm of mom life and feel sexy and confident in their bodies again! I'm a certified nutrition coach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor and my passion is working along side of moms to help them rediscover who they are and how to live an extraordinary life. I also host the Busy Moms Tribe, an amazing  community of women who share struggles and successes while journeying through life as a woman and mom.

I'm a mom of 3 boys, an avid runner (I'm completing my first 50km ultra marathon this year) and am passionate about helping others to feel great and reach their goals! When I'm not busy coaching one on one, I also teach fun and fresh group fitness classes for women and coach runners (both live and online) from the couch up to half marathon distances! 

My name is Christy and I am the owner of i AM fitness. You can join me on instagram (@iamfitnessyeg), facebook, or my blog for some inspiration on how to live YOUR best life! 

Ask me anything!

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How quickly do you jump to conclusions about people and how does this affect your work as a fitness coach?
Mar 18, 6:57AM EDT0
What silly or funny thing makes you afraid or creeps you out?
Mar 18, 6:52AM EDT0
What is the worst and best thing about being female?
Mar 18, 2:26AM EDT0
What is something you think you will regret in the future not starting now and what is something you already regret not starting sooner?
Mar 18, 2:25AM EDT0
What does a usual/regular/typical day of eating include for you?
Mar 14, 9:36AM EDT0

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with fruit, chia seeds and some granola 

snack: fruit 

lunch: soup, or salad, or leftovers or a super shake or maybe two of these if I worked out hard

snack: veggies or crackers or a shake if I didn’t have one already or need more veggies

supper: 80% of the Time it’s chicken, with some carbs (rice potatoes pasta) and veggies or a salad

Mar 14, 2:51PM EDT0
Do you change your fitness coaching routine from time to time? What's your personal favorite exercise?
Mar 13, 3:20PM EDT0

I CONSTANTLY come up with new workout plans, I rarely do the same class twice and I love trying new things and taking classes from others so I can get new ideas. Favorite exercise? hmmm... I always love dealing out burpees <3  

Mar 13, 3:22PM EDT0

What is your biggest struggle as a coach? Finding clients, finding time, creating content, etc.? Thanks! 

Mar 13, 2:47PM EDT0

Definitely one of my biggest challenges personallt is finding time for my own workouts!! Also as a business owner its hard to ever actually shut off my brain with all of the to-do items, so sometimes its hard to find time just to relax as well! Definitely time management is my biggest struggle!

Mar 13, 3:24PM EDT0

What are some of the misconceptions women have about exercising and getting in shape?

Mar 13, 2:07AM EDT0

Common misconception off the top is that by lifting weights and strength training that you’ll get bulky. That’s not gonna happen by accident 😂. Also that we should restrict our diet to 1200 calories (this is really just super unsafe) to lose weight.  Also any time anyone says a women can’t do something ;) that’s a total lie too!!

Mar 13, 8:57AM EDT0
How do you incorporate balance into your own life?
Mar 12, 2:27PM EDT0

Its an ongoing process for sure, which requires constant tweaking and adjusting. I find that its necessary to continually adjust as you go along, in each season, in order to keep what people consider "balance". I find the best approach is to be listening to your body and your needs, and if you're really busy to actually schedule time for the things that you need in order to keep your sanity. Like, IN YOUR CALENDAR as an appointment  that you will be keeping. I try to set aside at least half an hour every single day to do something that gives me energy - whether thats spending some quiet time, going for a run or workout, or chilling and watching netflix or reading a book. I actually just posted a great video on my instagram ( about how to find more time in your day ... its a quick tip, but oh so good!

Mar 12, 2:52PM EDT0
What are your quick picks for the following meal: Breakfast, Pre-workout, Post-workout, Dinner, Snacks?
Mar 12, 9:11AM EDT0

Breakfast: Eggs with spinach and toast

snack: fruit maybe a protein bar if I’m on the run, maybe veggies and hummus or a shake

I don’t do special Pre or post workout food generally, I just eat my next meal ;) 

dinner: chicken, roasted veggies or salad, home made sweet potato fries or rice 

Mar 12, 9:18AM EDT0
Why do most females stop caring about their bodies and their physical appearance after a certain age? How can they stay confident and interested in maintaining their self?
Mar 12, 5:16AM EDT0

I’m not sure most women stop caring about their bodies, but I think as we get older we realize it’s not all about the physical and gain confidence in our bodies even if they aren’t the way we would like to look. Hormones can really wreak havoc on pre menopausal and menopausal women for sure, which often affects the body’s ability to lose weight. So with a lot of factors making it more challenging at that stage, I think many women shift their focus to feeling as good as possible rather than living up to societies standards for what women should look like. Frankly attempting to meet these standards is extremely tiresome at best and impossible at worst for many women whose genetics just aren’t compatible with being super thin. I think women actually just wise up as we age and realize that true beauty has nothing to do with our body. And as long as our body continues to allow us to do the things we want, ideally with ease, and keeps us feeling vibrant then if it’s not in supermodel shape, that really is okay. 

Mar 12, 8:57AM EDT0
What’s your personal diet like? How do you feel less deprived when trying to lessen down your intake?
Mar 11, 9:33PM EDT0

Everything in moderation, and since I'm in maintenance mode I don't need to be nearly as strict with my intake. I am VERY active and can really eat a LOT of food. I would say I am about 80/20 with eating really well, meaning 80% of the time I eat whole foods that are minimally processed. 20% of the time I enjoy the foods and drinks I want to enjoy.  I definitely had to be more careful and consume less when I was in weight loss mode, but I've been in maintenance mode for the last 6 years and am definitely not as strict. I do need to watch my diet more closely when training up to big events, as I know I am stronger and feel better when I don't eat crappy food or drink alcohol, but I'm just not willing to live like that all of the time. It is way too hard to be strict and never have those things. Listening to your body is the key to figuring out how much you should consume, eating slowly will help you better be able to read your body's cues. I dont believe in super restrictive diets, because they are not fun and most people don't last very long on them.Much better approach is a more moderate approach that can be maintained for the long term.

Mar 11, 10:15PM EDT0
Are the any exercises you can recommend to moms who would like to work out with their kids?
Mar 11, 4:03PM EDT0

Absolutely! There are a tonne of bodyweight only exercises that are great and can be done with your kids or with your kids around! Squats, lunges, burpees, jumping jacks, push-ups, and so on! You don’t need fancy equipment to get a good workout in!! Also you can totally look for classes that allow kids to attend (I offer 4 classes a week that kids are welcome to come along to), which also is a great way to find community as well!! :) 

Mar 11, 4:15PM EDT0
What are some of the best time management tips you can share with busy moms?
Mar 11, 1:17PM EDT0

Make time for the things that are truly important. Scheduling gym dates, coffee dates, meal planning etc into your schedule is as important as scheduling in the kids hockey practises and regular doctor checkups ;)  be intentional about how you spend your time, if you don’t “have time” to do the things that are important, figure out what you’re going to give up spending time on. There is always a trade off. Let go of the things you don’t have to do, aren’t serving you, are not helping you reach your goals! Then you’ll have more time to do the things you need to do! 💪🏼

Mar 11, 1:53PM EDT0
Aside from your career, running, nutrition, and health, what other things do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Mar 11, 1:16PM EDT0

Today I’m out on the slopes snowboarding and I also love playing volleyball, having coffee or drinks with friends, and watching Netflix ❤️

Mar 11, 1:49PM EDT0
How does a mom feel less guilty about being busy all the time?
Mar 11, 12:54PM EDT0

Prioritizing and realizing you can’t  do and be everything is key to avoiding guilt and keeping your sanity! In my household the kids are limited in activities, and we strive for balance rather than a life that revolves every minute around the kids desires. Parents are important and so are their needs. Give yourself grace and do your best - that’s all anyone can do!

Mar 11, 1:48PM EDT0
What are your thoughts about liposuction and other forms of surgery to get rid of excess fat?
Mar 11, 3:38AM EDT0

I think that sometimes maybe surgery is seen as the only option but I don’t think that’s true for everyone. I am hesitant to say I stand behind it, because a lot of times the habits needed to maintain the loss are not in place when many people chose these options. It’s not a decision to take lightly. I personally have a lot of excess stomach skin from having 3 very large babies via c section, and would require a tummy tuck to get rid of it. I still think it’s probably not for me (maybe because I would rather spend that money on travel haha!). It’s a very individual decision, I don’t judge others if it’s the right call for them, but would suggest they get their healthy habits in place first so they can maintain their new body and feel great. Also, counselling may also be a good idea to support the process, whether one goes through with it or not :) it 100% is NOT the easy way out that it may appear at first. 

Mar 11, 12:10PM EDT0
Did you do any schooling to become a fitness and nutrition coach? What was the passion behind that career choice?
Mar 10, 5:02PM EST0

After making my own journey through weightloss and into fitness, I became inspired to share my journey and empower others to start a journey of their own. I'm naturally a "teacher" type personality, and so it was an obvious choice! I got certified as a personal training specialist through Canfitpro a few years ago, and got certified as a nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition a year ago! Best decisions I ever made, because I get to share my passion for living life and kicking ass with others!

Mar 10, 5:07PM EST0
If one wants to lose some weight, what can you suggest about meal sizes? Should one have three big meals a day or several smaller meals?
Mar 10, 4:30PM EST0

I dont think there is one answer that fits all to this question! I think the number of meals and size of the meals are individual to what works for each person, and as far as portions I have shared some portion size recommendations on my instagram (@iamfitnessyeg) recently that you might find helpful as a guideline for putting together your meals! 

Mar 10, 5:10PM EST0
After pregnancy many women tend to carry that excess fat in their mid tummy section. What is the best way to get rid of that extra, unwanted fat?
Mar 10, 4:04PM EST0

This definitely takes time, along with good nutrition and exercise. Eating a diet full of whole non-processed foods, lots of vegetables and drinking lots of water is the key, as well as keeping active to supplement your fat loss. Unfortunately you can't target the area with exercise (crunches do NOT work), but you can increase the amount of fat burn by adding full body strength training to increase your rate of fat loss. Honestly with stomach fat it is often mostly diet related, sometimes even made worse by food intolerances we aren't aware of. If you need some help to get the results you're not seeing, I recommend hiring a coach like myself who can help you uncover the right eating strategies for you!

Mar 10, 5:15PM EST0
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