My startup wants to revolutionize healthcare by giving patients autonomy over their data to control who buys it and be the main beneficiary of its revenue, AMA!

Austin Jones
Jul 11, 2018

Data is the worlds most valuable resource on the international market. Information is extremely valuable. Medical data is of no exception, and big business is already selling your medical data. The current state of the medical data market is full of lucrative practices, inefficient data gathering means, and black market activity. Brokers don’t care who's buying and sensitive medical record information isn’t treated with the respect of a patients privacy. Patients are run through the mill with medical expenses and health problems to produce data which generates revenue they never see. The least big business could do is give patients some of that revenue, but they don’t. Which is why I founded a company to give patients the control of their data and develop a more efficient means of information exchange within healthcare. What my company, Unity Health Score does is allows patients to house their data with us, we then analyze it to generate a health-score which provides a lot of services for patients like insurance premium cost negotiation. While housing the data we offer a marketplace for research to request specific data with patient access for more interactive studies. Patients have total control over who buys their data being the decider in every transaction, while also being the main beneficiary of their data’s sales. Their doctors and insurance company’s get a small cut of the revenue for help in producing the data, Unity Health Score uses this relationship to levy insurance companies for premium reductions with the health-score. You sell your medical data, you own your health, and you finally get some negotiating space in your care costs.

This is a contribution by Austin Jones, Founder, and CEO of Unity Health Score.

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How do you expect your startup will push the healthcare industry to evolve?
Jul 18, 4:56PM EDT0
Do you believe healthcare is a right or a privilege and what are the reasons for your choice?
Jul 18, 4:53PM EDT0
How much money are making data brokers with people's medical data in the United States?
Jul 18, 4:39PM EDT0
Is there another company or startup working in the same field as yours? If so, how are you different from them?
Jul 18, 2:17PM EDT1

There's quite a few. Some of them work with cryptocurrency and pay patients in their ledger for data. Some don't pay patients for the data at all and just help patients organize it for care plans. I'd say were different because were truly treating data as an asset people control while doing away with medical underwriting through our transparent health-score. 

Jul 18, 2:41PM EDT0

And not to mention we build relationships with our grass roots data harvesting process, incentivizing patients, doctors, insurance, and research to work together more personally. 

Jul 18, 2:42PM EDT0

What would happen to your data after you die? Could your family still receive payment if it was being used?

Jul 18, 8:39AM EDT1

Yeah there's actually a section on our website addressing this. We treat people's data as n asset. They can put it in their will to have it go to a beneficiary or have it's proceeds donated to a charity. So whoever it's given to Will still receive payment every time the data is sold. 

Jul 18, 11:41AM EDT1
Where are you launching your platform and what are your plans of expansion afterwards?
Jul 17, 5:55PM EDT1

We're launching our platform on the Google play and iTunes stores. You'll be able to download our prototype on August 15th! After we launch our only goal is avidly seek more users. 

Jul 17, 6:56PM EDT0
Do you think everyone will want to take active control of their own health care? Why or why not?
Jul 17, 3:14PM EDT2

I do. I think most people, especially those with health issues will actively seek out ways to be more involved with their health to recover. They just have to have the right tools at their disposal. Many doctors have scrutinized me for my startup and suggest patients aren't capable of owning their health, we aim to prove them wrong. 

Jul 17, 6:55PM EDT0
Could you tell more about the first-hand experience in the healthcare industry that led you to create your company?
Jul 17, 9:18AM EDT1

I'm the main caregiver for my grandmother with dementia. Taking her to doctors appointments and handling her follow ups and health plans has really shown me the disconnect in healthcare, where information sharing goes wrong, and how to solve it. 

Jul 17, 6:53PM EDT0
How will you ensure your clients that the data they house with you will never be sold?
Jul 17, 5:31AM EDT1

It will be sold, but only with their consent. We won't sell their data without our users consent. They will always be the main beneficiary of its sales as well. 

Jul 17, 6:52PM EDT0
How is technology redefining the healthcare industry in your opinion?
Jul 17, 5:20AM EDT1

I don't think redefining even does it justice, technology is literally evolving healthcare. We're seeing an industry that once full of anomalies is now able to easily identify mysterious diseases with ease from the age of information. We're seeing technology help medicine develop faster than ever before. We're seeing new technologies provide surgery once never thought possible. So in my opinion, technology is not o my redefining healthcare. It's evolving healthcare into a whole new world. 

Jul 17, 6:51PM EDT0
How did you gather your team of experts? Did you hold interviews? How exactly did you come to meet them and knew they were the right fit for your vision?
Jul 17, 5:15AM EDT1

I got them all on the team through networking. Reading and writing on LinkedIn, Twitter, reddit and Facebook. I would find them talking about healthcare or be inspired by things they were saying. I reached out and now here they are. 

Jul 17, 6:44PM EDT0
What is the vision and mission of Unity Health Score?
Jul 16, 8:30PM EDT1

Our vision and goals are to achieve a user rate of atleast 85% of the U.S population. Scale our payout for patients up to 85%. Create a more cost friendly space for patients in healthcare. Give patients more of a platform to raise their voice in healthcare, and bring universal healthcare to the U.S. 

Jul 16, 9:23PM EDT0
Can you explain how your model allows more transparency for data gathering?
Jul 16, 7:47PM EDT1

The current model obtains data through anonymized patients records. Patients have no idea their data is being sold. They have no incentives to produce consistent data. 

Our model allows the data customer to directly engage with the data seller, this allows research to be interactive. It gives patients incentives to get regular health screenings for consistent data. And overall is more transparent because underwriters and data brokers aren't the main ones handling the data with our model. 

Jul 16, 9:21PM EDT0
What are the information that should never be sold online?
Jul 15, 5:23PM EDT1

I don't think it's so much as any information that should never be sold, as to what information should never be used for. 

Insurance company's shouldn't adjust risk based off a person's family members obituarys. Medical records shouldn't be on the black market. So to speak. The information in itself is harmless, it's how it's used. 

Jul 15, 5:55PM EDT0
Can selling healthcare information be damaging to a person when misused by insurance companies?
Jul 15, 5:54AM EDT1

It can and already is. However the issue is in that the system lacks transparency. Patients have no say in whose buying their data or how it affects them, we change that. 

Jul 15, 1:52PM EDT0
Can you explain what the user experience would be like once you move past the seed investment phase?
Jul 14, 4:46PM EDT1

Yeah so our patient users will have access to multiple features like a data hub that lets them either elect to sell their data by individual notification granting access or autopilot. A comprehensive health plan that puts their doctors orders in front of them. A care finder to find new groundbreaking treatments around the globe, free clinical trials, and local specialists with a ranking review o0tion. With our health journal they can link up health trackers and view the data on that also keep up with their mental health. Check out our prototype to see it all on August 15th when it launches on the Google Play and iTunes app stores. 

Jul 14, 5:55PM EDT0
How do you make money off of your startup? Where does the revenue come from?
Jul 14, 5:56AM EDT1

We're a data brokerage so we take a percentage of the revenue from all the data we sell for organizing, packaging and securing sales on it through our platform. 

Jul 14, 1:13PM EDT0
Have you considered that some companies may misuse the data on Unity health score in a way that actually hurts patients?
Jul 13, 7:56PM EDT1

Yes we have because this happens a lot in the medical data market but we firmly believe with our transparent means of data sharing the stakeholders being patients can themselves discern between whose buying their data and doing what with it. 

Jul 13, 8:30PM EDT0
Can you give an example to the type of data that will be exchanged using your startup?
Jul 13, 5:43PM EDT1

Mostly health metrics like cholesterol, blood pressure, bod fat percentage, ejection fraction. Medical history. Genetics. Will also be heavily analyzing demographic data. People's journal entries like their daily mood. Virtually anything that can be related to health. 

Jul 13, 8:29PM EDT0
What are the security measures you have in place to protect your users data?
Jul 13, 1:04PM EDT1

We will be using blockchain to organize and store all of our records with a combined effort of HIPAA compatible encryption central storage. 

Jul 13, 1:08PM EDT0
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