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KaeLene Scow
Jan 8, 2018

I help empower people to overcome their fears and learn self acceptance and happines within. Health is connected to all areas of your life; exercise, learning, career, romance, speed of life, cooking, community, spirituality, food, home, finances, and friendship.  By balancing all areas of your life, you will find that you are truly happy. You will also find your underlying fears that stop you from progressing to be the person you envision yourself being. 

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Meditations seems like a good way to focus. But why is it so hard to clear your mind? Do you have any tips for doing it?
Jul 16, 2:06PM EDT0
This might be a broad question but if you had to give a recepie for happiness it life, what would it be?
Jul 13, 10:06PM EDT0

Balance. Balance is key. Happiness can not be achieved unless all areas of life are balanced. 

This does not mean every area in life has to be perfect, it means every area is harmonizing together. It is like spikes on a wheel. If one spoke is missing, the tire runs not in a circle, but it becomes warped. When all the spikes are working, the tire stays round and runs smoothly. 

When the wheel is running in a circle, we feel peace and that is true happiness. 

Thank you for asking. 

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Jul 16, 12:11PM EDT0
How can someone move on from past regrets and not be hindered by them?
Jul 13, 7:56PM EDT0

If someone is having past regret, it means they have not forgiven. 

Not forgiving is what holds us back from not living up to our true potential. 

True forgiveness breaks us from chains of regret. When a person can truly forgive self and others, there are no regrets, just learning experience. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 16, 12:07PM EDT0
How can someone learn to trust their instincts when it comes to dealing with people and relationships in general?
Jul 12, 7:19PM EDT0

That is a good question. There are steps I teach when coaching that help people to be able to do this. 

One thing you can start working on is to listen to what your body needs. Meditation and quiet time is beneficial to be able to do this. It needs to be consistent. 

If you would like to know more you can contact me on my email kln.samadhi49@gmail.com 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 16, 12:04PM EDT0
How does one live in the present without thinking of the future too much or being held back by the past?
Jul 12, 5:19AM EDT0

Living in the present means not thinking of the future or past. If one is thinking of future or past - that person is not present. 

Having said that, it is good to set goals for the future. The difference is being able to set goals and still live in the present to get there. 

If one is held back by the past, that person is not living in the present. Being held back by the past means there are wellness issues that need to be addressed so that person can move forward. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 16, 12:01PM EDT0

Do you see people having certain fears as being somewhat connected to victim mentality?

Jul 11, 10:49AM EDT0

Yes. Many clients do have this mentality. However, I also meet with clients who don’t and don’t know why they have a certain fear. Some people have deep rooted fears and don’t know where they come from. In coaching, I help them discover where the fear came from so they can move forward. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 16, 11:58AM EDT0

Walking in the present sounds easy, do you help with execution?

Jul 10, 8:59PM EDT0

I do help with execution. It sounds easy but it’s amazing how many people struggle with this. Anyone who has anxiety, stress, or fears is not being present. It takes conscious effort to learn how. 

I teach clients tools on how to do this and stay in this state. If you would like to know more, contact me at me email. kln.samadhi49@gmail.com

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 16, 11:56AM EDT0
Why do some fears take longer time to overcome than others?
Jul 10, 7:26PM EDT0

That’s a good question with a complicated answer. 

Most often it can be one or two things. First off mindset. Fears are created in your minds so changing our mindset toward fear can be a big help. 

Secondly, some fears can be deep rooted, meaning they develop at a young age. Anything that happens before the age of three can have a big impact on how we think about life. Before this age, children are not equipped with the mental capacity to filter what’s real and what’s not. Whatever happens at these ages may warp the way children view life so past events become fears that are deep rooted. 

Mid we experience trauma at an older age, we can become fearful but we can overcome it with the right mindset and tools. Deep seated fears may need to be overcome with a professional. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 16, 11:53AM EDT0
Based on your expertise, when does one reach happiness and peace of mind?
Jul 10, 3:34PM EDT0

Anyone can ‘reach it.’ This journey of life should be one of happiness. If you don’t feel happy inside, it’s because something in your world is not balanced. All areas of life need to be balanced; this includes health, mindset, spirituality, career, and others. 

You can also have peace of mind going through this journey. If you don’t feel peace of mind - that too goes back to balance. 

Happiness and peace of mind are something we need to take steps to achieve daily. Because life will throw curve balls at us, we need to spend time working on balance. 

When you can go through these obsticles or daily curve balls and feel peace and love in your heart, and stress does not affect that - you know you have achieved it. 

Thank you for asking!

Jul 14, 5:43PM EDT0
How would you help someone who never feels any contentment in their life despite having success?
Jul 10, 5:16AM EDT0

There can be several reasons for not feeling content. 

A big reason is not living in the present. Another reason is that ones life is not balanced. You can have success but other areas of life are not focused on. For instance, you can have financial success, there may not be any focus on family or a spouse. 

We live in a very selfish based society so not serving others may not be a focus. Gratitude is a huge part of not feeling satisfied. Also holding on to judgment or not forgiving others or ones self may be the issue. 

Min order to be truly balanced; we have to take care of the mind, body, and spirit. If one of those is missing - we can’t feel satisfied or balanced. 

You may want to evaluate what area is not getting love and start working in other areas. 

Most people think having financial or business success is the most important thing. Actually relationship success is more important. 

One more thing I would add for you to think about is - is how you are living congruent to your core beliefs? If it’s not - start there. 

* Tip: start a gratitude journal every day. Also try and serve one person every day. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 10, 8:31AM EDT0
What would be your advice to someone who fears leaving a toxic relationship for fear of being alone or not finding another person again?
Jul 10, 4:24AM EDT0

Good question.  

Let me ask you a question? Does living with a toxic person make you feel happy and peaceful? Is it better than being alone?

Living with a toxic person is detrimental to your health. Your body physically stops producing antibioties that keep you healthy. Stress is the number one cause of illness. 

Fear is not real so fear of being alone is what your mind thinks of because you are thinking in the future. When you stop doing that and think in the present - life becomes amazing and enjoyable. 

Also, ask yourself if you are truly alone. Being alone is a choice. We all have family, friends or co workers who support us. 

If you don’t, that’s a choice of not wanting to let people in. 

So I would say the real question is - what is it that’s keeping you in the relationship?

Jul 10, 8:21AM EDT0
Do you think that being an introvert is something that needs to be treated and managed? Why?
Jul 9, 11:14AM EDT0

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. Introverts tend to be more focused and better at tedious jobs. Studies show that people working in group projects do better with a variety of personality traits. 

Also introverts are very good with one on one conversations  

Having said that, if being an introvert causes anxiety or fear when speaking with people, or being in front of people, having a coach can being very beneficial in helping that person to overcome the fear or anxiety. 

Thank you for asking!

Jul 9, 11:21AM EDT0
What are the steps that one can take towards creating real change in their life? What makes a one time brave action into a habit and a lifestyle?
Jul 8, 6:03PM EDT0

There are steps to every change you make. I specialize steps for clients based on what they want help with. It’s hard to say in general because it depends on what they want specifically. 

As far as making change a habit - it takes 21 days to make a habit. Even after 21 days it is important to have a support system, whether it be a coach, or a loved one who can keep the person motivated. 

Its also important to address obsticles that may come up. There needs to be a plan in place for options when running into obsticles. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 9, 11:09AM EDT0
What would you tell to someone to create or attempt to change about their lives if the fear wasn’t an issue?
Jul 8, 4:26AM EDT0

If fear wasn’t an issue, we would all be living out our bucket list. 

My personal theory is to try anything once - you never know if you will like it unless you try. 

I would have a client make a list of everything they have always wanted to try and then go for it!

i personally have a list and when I try something from that list, I mark it off. Life is short. It’s important to try new things and have fun in the process. 

Thanks for asking!

Jul 9, 11:04AM EDT0
How does your work affect the emotional body?
Jul 8, 1:37AM EDT0

It can yes. Even coaches use coaches to decompress. 

I have learned how to clear energies and block them from coming in when I need to do it doesn’t affect me as much. 

Coaching can also raise my emotional level so it can be very gratifying. 

Woking in a Health environment is mostly a positive emotional work place. 

Good question. 

Thank you for asking!

Jul 8, 6:47PM EDT0
How can introverts overcome the fear of interacting with people and talking to them?
Jul 8, 12:05AM EDT0

I would respond to this depending on the severity of the fear of people. This cannot be fixed overnight but there are many modalities to help. 

Having a coach is very beneficial for the purpose of support and encouragement.  

For someone who is just an introvert and does not have panic attacks or fears, I would say start with one person you don’t know - get out of your comfort zone and talk with the checker in a grocery line or a Dr office desk attendant. 

Once that gets more comfortable add more people. Do a social setting where it is not the introvert in front of a crowd. Also meet in a low key environment instead of somewhere more formal. 

Talking to people who are working is a safer place because they are required to have good customer service. This way you know they have to be nice 😊

Thank you for asking!

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Jul 8, 6:42PM EDT0
What small step could one take towards their goal of a career change that also feels safe?
Jul 7, 6:30PM EDT0

I would respond to that depending on the situation - is it fear or uncertainty, or the change that is holding one back. 

Depending on what the reason is, I would suggest different things. 

Overall, in making a career change, there may not be a small step, there may just be a - go for it and jump in. Have a coach help you with support of the change. 

Meditation is a good first step. Meditation helps ground and release anxiety. It also helps in putting a person in the present so he/she is not thinking and worrying about past or future. This takes constant practice. 

*Tip: walk barefoot in the grass every day. This is more helpful than it sounds. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 8, 6:21PM EDT0
Do you have clients whom you feel are beyond help? How do you deal with them in these situations?
Jul 7, 12:57PM EDT0

I have not had any clients who are beyond help. If a client is not willing to make the effort I put in - I don’t take them as a client. 

Min talking to some clients, I may refer them to a Dr to run some tests or a therapist if needed. 

Anyine willing to make a change or really want help benefits from coaching. It may not ‘fix’ some things but it definitely improves their quality of life. 

Thanks for asking!

Jul 8, 6:16PM EDT0
What kind of problems do you feel unequipped to deal with?
Jul 7, 4:10AM EDT0

That is a good question. I have been counseling or coaching for the majority of my life. There is not anything I don’t feel equipped to handle. I have several degrees in different areas so I have worked with a wide variety of problems. 

There are people who are not ready for help when they say they are. If a person won’t put in effort, they can’t be coached. When they are willing to recognize what’s wrong and want to change - anything can become ‘fixed’ to the best it can. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 8, 6:13PM EDT0
Do you think that constantly being ambitious is a recepie for never finding peace of mind and satisfaction?
Jul 7, 2:41AM EDT0

I don’t think that. Being ambitious is a good thing. Owner and CEOs’ of companies have to have ambition to get to where they are. Olympic athletes would not get there with our dedication and ambition. 

Having said that, if that becomes your total focus and all the other areas of your life fall apart, you will never find happiness. 

You can be ambitious and also make time daily for self care, family, and wellness. The successful people who know this are the ones who really thrive and love life in the process. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jul 8, 6:10PM EDT0
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