Overcome Your Fears by Learning To Know Yourself - ask me anything.

KaeLene Scow
Jan 8, 2018

I help empower people to overcome their fears and learn self acceptance and happines within. Health is connected to all areas of your life; exercise, learning, career, romance, speed of life, cooking, community, spirituality, food, home, finances, and friendship.  By balancing all areas of your life, you will find that you are truly happy. You will also find your underlying fears that stop you from progressing to be the person you envision yourself being. 

KaeLene Scow says:

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Is traditional exercises, such as runnung, helpful?

Feb 20, 6:19PM EST0 Reply

What would you say to someone who struggles with meditation as well?

Feb 20, 4:51PM EST0 Reply

What advice would you give to someone suffering from anxiety?

Feb 20, 4:03PM EST0 Reply

Can breathing exercises alone help?

Feb 20, 11:11AM EST0 Reply

How would you know you already have balance in your life? Just to make sure you won’t put too much pressure on yourself?

Feb 18, 12:05AM EST0 Reply

That’s a good question with an easy answer.  Energy doesn’t lie.  You will feel if you are balanced.  When you are out of balance - you also know. 

Balance is more a feeling of peace within.  We can have stressful situations around us, or obstacles that we go through every day, but when we are truly balanced, things around us don’t change peace and happiness within.  

When we are balanced, we can face stressful situations and we can approach them calmly and not let them upset our peace.  

Balance is not something we just get and have always, it is a daily thing we work on by grounding and coming back to a center when we feel ‘off.’  

When we feel peace and can approach life from a feeling of peace and love - leaving judgment aside, we have balance.  

I hope this answered your question.  

Thanks for asking!

Feb 19, 8:31AM EST0 Reply

You mentioned about feng shui application - any basic tips for love and life this Year of the Earth Dog?

Feb 17, 10:15PM EST0 Reply

Yes! In Chinese culture, whatever year it is is very important, especially if that is your year.  

This year of the dog is earth.  Earth energy is grounding so this year is a good time to work on roots - meaning, to feel grounded.  It’s very important to stay in the present and learn grounding techniques such as meditation, staying present (instead of thinking of future or past.). 

Many of the reasons we feel unfulfilled or unhappy is that we are constantly seeking for something better or reminding ourselves of the past.  

You have probably heard ‘plant seeds wherever you are’ or ‘bloom where you are planted.’  This year is a great time to think of that. 

Also, traits of dogs are very loyal, calming, friendly, soothing, and satisfied.  We can spend more time listening, learning and loving.  Dogs are also nurturing and home life is very important.  

We all have these traits in us and now is a great time to focus on those traits!

Thanks for asking. 

Feb 19, 8:22AM EST0 Reply

What you are doing sounds very worthwhile. Do you do it for a living?

Feb 17, 3:30PM EST0 Reply

I do! It is very worthwhile and satisfying.  We have entered a time of wellness. People are seeking to find a place of peace and comfort.  Most people do not feel satisfied or happy and they don’t know why.  

I love helping people find things and more importantly, themselves.  

We get caught up in ‘doing’ things, but we don’t spend near enough time finding who we are and what we really want to be doing.  

When I can help someone find who they really are - it changes everything for them. 

Thank you for asking!

Feb 19, 8:13AM EST0 Reply

What are some of the worst things one can have in his home that causes negative energy?

Feb 17, 7:18AM EST0 Reply

I am a Feng Shui consultant so let’s start there - look around your space and you will feel places that bother you - clutter, unfinished projects, pictures that just don’t inspire you, etc. 

All these things also lead to feelings of low energy. Get rid of anything that does not suit you. Every experience we go through changes who we are so we are never the same person. We need to re arrange or move things around every few months to enliven who we are. 

As far as having bad things in the home - negativity, negative thoughts, depression, not feeling grateful.  These are all things we can change, and yet, they don’t add to a feeling of well being.  

To make our homes feel peace and balance we need to always be aware of what we are feeling inside us and around us.  

Playing classical music, live plants, feeling gratitude will raise energy and wellness.  

Thanks for asking.  

Feb 19, 8:08AM EST0 Reply

What are your thoughts about yoga? Do you think this can also help in giving balance to people?

Feb 16, 5:35PM EST0 Reply

I am a yoga instructor from Bryan Kest yoga. Look him up! 

In my opinion yoga is by far the best exercise! Yoga literally ‘to yoke’ or harness.  It means to come to a center of Balance.  Yoga is meditation in motion.  It strengthens your core muscles and lengthens your spine.  It also releases stress out of your body so your body feels restored.  

Balancing poses just help you learn to focus your energy and mind so it truly is balance. 

Yoga originated from the yogis who would go up on the mountains to meditate.  Because they would go for hours, they could not sit that long - so yoga was created.  

I would recommend when you try it to not look at what everyone else is doing.  Being perfect in poses does not matter.  The focus is all about feeling where your body needs to be - not what anyone else is doing. 

Thank you for asking.  

Feb 16, 7:03PM EST0 Reply

Numerous people are afraid of failing. How does one overcome that?

Feb 16, 10:36AM EST0 Reply

I would say the majority of people are afraid of failing. Failing stems back to our feeling of not being good enough. We have experiences through life that cause us to question our ability. It is a self defeating behavior that becomes habit of thought. We have self talk all day long.  

The good news is that we can re-program self talk to start giving ourselves positive affirmations and letting go of the past. There is a huge relationship between forgiveness and not feeling good enough. It is a process of working through forgiveness of others and self. When we truly forgive, we can move forward with hope and confidence. It’s a habitual choice. 

Getting to know with ourselves and sit with what we are feeling - not judging the feeling helps to find ‘us.’  Meditation is a great way to start moving forward. Learning to sit with the feeling without judgement will open your heart to all kinds of possibilities because we actually connect with our true and higher self. 

I have more information on this and you are welcome to go to my website and leave me a message. 


Thank you. 

Feb 16, 1:50PM EST0 Reply

How do you help people overcome the fear of death?

Feb 16, 2:15AM EST0 Reply

Hinagy, that is a good question. Actually people are afraid of death, they are afraid of how they are going to die. Fear comes from the unknown. Fear is a product of thinking in the future - when we can learn to think present, be in the present, not future or past, the fear is gone. 

Its not just a decision to make one day and then everything is better.  It is a change of mindset and constant practice over time to change the habit of future thinking. I do have programs and modalities that I use such as emotional release therapy that helps with fear. It also helps release the emotion so that rationality and peace replace fearful thinking. 

To start, I would suggest to put a note on your mirror to remind you to be present. In big letters write ‘I Am’ and then fill in the blanks with positive things about yourself.  Find an anchor so when you start thinking future - it reminds you to come back to the present. I like to either put my hands over my heart or do tapping. Tap with your fingers just under your collar bones. It brings you back to a center. 

I hope this was helpful. 

Thank you for asking. 

Feb 16, 1:39PM EST0 Reply

What if someone's going through a heartbreak and can't help but feel sad? How does he or she keep his balance?

Feb 14, 9:13AM EST0 Reply

Diazga, being sad does not mean your balance is off. We need to feel all emotions to feel true happiness. Happiness does not come from circumstance but is inside us. We need to be ok with feeling emotion. If you had heartbreak and was not sad I would do some therapy on you 😊.  

When you are going through something hard - sit with the emotion, journal it, and try to understand it. Being sad is different than being depressed. 

One thing I have clients practice is putting their hands over their heart, close their eyes and say I am loved, I feel love, I am love. 

When we can understand that we are love - we can be ok sitting with other emotions when they come up. 

Feb 14, 11:58AM EST0 Reply

What are some of the worst habits one must avoid to keep their balance?

Feb 14, 6:39AM EST0 Reply

Vukica, there are many bad habits people have that will cause imbalance. There are obvious ones like addiction, abuse, or being self centered.  Other habits that I like to call ‘self defeating behaviors’ such as low self esteem, fear of change, being set in ways and not willing to learn a new way.  Not being grateful or always wanting more are things most people don’t think about. Any negative states we have will cause us to be unhappy. Unhappiness is not conducive to our higher self so we lose balance, meaning that we can’t be the truest form of ourself. Our mind, body, and soul need to be in alignment for balance. 

Hopefully this makes sense. 

Thank you. 

Feb 14, 8:45AM EST0 Reply

How does health connect to all aspects of your life and not only the phyisical ones?

Feb 13, 9:57AM EST0 Reply

Monalisa, that is a good question.  To be truly healthy, we need to balance all areas of our life. Let’s take mindset, we have a choice in how we react to every situation that happens to us.  If we don’t have a positive mindset, we will view the world in a negative state. Having negative emotions causes stress on the body - the body actually produces stress hormones which make us feel rundown, anxious, and frustrated. Many people go through life not feeling happy or fulfilled. This leads to purpose. Having a negative mindset affects how we view our purpose - not feeling good enough or pretty enough. 

If we don’t have some kind of spirituality - some connection to a higher being, we become selfish or self centered. Many people lose hope or again, purpose.  

Two people can go through the same situations in life and one will thrive while the other fails - it all falls back to purpose, mindset, and choice. 

So yes, everything is connected to health. 

Feb 14, 8:34AM EST0 Reply

What is the relationship between overcoming your fears and knowing yourself?

Feb 13, 2:57AM EST0 Reply

That is a really good question that most people never think about. When we are young, things happen to us that we don’t understand, or that hurt us so we put up layers around us to protect us. Over time, we later ourselves with what I call “self defeating behaviors.”  When we become adults we have areas in life - maybe addictions, fear of people, not feeling good enough or not feeling like we can be enough. I have someone come to me, for instance who has always had problems with weight. After getting through the layers, I find that person was teased as a child, or not felt loved by parents, or had a really bad relationship. After getting to the ‘original wound,’ we are able to move past that. People don’t realize they have layers around them to protect them, and after seeing through the layers, they find more about the real them, they feel more confident and move from a fearful state to a ‘life is good and exciting’ state. They find that they are capable and enjoy things they never thought they would. It is very fun for me to watch these transformations. 

Thank you for asking. 

Feb 13, 9:28AM EST0 Reply

You clearly have mastered all areas of your field. Just curious about feng shui, do you actually apply this in your life as well?

Jan 31, 1:06AM EST0 Reply

Ekin, I do apply this every day. I see the world through Feng Shui now. I can walk in a home and immediately know what’s off balance. 

My husband and I just bought an older home in another state that we are fixing up. I am using Feng Shui to fix it. I have a son in law who is is a middle school band teacher. He had me Feng Shui his office. I have also used it to fix my sisters office - who is a school district psychologist. I Feng Shui my yard, my grand baby’s bedroom -  lots of different ways I use it every day. 

Feng Shui is one of my favorite things do do because people immediately feel better walking in a room -just by moving a few things around.  People coming into our house tell me all the time how good it feels.  

Thanks for asking.  

Feb 13, 9:17AM EST0 Reply

Can you tell us more about Reiki and your sessions on this? How long does it usually take and how often should this be done?

Jan 30, 10:39PM EST0 Reply

John, Reiki has been around for 1000s of years but has not been really accepted until the last 20 years here.  To be a Reiki master, you receive attunements. It’s much like tuning a radio station to the exact number so there is no static. For a basic Reiki session, the Reiki master holds his/her hands over the Chakra centers to feel the energy. Because we have received attunements, we are able to feel the energies. Before I even do a Reiki session, I start feeling the energies of the person coming in. I can feel different things that need to be worked on, sometimes they are physical, sometimes emotional.  When doing. Reiki session I might feel a need to add different modalities like emotional release, or aroma touch. For me, every session is different. 

As far as how often one comes in is dependent on that individual person. I have had people come in several times a week, once a week, or once a month. 

Reiki is very relaxing for the client and brings them back to a place of center and balance. My husband would do it every day if I would do it 😊

Feb 13, 9:10AM EST0 Reply

In Herbology, can you share to us some of your learnings? Any tips that can be applied at home, with children or with food?

Jan 30, 6:13AM EST0 Reply

Absolutely. Firstly, herbs are food. What the body doesn’t utilizes, it discards. If any sinthetic medications are being used - I would use caution. 

The body is made to heal itself so herbs are very powerful when added as a supplement. 

When my children were small the best thing I gave them at the first sign of sickness was echinacea in a tincture form. Echinacea boosts the immune system to fight more efficiently.

Also a very warm ginger bath ( about 1/2 cup) ginger powered in the bathtub. Our skin is the biggest organ we have so getting in a tub of ginger - pulls toxins out of the body. If this is used, it’s important to drink lots of fluids, juice, tea or broth.  My grown children still do this at the first sign of sickness  

The other thing I always do is to ask for a lemon in my water when eating out. Lemon kills bacteria in the water. It also makes the water alcalizing, which is healthier for the body. Lemons are also a very good kidney cleanser  

One more tip I would suggest is to use grape seed oil or coconut oil as lotion instead of a synthesized lotion. Because our skin is the largest organ, oils are healing and don’t plug up the pores. My mother used to use expensive face lotion. She now uses grape seed oil and she has beautiful skin. She is 83. 

I have a first aid kit of herbs that I take everywhere with 5 herbs I can’t live without. My children all carry one now and use them on their kids. 

I hope this was useful to you. 

Thank you. 

Jan 30, 8:34AM EST0 Reply

You mentioned you have worked with a boys home facility who helped them with their addiction problems, how do you console or give them comfort? Any thoughts you can share regarding this and what approach works best?

Jan 29, 6:37PM EST0 Reply

Yes absolutely. We used the PPC model (positive peer culture) in which the boys learn positive skills from their peers. This was a residential facility where we monitored them consistently. The first thing for them was, they were given no sugar or caffeine. That in itself stopped much of the behavior problems. Most of these boys came being on handfuls of prescription drugs. We worked with local doctors to reduce what they were taking. Many of them left being off of all medications. Because these boys’ peers were their mentors, the impact was much more powerful. The other thing that was very powerful was their service to community. Service was the number one thing they did every day. For anyone dealing with self absorbed behavior - service is key.  

As far as consoling, we took the cognitive, behavior approach where ‘you aren’t broken’ you are stronger because you are a survivor. Consoling only lead to self pity. I used this same approach with my four teenage girls and they are independent, smart members of society. I keep in contact with the boys who have left the facility and most of them have gone on to college, working and having good relationships with their parents. 

I would say the best approach for working with teenagers is to offer positive skills, opportunity to serve, and stay off the path of feeding into their victim mentality. 

Jan 30, 8:19AM EST0 Reply

What happens when you get to absorb someone's else's energy? How can one practice putting up a golden shield?

Jan 26, 9:53PM EST0 Reply

That is a good question. We do absorb others energies. What happens is our energies try to match each other so if one person has a high energy and the other has really low frequency energy - they will level off.  If we are around who I call “emotional vampires,” those who suck our energy out; we fill tired, drained, even depressed.  We may not realize we have taken someone else’s energy on. Usually we don’t realize it. When I do my golden shield, I visually see a ball of light coming through my head, picking up any low energies, leaving only good energy. The ball goes back up through my head and out. I then start at my feet and visualize a golden shield coming up around my body and around it - sealing in the good energy - keeping any other energies from coming in. I had to do this on a daily basis going to work until it became habit. Now I still do it when I know I will be around many people, or “emotional vampires.”  

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Jan 27, 2:33PM EST0 Reply

You did study Interior Design, do you get to apply your learning from Feng Shui too? How so? Can you give us an example?

Jan 23, 8:42PM EST0 Reply

Thank you for asking. I don’t know how much you know about Feng Shui. Basically it is balancing the space around you and adding in natural elements. Our western culture is not made for relaxation, we have artificial lights, we run around eating in the go - we stress. 

Mine example I can give you was a lady who had me Feng Shui her house. The walls were stark white with no pictures in the wall. After I had gotten to the results, I asked her what was going on with her career or learning. She told me she had wanted to go back to school but was afraid to. I had her go through her learning area and de clutter it. A couple of weeks later she called me so excited. She had started school and was working at a hospital. We are a result of things around us that affect our health. I have learned that Feng Shui is just another way to get to the areas of fear that hold people back. Using Feng Shui helps me start at a level where I can help clients get to a deeper fear 

I have many stories about this. I have taught classes on it also. I have used it for businesses that need more sales or to help employees perform better. 

Jan 24, 10:45AM EST0 Reply

We are sorry to hear about your nephews. How should one approach a person who is going through depression or has any mental health issues?

Jan 23, 6:10AM EST0 Reply

That’s a good question. Depression is hard for those who have not experienced it. A depressed person does not want to keep living so encouragement doesn’t help. Having someone listen to them does. De-escalating a person will help them to start thinking rationally. If I can get them to talk through what’s bothering them they will come up with some solutions and try for one more day. Mental illness is the same way. The person has to get calm so they can think through what they are doing. When a person gets to a calm state, it’s a good idea to have resources available - such as a hot line, support group, etc. Before anyone can help them, they have to earn your trust. The best way to do this is to be non judge mental. Also getting them to talk about better things once they are calm will give them hope. Sometimes it has to just be one step they can try. If you are talking to a suicidal person or one who threatens it - always take it seriously and offer help. 

Thanks for asking. 

Jan 23, 10:02AM EST0 Reply

A lot of mothers or parents in general lack this important aspect, the "self-care", any tips you can share especially to busy parents and to everyone out there?

Jan 20, 8:56AM EST0 Reply

Yes absolutely. I raised four girls who were close in age. I understand how hard it is and yet crucial to have time for yourself. 

First: put yourself as a priority. Give yourself some time each day to do something you enjoy for you. You can join mom clubs and trade off kids. Or let your husband know you need time. Most importantly, schedule it on the calendar or a note where you see it. Moms have a habit of putting themselves last - we need to put ourselves first so we have more to give. 

Secondly, realize how important you are I meant people’s life, especially yours. You deserve to treat yourself. 

Thirdly, know that you are enough, you give enough and you are doing great. It’s ok to not be everything to everyone. Your children will see that you care about yourself enough to take time for you and they will grow up with more self love than If they don’t see this. 

I could write a novel on how important self care is. I hope you take time each day for you!

thank you. 

Jan 20, 2:27PM EST0 Reply

How long have you been into this career? What pushed you or inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

Jan 9, 3:10PM EST0 Reply


I started getting into health and wellness 23 years ago when my 1 year old daughter almost died because of antibiotics. I started a master herbalist program. I have had two nephews commit suicide so I got into depression and suicide counseling. I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, and depression so I have been on an ongoing journey. My father was a psychologist so I have always been interested in people also. I love coaching. I love seeing people take control of their happiness without relying on anything material - or on someone else to give them happiness.  

Thank you for asking. 

Jan 11, 4:38PM EST0 Reply

How can one become the best version of themselves?

Jan 9, 4:48AM EST0 Reply


This is a very good question and one I could give you a textbook answer - which you probably already know. I am going to post a saying that I used in another answer, "I am enough. Who I am is enough. What I do is enough, and what I have is enough."

When we can 'be ok' with 'not being ok' and feel peace about it - that is the best version we can be.

Most of our lives are spent thinking of the past or future. This does not serve a good purpose for us. I tell my clients when they can live IN THE PRESENT without dwelling on past or future - you are the best version you can be. 

Does this make sense to you? I hope this answers your question.

Thank you. 

Jan 9, 9:30AM EST0 Reply

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and what exactly do you do?

Jan 9, 3:28AM EST0 Reply


Yes. I was sexually abused as a child, I grew up with depression running rampid in my family. I had two nephews commit suicide. My father was a Dr in psychology. All of this lead me to being an avicate of abuse and suicide. I then married an abusive man - whom I was married to for 25 years. I now have a protective order against him. I have fibromyalgia, hoshimotos, and chronic fatigue - which after 20 years, I now feel better than I ever have.  I just got remarried 6 months ago to a wonderful man. When I was divorced I worked really hard at knowing who I am and letting go of anything in my past that did not empower me to be all I could. 

I obtained degrees in suicide prevention, herbology, hypnosis, emotional release therapy, reiki master, master of psychology. I also have certificates in interior design and feng shui. All of this lead me to getting my health and wellness coaching degree and yoga instructor training. 

Thank you for asking. 

Jan 9, 9:25AM EST0 Reply

How can people achieve a healthy life and maintain a healthy life?

Jan 8, 1:46PM EST0 Reply


That is a very loaded question. The simplest answer I can give you is this. 80% of feeling healthy is what we eat, 20% is exercise. 'Letting go' of our stuff and forgiving has to be done on a daily basis. Self talk is a big one. We self talk all day and if it is not empowering to our soul - it is not productive. 

Ultimately, we have to come to a place where we can say -I am enough. Who I am is enough. What I do is enough, and what I have is enough. When we can accept that we are all that we can be and doing what we feel we can do - we become an epitome of health. 

Does this answer your question?

Thank you.

Jan 9, 9:19AM EST0 Reply

What educational background do you have?

Jan 8, 12:46PM EST0 Reply


Thank you for asking. I started out in nursing in high school. I graduated with a masters of psychology after 6 years of college.  I am also a master herbologist, interior designer, feng shui consultant, hypnotherapist, Reiki master, yoga instructor, and have a degree in health and wellness coaching. It has taken a lot of years!

Jan 9, 9:14AM EST0 Reply

You say that health is connected to all areas of our lives, how is that?

Jan 8, 11:37AM EST0 Reply

We have different areas of life - you can describe them in different terms if it feels better. Areas may be purpose, relationships, careers, finances, mindset, and spirituality. Lets say your career is not going how you want it to go. Because it is not bringing you something positive, anxiety sets in - you don't sleep well, you start drinking caffeine to keep you going (which brings on more anxiety). At this point your body, mind and soul is already off balance. Not sleeping and not eating what will sustain our bodies depletes it even more. Other things happen in life like - we don't have the best relationship with our spouse, there may be fighting - which starts this circle pattern leading us farther away from what we want; which is to feel good. If any of those areas are stressful or an obsticle, health is not there.

Does this make sense to you? I hope I answered this so it does. 

Thank you.

Jan 9, 9:11AM EST0 Reply

Do you have plans of publishing a self help book or is there one already? And where can we get it?

Jan 8, 8:59AM EST0 Reply


Yes I am planning on writing a book. I have started in my spare time.  When it is finished I will let you all know. 

Thank you. 

Jan 8, 11:12AM EST0 Reply

How should one define happiness and when can one truly be happy?

Jan 8, 7:52AM EST0 Reply


Emotions have been measured on a scale somewhat like radio or cell phone waves. Low frequency waves are grief, dispair, guilt. The highest running waves are joy, love, enlightenment. 

I have found true happiness and I can tell when my frequencies start running low. I have to re center to get them up again. When you feel that peace inside and have it all the time - you will know. 

Thank you.

Jan 8, 11:14AM EST0 Reply
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What are your future goals 5-10 years from now?

Jan 8, 5:26AM EST0 Reply


Thank you for your question. I plan to keep doing what I am doing, also inspirational speaking, writing books and enjoying life!

Jan 8, 11:15AM EST0 Reply

Do you conduct seminars and do a one-on-one counseling as well?

Jan 8, 4:24AM EST0 Reply


Yes I do. I do the majority of one on one. I have done seminars when asked or when there is a group who wants to learn about a specific topic. 

Thank you.

Jan 8, 11:16AM EST0 Reply

How do you get to balance your family and career?

Jan 7, 10:52PM EST0 Reply


That is a good question. It doesn't happen in one day, rather through a constant daily priority system. It is possible and I have seen many of my clients do this. I have a specific coaching system that is a follow up for my clients every week or two weeks that holds them accountable for making changes. 

Thank you. 

Jan 8, 11:18AM EST0 Reply

You have a very interesting work with a good purpose. Are you into blogging? Do you have any social media sites where we can check you out?

Jan 7, 9:42PM EST0 Reply


Yes I do. Thank you. I love this work. My website is just starting kaelene.wordpress.com.  Also you can find my page on facebook @iambalance17 or just search I Am Balance and I will add you. 

Thank you.

Last edited @ Jan 8, 11:22AM EST.
Jan 8, 11:19AM EST0 Reply

How is your career different from that of a social worker, mental health counselor, or school psychologist?

Jan 7, 11:54AM EST0 Reply

Psychologists deal more with diagnosing disorders. I deal more with health and wellness. It is a holistic approach meaning - your body and mind have the ability to heal given the right circumstances. A health and wellness coach is more of a support and 'cheerleader' if you will. Hopefully this answers your question. Thank you.

Jan 7, 4:55PM EST0 Reply

What were your greatest fears or apprehensions growing up and what were your realizations?

Jan 7, 11:22AM EST0 Reply

I was abused when I was very young. This distorted my thinking for many years. When I finally realized how to overcome this - my life changed drastically. I know what it feels like to be whole and happiness comes from within. I have great peace now in the midst of whatever is happening around me. 

Thank you. 

Jan 7, 4:57PM EST0 Reply

What feedbacks do you often get? And how fulfilling is your job?

Jan 7, 10:01AM EST0 Reply

I love this job so much. I get really good feedback as far as what people tell me when they are clients. Doing wellness coaching empowers the person to learn how to make and solve their own obsticles. I feel blessed to know what I do, and to be able to share it. 

Thank you.

Jan 7, 4:58PM EST0 Reply

Who usually seeks your advice and what are the common areas of concern?

Jan 7, 9:26AM EST0 Reply

Xulian, most people come to me thinking they need to lose weight. What they find is the weight is an after effect of something else out of balance in his or her life. When they get to the real problem, it empowers them to live their life with more meaning. 

Thank you. 

Jan 7, 4:59PM EST0 Reply

What are some of the interesting and challenging cases you have handled and how were you able to deal with them?

Jan 7, 8:12AM EST0 Reply

Zoran, I was a group leader in a residential treatment center for boys with any kind of addictions. These were the hardest cases I have dealt with because we had some as young as 12. We had a boy from a Russian orphanage who had his nose bit off by rats.  Also, I had two nephews commit suicide within two years. Both of my nephews had depression. 

Thank you.

Jan 7, 5:02PM EST0 Reply

When can we say that we have truly overcome our fears?

Jan 7, 8:01AM EST0 Reply

PGR1714, that is a really good question. I will answer that by saying that I live my life saying 'what if.....I will try it and see,' instead of letting some fear stop me from doing -.  If you feel like you live life to the fullest and don't let anything hold you back - you have achieved it!

Jan 7, 5:04PM EST0 Reply

What is your typical day like?

Jan 7, 6:37AM EST0 Reply

B. Codrut, 

I mostly talk with clients on the phone. I also do workshops, Reiki, and individual sessions. I spend time doing yoga and meditating to keep my energy level constant. I love this so much. I love when I see clients 'light bulb' turn on. 

Thank you.

Jan 7, 5:06PM EST0 Reply

Any thoughts or insights on Depression?

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Absolutely. Depression runs in my family. I had two nephews commit suicide from it. I have learned that people who don't have depression have a hard time understanding it. I have fought it for a  long time and have finally learned how to handle it. 

I don't know what you specifically wanted to hear - you can follow up with me if you want to.

Thank you. 

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How do you keep up with current trends or news in the field of counseling?

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I went to IAWP.  It is an accredited school and I have access for life to their training. Their board of directors is made up of medical doctors, holistic doctors, nutritionalists and more. I watch training calls a couple of times a month. I also subscribe to a newsletter called psychblog.com.  It talks about all the new studies that have come out about different subjects.

Thank you. 

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For parents out there, what advice you can share to them to ensure that they raise healthy and happy children and become the best parents their own way?

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That is a good questions and it is very individualized. If I had to pick the top one, I would say - self care. You cannot give something to anyone else that you don't have. Learning self care keeps 'your cup full' so you have reserves to take care of others. 

Thank you.

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What skills set does one need in order to be successful at this work?
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I am going through an accredited school in health and wellness. We learn all areas of life and how to balance each area. 

I have degrees in herbology, hypnosis, emotional release therapy, masters in psychology, nursing,feng shui, interior design, reiki master.

You don't have to have all that - I just did and it prepared me in every area to effectively work with clients. 

Keeping up on all of the new information in health and wellness has been the most important thing for me.

Thank you. 

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