The first WEALTH is HEALTH...and here you will find a good consultant to help you get this WEALTH. So, having any doubt or question?? ask me anything regarding food, nurition and dietetics.

Tejashree Joshi
Feb 6, 2018

Since a long time ago, human has acknowledged the health benefits of foods. However, with the development of chemical drugs and pills, we have forgotten that the food we eat are directly linked to our health. We are nothing but what we eat. We think we make food, but practically our food has made us what we are..right from the conception to birth and further during growth, each nutrient plays important role in our development. Our cells, DNAs, tissues, organs .....whole body is made up of nutrients. So if there is any imparement in our body, body obviously will respond to food first rather than artifical drungs and pills.

Having any doubt or question?? ask me anything regarding food, nurition and dietetics.

Tejashree Joshi says:

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What are thoughts on Paleo diet?

Feb 9, 6:00AM EST0

Do you feel the mobile health apps these days really improve a person's health behavior? Do they really work?

Feb 9, 3:42AM EST0

What is your favourite guilty food that you like to eat but shouldn't? 

Feb 8, 8:57AM EST0

Are you part of any food research? If so, what’s it about?

Feb 6, 1:47PM EST0

Yes, I am working of drumsticks. whichi is abundently in India and very rich in Iron.

Feb 7, 9:03AM EST0

Fish vs. lean meat. What will be your first choice? Why?

Feb 6, 12:57PM EST0

both are good sources of high BV proteins, butI will prefer fish because of it's omega 3 fatty acid content aling with good quality proteins

Feb 7, 9:04AM EST0

What would you call a balanced diet? How can a normal person be able to maintain it?

Feb 6, 12:34PM EST0

for me balanced diet is the diet which is composed of all the essential nutrients in a required amounts. A normal person be able to maintain it with the help of 5 food group guide and by keeping a balance between energy consumed and expended.

Feb 7, 9:07AM EST0

How can a person maintain his/her eye health? Do foods support one eye’s health?

Feb 6, 12:24PM EST0

to maintain a good eye health one should quit smoing and alcohol intake, wear sunglasses, wash your face with clean water twice in a day and last but not the least eat well, 

  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and collards
  • Salmon, tuna, and other oily fish
  • Eggs, nuts, beans, and other nonmeat protein sources
  • Oranges and other citrus fruits or juices
Feb 7, 9:17AM EST0

What are the food reasons for obesity? What are the food recommendations to prevent childhood obesity?

Feb 6, 11:14AM EST0

High sugar and fatty foods, high consumption of Energy densed foods and sedentary lifestyle. To avoid childhood obesity the care should be start from prenatal stage, proper nutrition by mother positively affect the child's health. Along with this proper healthy and active lifestyle should be adapted to avoid obesity in children

Feb 7, 9:20AM EST0

What do you want to say about PCOS and diet? Why are women dealing with PCOS struggling so much?

Feb 6, 11:09AM EST0

It is thought that a nutritious diet will also help to reduce the risk of developing symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome, including weight management and helping to regulate insulin levels.

One of the most popular explanations is that the condition is hereditary - although some studies suggest that the condition is related to abnormal hormone levels in women. many medical professionals have highlighted excess weight as a contributing factor in PCOS. Women who weigh above the healthy body mass index limit (BMI) stand an increased risk of hormonal abnormalities and have a lower rate of ovulation.

Feb 7, 9:23AM EST0

Can food affect a girl’s puberty age? What are the top suggestions to deal with it?

Feb 6, 10:48AM EST0

Yes food obviously affect a girl’s puberty age, high fat diet leads to increase in weight status. Rising rates of overweight and obesity contribute to early sexual development. Many studies confirm the association between children who are overweight and early puberty in girls. "Male hormones called androstenedione made in the adrenal gland and ovaries are converted in the fat cells into estrogen"

healthy eating habits and active lifestyle can help avoid these things

Feb 7, 9:26AM EST0

Why is maintaining BMI is so important? Is BMI overrated?

Feb 6, 10:34AM EST0

Maintaining a healthy ideal weight not only adds to your overall fitness but it also keeps your susceptibility to various diseases low. An overweight person is at a higher risk of developing serious health issues which range from diabetes to heart ailments. Also, it’s never too late to aim to be at your ideal body weight even if you have been ignoring it till now. If you already have certain problems like a High blood pressure, breathing problems, etc. maintaining a healthy body weight will help you control these diseases and in most cases the symptoms are considerably reduced.

Feb 7, 9:28AM EST0

What are the top dos and don’ts to maintain a good heart’s health?

Feb 6, 9:46AM EST0

stop smoking! And for all the rest, stop eating out, especially at fast-food places. Cook dinner at home using fresh produce, fish, and organic poultry and lean meat.

Start increasing your physical activity — take a walk! Exercise reduces stress hormones, and reducing stress is always good for your heart. Regular aerobic exercise benefits your heart in many ways: It reduces the amount of adrenaline circulating in your body and relaxes blood vessels, resulting in a slower pulse rate and lower blood pressure. Resistance training also reduces blood pressure, changes fat into muscle, and increases your metabolic rate.

Feb 7, 9:29AM EST0

What is the status of health in school-going children today? How can they balance their nutrition intake?

Feb 6, 8:29AM EST0

Status of school going children is really not good  enough including developing countries also. To improve their nutritional status they should carry healthy lunchbox and schools should take action again selling of unhealthy food items in the school. 

Feb 6, 8:35AM EST0

According to your own experience, which is the leading health problem that is caused mainly due to improper diet? Why?

Feb 6, 6:46AM EST0

Energy imbalance leading to obesity and important nutrients deficiencies. Mostly because of high consumption of enrgy densed foods rich in fats, sugars and refined products. 

Feb 6, 8:37AM EST0

What are the foods that impact a person’s mood in a negative sense?

Feb 6, 5:44AM EST0

We are what we eat so obviously our food intake affects our mood e.g. Habitual sugar consumption can prevent the lining of our gut from doing its job of stopping harmful substances passing into the body...leading to bad mood

Feb 6, 8:40AM EST0

How can a person lose weight only by following a diet? Is it really possible?

Feb 6, 1:21AM EST0

Yes it is possible. I've clients who have lost more that 20-30 kgs with the diet only. You just need to stick to the proper diet without starving yourself and with a little bit of regular exercise

Feb 6, 8:42AM EST0

How does a person with lactose intolerance prevent unwanted problems? What are your recommendations?

Feb 6, 1:21AM EST0

The person who is lactose intolerant can consume soya milk and other milk substitutes instead and he should eat small and frequent meals. 

Feb 6, 8:44AM EST0

What are the top food reasons for constipation? What are the foods to avoid constipation?

Feb 6, 1:07AM EST0

Reasons for constipation

1. Refined products

2. Less water intake

3. Less intake of fruits and vegetables

4. Lack of exercise

To avoid constipation

1. Consume more fruits and vegetables

2. Eat whole grain food products

3. Drink enough water 2 to 3 lit per day

4. Exercise daily atleast for 20 min

Feb 6, 8:51AM EST0

What kind of patients do you meet usually? What are the common food-related disorders among them?

Feb 6, 12:56AM EST0

I mostly deal with patients with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obese patients. 

Feb 6, 8:54AM EST0

What are the best levels to maintain hormones at the recommended levels? How difficult/easy is it?

Feb 6, 12:13AM EST0

What do you do to maintain a good health? How successful are you in that?

Feb 5, 8:50PM EST0

I try to maintain a good health by having enough calories and engaging myself in activities which I love to do like dancing trekking etc

Feb 6, 8:58AM EST0

Is there a diet plan that can be followed by a diabetes patient? Can you give the diet plan for a week?

Feb 5, 6:51PM EST0

Yes for that first I need to check the blood sugar reports

Feb 6, 9:00AM EST0

What are the foods would you like to recommend for the underweight individuals?

Feb 5, 1:29PM EST0

I will recommend a glass of funnel seeds water on empty stomach early in the morning with small and frequent meals, added with good quality fats like almonds, avocado etc

Feb 6, 8:59AM EST0

How could one balance their fluid intake in a day? What are your top recommendations other than water?

Feb 5, 6:37AM EST0

Ona can balance their water intake by having a glass of fresh fruit juice, coconut water, soups, milk or buttermilk etc

Feb 5, 7:15AM EST0

What do you want to say about belly fat? Is there any food-related to get rid of it?

Feb 5, 4:02AM EST0

Proper energy balance should be maintained.... Calorie intake should be equal to calorie expenditure.. There are many foods which act as a fat burner like garlic, ginger, cinnamon etc., along with the exercise

Feb 5, 4:49AM EST0

Will chocolate really help with stress and depression? What do you want to say about this?

Feb 4, 6:48PM EST0

Only dark chocolate help with stress and depression as dark chocolate helps to release serotonin and relaxes the blood vessels of the cardiovascular system. 

Feb 4, 11:35PM EST0

How can a bad-mouth odor be prevented in children? Do some foods help with this?

Feb 4, 6:09PM EST0

Yes, one thing just check for daily water intake in child. Along with this the child can keep 2 -3 cloves or small cardamom in a mouth frequently throughout the day

Feb 4, 11:33PM EST0

What are your food recommendations for a patient suffering from insomnia? How could the dinner affect a person’s sleep?

Feb 4, 3:26PM EST0

Chamomile tea, cinnamon with milk are helping foods for patient suffering from insomnia. Dinner of such patients should include protein rich foods instead of carbohydrates. 

Feb 4, 11:31PM EST0

What are the important foods to be avoided by an ulcer patient? Why?

Feb 4, 11:03AM EST0

Important foods to be avoided during ulcer include high fiber foods and spicy and oily foods to avoid irritation to the intestinal wall. 

Feb 4, 11:07AM EST0

What are your suggested foods to be taken by an elderly person?

Feb 4, 9:00AM EST0

Actually what one should eat vary person to person, but overall I suggest properly cooked, easy to digest, easy to swallow, adequate calorie and protein diet should be taken. Fruits n salad intake should be enough. 

Feb 4, 9:47AM EST0

Do you think all or most of the health problems can be cured by food?

Feb 4, 8:14AM EST0

Yes, most of the problems. I can say almost all the health problems can be PREVENTED by proper diet. Our Body works based on how our genes  express. We understand our genes through the field of nutrigenomics. 

Feb 4, 9:41AM EST0

What are the top foods/nutrients to be considered by a pregnant lady?

Feb 4, 7:58AM EST0

Proteins, Iron, folic acid, vit D and vit b12

Feb 4, 8:11AM EST0

Do you think mother’s milk is just enough for the newborns? How do you see this?

Feb 4, 7:55AM EST0

mothers milk is absolutely important for baby as for the first six months it the soley nutritious food for baby and as it is rich in nutrients needed for the growth and antibodies needed for the protection against infections. 

But yes, as baby grows, after 6 months mother's milk is not enough to support the increased need hence weaning should be done and nutritious foods along with the breast milk should be given. Because breast feeding is important not just only for baby's health but also for good health of the mother. 

Feb 4, 8:11AM EST0

What are your tips for the person dealing with an eating disorder?

Feb 4, 7:55AM EST0

Person dealing with eating disorders are most of the times obsessed with the weight status. They scared of weight gain. But to get a basic Nutrition for the body to carry out basic functions, one should eat small and frequent nutritious meals, here nutritionist and psychologists need to work together to help out such individuals. 

Feb 4, 8:20AM EST0

Alcohol and Weight Gain

New Year’s Evening is a day of mixed feelings for many people. On one hand, it is a time to celebrate the end of the year gone by and welcome what is in store in the New Year. For most of the people, celebration is incomplete without ‘DRINKS’. But HOLD ON! Research Studies have revealed that Alcohol disturbs metabolism of your body, no matter whether you are an occasional drinker or a hard drinker and ultimately results in weight gain.

This is what happens to your body when you drink:

When you drink alcohol, it's broken down into acetate (basically vinegar), which the body will burn before any other calorie you've consumed or stored, including fat or even sugar. So if you drink and consume more calories than you need, you're more likely to store the fat from the Cheese Whiz you ate and the sugar from the Coke you drank because your body is getting all its energy from the acetate in the beer you sucked down.

Further, studies show that alcohol temporarily inhibits "lipid oxidation"— in other words, when alcohol is in your system, it's harder for your body to burn fat that's already there. Mostly drinks are accompanied with fried snacks, which adds extra burden of fat. When you drink, lipid oxidation in your body is temporarily blocked, the same time when you eat fried or fatty snacks it simply gets stored in the form of fat around your abdomen; Results in unnecessary weight gain. The another reason for weight gain is when you drink, as your body can not generate energy from fat or sugar already present in your body, your body craves for food to get energy and you tend to overeat.

 If you think that you drink less and it does not affect your weight, then you are wrong.

How Does Alcohol affect your exercise?

When alcohol is present in your system:

  • It hurts muscle growth. It actually lowers protein synthesis by 20%. Twenty Percent!
  • Excess urination due to alcohol intake also removes necessary salts and potassium from the body, which are needed for exercise. Glycogen is the body's main source of stored energy during exercise. Alcohol breaks down glycogen in the liver and expels it from the body in the urine.
  • Testosterone, which has a powerful fat loss effect, is reduced whenever alcohol is consumed, thus halting its full potential as a fat burner. Also, testosterone as an anabolic hormone, contributes to gains in lean muscle mass. Lowered testosterone means fewer muscle gains, more fat cells and less muscle means a lowered metabolic rate.
Feb 4, 5:17AM EST0
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