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Maria L.
Feb 3, 2018

Have you ever felt so low, you’re never actually up to something— or anything—at all? Don’t worry, we all have our “those days” and in this AMA event, we finally know how to stop them right on their tracks. Health and wellness coach Kaelene Finlinson gives us 6 simple steps to bid goodbye to run downs and say hello to a life full of productivity, all of which we have gathered through the responses below:

QUESTION: Books say 8 hours, but some people say 6 hours should be enough. In your opinion, how many hours of sleep must a regular adult have to feel energized the next day?

Actually that is a very individualized question. The best thing to do for you is to keep a sleep journal.  Record what time you naturally go to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed every day for a couple of weeks. If you can do this without an alarm clock, it will be more accurate.  Your body will naturally wake up when it’s ready. When you journal, you should start seeing a pattern of the days where you feel better and that’s what your body needs for you. 

More importantly than how many hours you sleep, is that you are asleep before 10pm and sleep well until after 1 am.  This is the time that your body produces a natural melatonin that helps your body sleep deeply so your body can heal itself.  

If you have a fit bit, it is a great way to watch sleep patterns.  I have clients who thought they were getting restful sleep until they got a fit bit.  They were actually in light sleep or a light, waking state all night.  The most restful sleep is when there are big chunks of light and deep sleep, not small chunks.  

Its actually fun to watch your sleep patterns and experiment with what helps you feel good. 

Thank you. 

QUESTION: What are some best energizing tips you can share with people working the graveyard shift?

Working graveyards is hard on your body because by nature it knows that’s when it’s suppose to be sleeping. Hopefully that’s a regular schedule for you so your body gets the same schedule. 

If you don’t have black out curtains in your bedroom, that would be the first thing I would invest in. Having your room really dark will help your body get a better sleep. 

The second thing I would suggest, is to buy a good liquid magnesium, calcium blend. Taking this before sleep promotes deeper sleep. I like the blueberry flavor from vita 

You can get some peppermint essential oil and rub a few drops on your feet before work.  Also put some on a cotton ball and smell it when you get tired.  Many people drink a lot of coffee during the night, which keeps them awake but interrupts deep sleep.  Not getting deep sleep will cause more tiredness the next night.  

If you drink coffee, keep it to no more than two cups, and earlier in the shift.  

Snacking on Whole Foods throughout the night will help sustain more energy - just as if you were working in the day.  You can pack a cut up apple speinkled with some cinnamon and dip it in an almond butter dip (equal amounts of honey, almond butter, some hemp seeds and a tsp of vanilla.)  Also handfuls of nuts, or jerky with low sugar.  

Caffeine drinks and sugar interrupt good sleep so I would stay away from those.  

Drinking water throughout the night with some lemon and orange squeezed into it will also help.  

Hopefully this helps. 

Thank you. 

QUESTION: Aside from coffee and tea, what other beverages or foods can one take to stay awake?

Drinking more water with orange and lemon in it actually helps your body perform better. Making an electrolyte water will hydrate your body more. 

You make this as the following:

In a quart jar mix:

1/3 cup honey, 1/3cup lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, 1/2 tsp sea or Himalayan salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda. 

I only promote products if I know all the research behind them. I have one that has changed my life.

This company sells a superfood drink called Zeal. It has over 28 different superfoods and is backed by scientists and physicians. It replaces taking 58 supplements. If you are interested, try it. Most people notice a difference the first time they take it. It’s made from whole plants and I can’t live without it now. I have fibromyalgia and used to take handfuls of supplements every day. Now this is all I take and I feel better than I did 20 years ago. 

QUESTION: Can you recommend some essential oils that are energizing?

Absolutely. I like to recommend to use these in different places depending on the situation. 

For mental fatigue: Blue spruce, peppermint, any of the mints, frankincense, nutmeg and pine. These I dab on my temples, back of the neck, shoulders. 

Different companies use different names for the blended oils: some are valor, clarity, En-R-Gee, common sense, past tense. 

For physical fatigue: peppermint, eucalyptus, juniper, basil, thyme, Cypress. 

I would use these on the back, bottom of the feet, neck, over the thyroid area.

Blended oils: awaken, motivation, valor, hope, endoflex. 

For a quick energy I like to put a few drops on a cotton ball and carry it in my purse in a prescription bottle. When I feel low on energy I take it out and smell it. 

I also use wool balls in the dryer. I put a few drops of peppermint on the balls and then dry my clothes. The scent stays on the clothes and also makes them smell fresh.  

I hope this was helpful.  Thank you. 

QUESTION: In which areas of health and wellness are you most skilled and why?

Sharon thank you for asking. My dad was a marriage and family therapist so I have always been interested in psychology. I got a master of psychology. Nutrition is another area I am passionate about so I got my master herbology degree. I went in to do interior design/Feng Shui. I did group therapy for addictions, suicide prevention and abuse. 

I then started doing energy work - emotional release, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapy. 

I just finished my yoga instructor certification and health and wellness coaching. 

I have the mentality that if we aren’t learning - we have stopped living. I think the knowledge we receive should be shared with others. 

Health and wellness was kind of the last missing piece I needed to put everything together.

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