This Therapist’s New and Improved Mental Health Treatment Approach Featured in an AMA Event Will Make You Change the Way You See Help-Seeking

Maria L.
Feb 8, 2018

Metal illnesses are no small deal and they need immediate care once diagnosed—only that our major problem is that we don’t want to. Whether this hesitation traces back to the fear and struggle of being labeled, hard-to-maintain medication, ineffective talk therapies, or the stress of getting personal with someone, Danny Greeves has every alternative methods of mental health care featured in his recent AMA event. Below are some of his responses from the thread, telling us all the better approaches for a better state of mind to follow through:

QUESTION: Currently, 23andMe is conducting a study on the link between DNA and mental health issues and disorders.  That study won't be complete for some time.  Are you familiar with any current data related to this topic?

yes i am familiar with some of the current data around the topic. Sadly i fear that the search for the link between DNA and mental health issues will not provide any resolutions for these conditions.

There is a wide range of research that talks about epigenetics, and the DNA and RNA within a cell change depending on the environment, and can also change from one context to the next. There may well be some evidence that there are certain genes that have a higher correlation with certain conditions, however even geneticists say how important the environement, the relationships a person has, and their upbringing is on gene expression.

QUESTION: Is there any relationship between Body Mind Work and Yoga or Meditation?

There is a relationship in terms of they both involve the mind, and are used by many people to help themselves feel better :)

However there is also a massive difference in terms of how they are structured and the way it's used. Body Mind Workers uses the Hudson Mind Theory©, a way of learning how your mind works, a way of getting you back on control of how you feel. The Hudson Mind Theory© utlises the latest developments in neuroscience combined with years of refinement to create a process whereby a person can make positive changes in their life with the help of an external coach.

Body Mind Workers can help you access specific information to help you change, where as Yoga and meditation uses a more general approach

QUESTION: If you were in charge of the National Institute of Mental Health, what would be the first thing you would do to address the severe shortage of mental health treatment in the country?

Great question, with a simple answer, one which I believe will come to be true in the coming years.

By helping as many people as possible learn how their minds work, and upskilling as many people as possible with the Hudson Mind Theory©, we would find an incredible drop in mental health problems, as more people would be helping each other.

Imagine what would happen to the world of mental health if all health professionals (and anyone else who were interested) had a simple, gentle, and fun tool to quickly and effectively help a person improve their own mental health.... stay tuned! :)

QUESTION: What are the benefits of this Body Mind Work treatment compared to conventional treatment?

The benefits are plentiful!

First of all, all Body Mind Workers use The Hudson Mind Process©. What are the benefits of this over conventional appoaches...

1. The work is content free. That's right, you can attend a session with a practitioner on Skype, work through a problem you are having, without having to share any personal stories, details or trauma. This allows the client to keep all personal details private, a great relief for many people.

2. The Body Mind Workers training gives you a week long experience of new learning, insights, personal development and improvement. Over the course of the training you get the experience of all the different chemicals that you encounter on a day to day basis, helping you become more flexible, opening up more options and more flexibility in your life. You also learn in more detail how your mind works, and how you can control stuff

3. The sessions are gentle, light and effective. Some clients attend sessions with counsellors, psychotherapists or many other kinds of mental health professional for weeks, months, sometimes years. The Hudson Mind Process© can produce great results in as little as 3 sessions.

4.The sessions are designed to create a good chemical feeling. The intention is that you feel better at the end of the session than you did at the start, not something that can be said for many therapies.

5. Learning how your mind works gives you a new perspective on how your mind informs your brain, this learning can be taken with you for the rest of your life

6. You learn the patterns of how you and those around you use day to day. This creates a completely different perspective on the behaviour of those around you, giving you more flexibility

QUESTION: Do you practice in your own life that which you find important for your clients?


As with everyone I am still learning, still looking to improve, and have a long way to go, but I am so much further along than I was just a few short years ago.

The Body Mind Workers© way of living has inspired me and i am working towards living by those ideals. The way Matt teaches the course is nothing short of inspirational - I have already been back again to redo it to learn more!

Learn more about Danny’s better mental health approaches as you view his full AMA event here.

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