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My name is John McGran. I am also known as Mr. Bad Food in dieting circles. I like to confess my eating sins and offer tips for you to avoid my mistakes. Ask Me Anything.

My name is Dragana Drobnjak, just started working as a freelancer on 'up work'. I am 25 years old, married and had a child- lost my son a few months ago. Delivered him in the 7th month of pregnancy, he was a preemie baby. We were in the hospital for 7 months, 7 months of hope and extreme fear, and then he died. My heart also died with him. Ask me anything!

May 19, 2017

A journey of self-transformation: From clumsy, fat-slob to lean and attractive model. Ask Me Anything!

I am Aya, a very experienced little chef and writer! Cooking is fun, and you tell a story with it. AMA

My name is Monica Vaklinova. I suffered from anxiety and depression and I know how you can ease them. Ask Me Anything.

Jun 14, 2017

Hey, I'm Raghav, and I am a voracious reader. I love reading all types of books (well, almost all types) and have even co-founded a successful Twitter book chat. Ask Me Anything!!!

Jun 22, 2017

I'm an ecologist by profession. My dissertation was about Rhodiola rosea, a plant that has been used in the traditional medicine for decades. AMA!

Jun 21, 2017

I am a mom who writes blogs about cooking and female fashion. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 8, 2017

Studying Buddhism three years ago brought me to different countries, cultures, Buddhist traditions, meditation retreats and Zen centre stays. It has been an uphill but fulfilling battle applying the teachings to real life issues. AMA.

My name is Rachel Rumbelow. My husband died suddenly last year and I have learned how to love life through my grief. I'm doing amazingly well for only being 14 months out because of a few processes I use. Ask me anything!

Escape into Excellence - an Ask Me Anything about healthcare, awareness, thinking, and suffering and how to deal with it with Dr. Diana Rangaves

May 24, 2017

I am 1 of 14%. I am a female orthopaedic surgery resident. Ask Me Anything.

I got up one day and realized I just couldn't fit in my shoes anymore. I packed up most of my stuff and moved abroad to start a new life from Zero. Ask me how, ask me why, ask me ANYTHING.

Ask Me Anything about how to build a meditation practice that sticks

Six years ago, I found what looked like a baby dinosaur in the woods near my house. I took it home, fed it, and it grew into a sausage consuming, fly swatting, white washing, yoga posing heron, who now visits us once every few days for a free meal!AMA!

We youngsters are going to crowdfund our project to secure the "Future Menu". As human activities around the globe are destroying the precious resources. We had started our pilot project of Agricofarms to promote sustainability. Secure your future. Ask Me Anything

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013 and life has not been same since then. From manic phases to depressive despair, it's a never-ending cycle. AMA about the bipolar disorder.

Hey, I'm Meghan a Squarespace web designer that works with creative entrepreneurs to get more clients with less hustle through a well-crafted website. Ask me anything!

Hi I'm Jamie. I have a son with Tourettes. AMA

Mar 28, 2018

How I left the corporate world to search for that "Dream Thing" and found myself through yoga - Ask me anything, with Paula Baake, Dancing Mind founder, Master Yoga Teacher, Coach and Speaker

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