University Dropout now Health Blogger, Beach Bum and VA... Ask Me Anything!

Alannah Williams
Nov 6, 2017

I dropped out of my Journalism Degree, moved interstate with no real plan and soon set sail on my blogging journey.

I'll take you back quickly to earlier this year where it all began and I really got into fitness and educating myself on taking care of my body after years of restrictive dieting, over exercising and binge eating. A very vicious cycle!

Soon I found myself in an unhappy rut hence, the decision to move to a more tropical environment! And now, I'm happier than ever and following my passions of blogging, working as a VA and hopefully starting up my own online biz. Ask Me Anything!



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Will there ever be a miracle weight loss solution?

Nov 9, 1:34PM EST0

Personally I dont think so, it comes down to balance and consistency :)

Nov 9, 6:51PM EST0

That's cool! Do you have a twitter account to follow?

Nov 9, 7:57PM EST0

Do you have second thoughts of pursuing your career in Journalism?

Nov 7, 3:29PM EST0

No, I dont think it was for me... I would still consider studying but something more health related like a health coaching course, yoga or pilates course or even going back to uni to study as a nutritionist

Nov 9, 6:52PM EST0

Should I stretch before or after my workout?

Nov 7, 5:10AM EST0

You can do both. So dynamic stretches are used to warm up the muscles in preparation for your workout and static stretches are used to cool down the body, hope that helps :) Give those two types of stretches a google!

Nov 9, 6:57PM EST0

Have you ever met anyone famous through your blogging?

Nov 7, 3:40AM EST0

Not as famous as movie stars but pretty high up in terms of IG followers I have met a few people actually especially since moving to the GC and attending different blogging events its really great to get networking :)

Nov 9, 6:58PM EST0

What VA services you provide?

Nov 7, 3:05AM EST0

I do alot of things actually! Everything from admin to writing blog posts and social media content creation. So that looks something like, replying to emails, oraganising events, managing FB groups, website design and creating ebooks and blog posts to name but a few!

Nov 9, 7:00PM EST0

What do you think are the essentials any blog should have in order to be successful?

Nov 7, 2:56AM EST1

I was thinking about doing lypo what do you think of that?

Nov 7, 12:33AM EST0

For newer bloggers, or those wanting to turn their niche blog into a business, what would you suggest focusing on first?

Nov 6, 8:55PM EST0

What would be your dream job?

Nov 6, 4:43PM EST0

Is dieting healthy or unhealthy?

Nov 6, 11:30AM EST0

Doesn’t blogging exhaust you sometimes?

Nov 6, 11:30AM EST0

What do you think about Yoga?

Nov 6, 11:00AM EST0

Do you also Vlog?

Nov 6, 6:58AM EST0

Is it possible to lower blood pressure with diet?

Nov 6, 4:53AM EST0

What are the top topics you’ve found really resonate with the readers?

Nov 6, 4:08AM EST0

What diets are popular now?

Nov 5, 11:37PM EST0

What are the absolute healthiest foods that you recommend eating daily?

Nov 5, 2:19PM EST0
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