Danny Greeves

A Body Mind Worker


A Body Mind Worker

Over the last decade I have been fortunate enough to train with, and learn from some of the world's leading behavioural change experts. After spending 2 years studying with a Master of Psychology and Neurologist, I gained a deep understanding of how emotions impact on our nervous system. From here I went on to study The Hudson Mind Process© and be mentored by a World Leading Behavioural Change Consultant.

I have since had the pleasure of observing countless other people transform their lives with The Hudson Mind Process©, and have coached countless more clients over Skype to achieve the same.

Understanding how the mind works and guiding a client through The Hudson Mind Process© allows me to assist you in achieving change through conversation, helping you to feel calmer, more confident, and to get you back in control of your life in a way that is safe, light and effective.

There IS a better way..!


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