Jackie Wargo

Senior Placement Referral Specialist


Senior Placement Referral Specialist

I was born and raised in Detroit. I lived in a Polish neighborhood, went to Polish church and schools. You guessed it. I'm Polish. My parents raised me with a high sense of ethics. I lived in a neighborhood where there were a lot of elderly people. My favorite thing to do was sit on the porch in the evening, and listen to their stories. I learned history from the stories they told, and it was better than any history book.

I went on to the University of Michigan (married a Buckeye) for psychology, and have found it extremely helpful when working with families.

There were many jobs through the years, such as auto mechanic, car rental customer service, Northwest Airlines Customer Service, and travel agent. I loved working for the airline and traveled to many different countries. My favorite is our country, which has so much to offer.

I moved to Arizona in 1987, and went to work for a travel agency. One day I got it in my head that I wanted to be an actress, which shocked my family because I used to hate being in front of the camera. An agency signed me on, and I started getting jobs in local commercials, promotional videos and various other projects. When I told my parents that the agency wanted me to compete in Los Angeles at the IMTA (International Modeling & Talent Association) competition, they were supportive. They taught me that I could do anything, and be anyone I wanted and that the only person standing in my way would be me. I won Sitcoms and Drama. My parents were right!

I met my husband in Hollywood at the IMTA convention. He owned a production company, and I eventually started working with him. I gave up my job in travel, helped him with production, and continued working in front of the camera. He asked me if I'd ever been behind the camera. He's a great teacher, so before I knew it I was shooting (filming). I took to it like a fish to water.  My husband and other companies such as PBS hired me on. I was even a main camera operator for an HBO special.

My mom suddenly became ill, and the doctors told us she had 2-3 weeks to live, and could not live on her own. She was unresponsive, and not eating or drinking. I needed to find her a place quickly. They suggested a nursing home. I saw 2 of them and knew there was no way I could move mom into one. A CNA at the second nursing home told me about an Assisted Living Home (Group Home). I saw it and mom moved in the next day. The day after, the homeowner informed me they thought my mom was being over medicated. The owner had a geriatric doctor look at her, and he immediately took her off of 8 medications. Ten days later she is sitting up in bed sipping on a shake and eating a piece of toast. The care she received was phenomenal, and she lived another 3 1/2 years.

When I had to move my mom into assisted living the anxiety, stress, and fear I experienced was gut wrenching.  I didn’t have any help, and was lucky that I found the right place. Who wants to rely on luck? I realized there was a need for a personalized service that would provide Senior Housing Options to families. That is when I decided I wanted to help families with their elderly loved ones.

Call Jackie Senior Living Options has been in business for over 12 years, and I haven't looked back.





I am emotionally vested in the families I help.
  • 12 years of helping families find safer senior housing.

  • University of Michigan

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