Jill Chua

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I am born in Singapore and lived here for 36 years. I had a relatively comfortable life having had good qualifications from reputable universities.

I also had free air travel with Singapore airlines until my graduation in 2003 and had the privilege of visiting different countries in different "styles". I visited the Qin Emperor's tomb at Xi'an, scuba-ed at Lake Michigan and white-water rafted in Northern NZ, to name a few.

My work and life experiences are diverse. The former spanned public, private and not-for-profit sectors, locally and overseas, white and blue collar work. I was a temporary pastry assistant for making mooncakes for a famous hotel for a while. As a hobbyist, I dabbled with Creative Nonfiction, learning about the genre through an online course from the U.S..

Due to changing circumstances including reduced resources, I started learning about Buddhism and have been on a few meditation retreats. I also trying to adapt to my new lifestyle, with varied success while tinkering with freelancing.

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